Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 73

Volume 1 Chapter 73 Conqueror Haki

Whitebeard used his punch to destroy the wall but it was too thick. He could use more power but at the same time, he would destroy the island and everything around him. He looked around and saw there was an Oars Jr. who made the wall malfunction.

Oars Jr. fainted after that battle but he started to wake up. He looked around in confusion until he heard someone.

"Oars, we need your help," Whitebeard said.

"Boss?" Oars Jr. looked at him.


Ivankov, Luffy, and Jimbei weren't sure but the thought that he could help them to open this wall.

Ivankov had asked Inazuma but he said it was a bit impossible to cut such a thick wall but it was possible to create a path to the top of the wall with his power.

"Did you call me?"

They were startled and looked around until he saw him appear around her.

"You have the power to make yourself invisible!!" Ivankov was shocked. He thought that he was really perfect for the role of a spy. He wanted to ask him but he was cut by Luffy.

"Haru! This is bad! Can you open a path to the platform?" Luffy asked in a desperate tone.

Haru nodded, "I can, but only one wall."

"Good," Luffy nodded.

Haru ran toward the wall and concentrated his power on his fist, "STICKY FINGERS!!!" He punched his fist at the wall and created a large zipper on the wall. He felt that his stamina was drained but he gritted his teeth to open this zipper.


The zipper was opened and he created a path to enter the platform.




Luffy looked at him with a smile, "Thank you."

"Go," Haru was tired and gave him a weak smile.

Luffy nodded and started to run.

Haru looked at both Jinbei and Ivankov, "Help him, I need to recuperate my stamina for a while."

Jimbei nodded and followed him.

Haru looked at Ivankov, "Why are you here?"

Ivankov looked at him and said, "We need your power, I'll give you a hormone to make your stamina come back."

"What?" Haru was startled.

Ivankov made his fingers similar to a needle and injected it toward his body. He started to give a hormone inside his body.

Haru felt his heart was beating vigorously and he started to regain his stamina. He felt refreshed right now, "This is?"

"Don't worry, there will be no side effects, but you will be a hell of a pain tomorrow," Ivankov said with a smile and added, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you tomorrow."

Haru twitched his lips and shouted, "Like hell, you will!!!!" He started to run and entered the platform. He also made himself invisible since he didn't want to be targeted by an admiral or shicibukai. He knew that his job wasn't over at least he would save him in this battle.


The marines were shocked when they saw the power of the zipper that could create a path to the platform. They saw a lot of pirates suddenly enter the path together and cause chaos.

"Damn that zipper kid," Akainu cursed. He looked around trying to find him but he couldn't. He was really regretful for not having a powerful observation haki.

"Hmm, that zipper power is quite unexpected," Kizaru said.

"True what a troublesome power," Kuzan said.

"Grr, we need to find him or else he will create another path from the other wall," Akainu said.

"Calm down, to create such a big zipper, he needs to use a lot of his stamina, I'm sure he is dead tired right now," Kuzan said.

"It's better to be on alert," Akainu said.

Kizaru only nodded clearly and didn't think that much about it.

They were looking at the path from the zipper and saw someone was flying toward them while bringing a huge wood.

"Rubber Rubber Jet Gatling Stamp!!!"


Oars Jr. also picked a Moby D.i.c.k to enter the platform.

Whitebeard had told him to bring Moby D.i.c.k inside the platform. He entered the platform along with his other sons and started their counterattack.


Whitebeard swung his huge polearms and created destruction at the Marines Headquarters.


A lot of marines were thrown away but the marines with high rank looked at him with dignified expression ready to fight with the legendary man.


Every pirate raised their hands along with their weapons while shouting, "UWOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Sengoku looked at this scene with a frown, "We can't let this go unchallenged!!"


Luffy was a bit different from before since he didn't receive a poison. His body was still healthy and he still had the power to save his brother. He moved along with Jimbei and Ivakov by his side and ran toward the execution platform.

"ACE!!! I'LL SAVE YOU!!!!" Luffy shouted while running.

Haru was looking around for a weapon for him to keep since he thought he could use it later. He had space storage inside his body and it would be dumb not to use it. He had gotten quite a lot of weapons from katana, cutlass, guns, and some strange weapons. He moved very fast toward the direction of the execution platform. He thought that he should save him as soon as possible since he didn't want to stay in this place for that long. He didn't dare to do that earlier since the Whitebeard Pirates were still in the bay but it was different when they were all on the platform right now.

Haru used his light magic to move very fast but suddenly he saw the executor wanted to execute Ace right now. He was a bit late with the activation of his magic until he heard a voice.


Haru was surprised when he saw the executor suddenly fainted, 'Conqueror Haki!!!'