Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 730

Volume 1 Chapter 730 Connect The Entire Country

The plan continued and before long, Haru had also annexed the Sendai Area after he had published the black material of the governor of Sendai Area who often misappropriated the price of the crops on the market.

The governor of Sendai Area often buys the crops from people with very cheap prices then sells it at a very high price on the market.

Of course, the people of Sendai Area didn't know about it since those people only lived on the Monolith, and didn't know about the outside information besides from either television, radio, newspaper, or "WIRED".

If they only heard the news from television, radio, or newspaper, then they wouldn't know about their government's action, but after "WIRED" appeared among the people, it had become a way for people to communicate with each other from afar.

It also became a way for people to receive neutral information without being blocked by the governor in their area and it increased the use of this social network.

The people who used this social network thought that "WIRED" was neutral, but that wasn't true since it was being secretly controlled by Haru.

If there was someone who tried to smudge Haru's name then it would be deleted without waiting for a second.

Haru knew that such a message was sent by the subordinates of the officials in the Tokyo Area since he was about to devour their areas too after this.

Haru was once again on the podium to announce that he was about to unite the Tokyo Area after he had done with the matter in Sendai Area then successfully united the entire areas into one in this country.

Everyone from reporters and people was excited when they heard that once again the dream which was about to shatter in the past would be realized once again by Haru. Everyone supported Haru and hoped for Haru to quickly unite this country as soon as possible.

For the governor of Sendai Area who had entered the gallows, they ignored it since after they saw a lot of black material from this governor and how guilty this person was made them disgusted. They even cheered when this guy entered the gallows since it would make their future life become better.

"Once again, we'll be able to walk in this land without worry!"

Haru's words caused everyone's blood to boil in excitement when they thought about such a day.

Saitenshi also gave him a response that she would welcome him to come to Tokyo. Telling him that he could come anytime, and she would give him the best hospitality.

For Saitenshi's response, Haru was thinking for a while whether he should break into the Tokyo Area, or be transported to the Tokyo Area using an airplane first.

"Let's just break it," Esdeath said.


Haru looked at Esdeath and nodded. "Alright, let's do that." He didn't think that he should change his way to unite each area in this country and if he made a difference in annexing the Tokyo Area. Then Esdeath might think that he was interested in the governor of the Tokyo Area since Saitenshi was known for her beauty.

But in his mind, his wife was more beautiful than Saitenshi.

Then without any change on the plan, Haru and Esdeath decided to forcefully annex the Tokyo Area.

Haru didn't want to waste his time negotiating with the people in the governor of Tokyo Area along with her officials since he knew how much trouble it was and there was also a hidden danger in the Tokyo Area, especially after he had read the story before he went to the quest before.

Esdeath didn't care what Haru was thinking and pulled him to try various foods along with trying the hot spring in this Sendai Area.

There was a two-week break and they should enjoy their time very well in this place.


Tokyo Area.

Once again, the Tokyo Area had become a more complicated place since the appearance of Kagetane Hiruko who would kill either the Civil Servant or the officials of the Tokyo Area at random.

Kagetane is a serial killer maniac.

The governor had a headache about this serial killer, especially when Saitake Haruka was about to come to the Tokyo Area.

If they let this serial killer kill without worrying about this Tokyo Area, then they would lose their face and reputation.

They had announced the bounty of Kagatane Hiruko along with his information who was an ex-promoter along with his daughter who was also very strong Cursed Children.

Saitenshi really hoped for Haru to be able to talk with her for negotiation while hoping that she could maintain her power, even though this position made her tired, but she wanted to make everyone happy. She knew that she was selfish, but if someone wasn't selfish then that meant that person wasn't a human, rather a robot.

Every official in the Tokyo Area also realized that Haru had been using "WIRED" to make his "Unification" easier. They had realized it was too late and they knew that Haru was right in front of the gate of their area.

Haru had connected both north and south.

Sendai and Osaka, they didn't need to guess and they were sure that Haru would send his army from both directions to enveloped Tokyo Area and without a doubt that they had lost.

The people of the Tokyo Area also couldn't wait for Haru to come to change the current government with a more competent one.

If Saitake Sogen was known for his dictatorship, then Saitenshi was known for her incompetence.

It was also very weird to choose a young woman in her teens to become a governor of the most populated area in Japan.

Haru also didn't understand it, but he knew that it was the setting to make the story more interesting. Even though he had to admit that Saenteshi was beautiful, without doubt as a governor she was a failure.

Want to become the embodiment of peace? Without a sacrifice that is impossible and an idealism without power is just a dream talk.

On the other hand, the actual governor of this area was Kikunujo Tendo who was known as the advisor of Saitenshi.

But in the end, the governor of Tokyo Area would be over soon since it would be devoured by Haru.


Rentaro, Enju, and Kisara went to the laboratory of Sumire Muroto to do a check up.

Enju needed to check up the corrosion blood on her body while Kisara needed to check up her kidney since her kidney had always been very bad from childhood.

(Stress after her parents were killed causing her kidney failure).

"Tokyo Area is going to be united soon," Rentaro said with a sigh.

Everyone also had the same feeling as Rentaro with quite a disbelief since, in just a few months, Haru could unite the entire areas in this country into one.

"He is going to visit the Tokyo Area soon, right? Rentaro, can I look at him too?" Enju asked.

Rentaro shook his head and said, "No, that place can't let you enter."

"Ehhh... Why?!" Enju couldn't help but complain.

"Enju-chan, we'll bring you food later when we've come back," Kisara said.

"It isn't fair! Why Kisara, Rentaro, and Sensei can look at him, but why am I not?!" Enju started to cry while saying that it was unfair.

Rentaro and Kisara were helpless since even though they could also enter the party to greet Haru along with his people who came to Tokyo, it didn't mean that they could bring Enju since their standing wasn't that high either.

Rentaro and Kisara could come because both of them had a connection with the Tendo Family.

However, Enju didn't have it, and her status as a Cursed Children might cause trouble too.

Rentaro could only say that he would also buy her a costume of Tenchu Girl for her later when he had come back and made Enju forget about her complaint before.

Children are simple.

That's what they're thinking right now.


Two weeks after the announcement that Haru would also unite the Tokyo Area, his army which was led by Esdaeth had arrived in Tokyo Area after cleaning a lot of Gastrea along the way.

At the same time, Haru had also arrived using an airplane ready to annex this area into his.

Saitake Sogen was also standing beside him and felt slight disbelief that Haru could unite this country into one in just a few months, putting him in awe.

"Let's go."

Everyone nodded, but they couldn't hide their excitement from their eyes since they had already united this country.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt a danger which suddenly aimed toward him.