Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 731

Volume 1 Chapter 731 Assasin

Haru moved his head to the side and dodged the bullet, but it hit the bodyguard beside him.



The head of the bodyguard beside him exploded causing everyone to be stunned for a while.

"Wake up!" Haru shouted.

Everyone hurriedly gathered around Haru to protect him from the assassin.

"Give me a sniper rifle," Haru said.


They were a bit stupefied by Haru's actions, but then another bullet came, however, this time, Haru raised his gun to shoot down this bullet which was coming toward him.



The bullet which was shot by Haru met with the bullet which was shot by the assassin.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Haru's gunmanship skill.

"Where is my sniper rifle?" Haru asked once again and looked at the direction of his assassin which was 1 KM away from his location and right on the top of high rise building.

"Yes, sir!"

They hurriedly took a sniper rifle from the luggage to give it to him. They didn't know what Haru was planning, but they were in awe looking at Haru's skill which was able to deflect the bullet which was shot from the assassin.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

*Clank!* *Clank!* *Clank!*

Each bullet that was shot by the assassin was being shot by Haru changing the direction of the bullet.

Haru grabbed the sniper rifle which was given at him while raising one of his arms to be used as a cantilever to make him able to shoot better. He didn't need to use a scope to see his assassin who was a cute little girl then shot out the bullet right into the hole of her sniper rifle.


Tina Sprout, that is her name.

Tina had been ordered by her master to assassinate the governor of Osaka Area who was known as Saitake Haruka. She didn't want to do it, especially when she knew his intention was very good, but then she knew that she couldn't defy her master's order. She waited for him to go down from the airplane then shot out her bullet, but then she saw something amazing.


Haru moved his head to the side avoiding her bullet.

Tina who saw Haru who could avoid her bullet startled and then she saw him looking at her. She hurriedly shook her head and thought that it was her imagination, then she saw her saying something to his subordinates then continued to shoot him again, but then she saw him shooting out all of the bullets which were shot by her.

Tina started to panic and kept shooting until she saw him grabbing a sniper rifle from his subordinates then using his arm as a buffer to shoot her. She didn't know what this guy was thinking, but then she felt a very dangerous feeling.


Tina had escaped, but her sniper had exploded. Then the bullet kept coming toward her trying to incapacitate her.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Tina tried to escape, but two bullets had hit her left leg and right shoulder.


Tina screamed in pain and dropped down on the ground.

"Owl, what's wrong?"

Then from her commutation device, a man's voice was heard.

Tina tried to hold her cry and said, "I'm sorry, Master. I have failed."

"You've failed?"

The male's voice was slightly surprised.

Then Tina told him what had happened and how Haru could shoot her down using a sniper rifle.



The male seemed to not care about Tina's condition.

"Good work, just escape for now."

"Yes...." Tina cried painfully, but she forced herself to escape, or else her life would lose her life.


Haru didn't waste his time and grabbed a car to go to grab Tina while also telling his people to follow him.


Saitake Sogen had also dropped on the ground since one of the bullets earlier had grazed his cheek and once he had seen his bodyguard didn't stop Haru from chasing after the assassin, he was very angry and told them very useless while also telling them to chase after Haru to help him to get this assassin.

Their reaction seemed to be quite late after they saw Haru's actions. They thought that the husband of Esdeath shouldn't be weak and they were right, especially when they saw him shooting out a bullet to counterattack the sniper of the assassin.


Looking at the abandoned high rise building in front of him, Haru could only shake his head and entered the building without waiting for his people.


Tina who was trying to take out the bullet on her leg and shoulder, her face grimaced taking out a bullet then suddenly she noticed that someone had entered the building. She could only feel surprised at the fast reaction of Haru's bodyguard, but then she controlled her flying bit to see who had entered the building.

Her face turned into surprise when she saw that it was Haru.


Tina bit her lips and had a feeling that she couldn't win against him, but she didn't want to die in this place.


Haru knew where Tina was hiding and went to the 5th floor of this abandoned building, but then he shot out a flying bit that was flying around with a camera.

If he remembered well then the person who tried to assassinate him was Tina Sprout who was a Cursed Children with a model Owl.

Tina had a power that was able to control a flying bit using a thought interface.

But in front of him, there was nothing.

Haru didn't waste his time running in Tina's direction.


The bomb which was set up beforehand was too late to explode and it didn't hit him.


Tina was helpless when she had lost him, but then suddenly the door of the room where she was hiding was opened.


"Tina Spout, right?"

Tina looked at the young man who she had almost assassinated before. "Saitake Haruka...."

"Well, I didn't expect that my assassin would be such a cute little girl." Haru smiled and said, "If you tell me the one who has ordered you then I don't mind letting you go."

Tina looked at Haru then she had to admit that this guy was very handsome. If they weren't an enemy then she might fall in love with him, but they were an enemy after all.

"I'm sorry."

Tina took out a dagger from her dagger pocket on her leg then charged toward Haru. The wound which was caused by Haru earlier had regenerated after she had taken out the bullet on her wound. She had thought that she would able to defeat him, but after only a single movement she was pressed on the ground with a knife on her neck.


Haru took out her earpiece from her ear and played with it for a while until it connected to the other's side people.

"Tina, what's wrong?"

"Ayn Rand, is it?" Haru said.


Tina was startled when Haru found out about the name of her master. She wanted to say something but clothes were interested in her mouth. "Hngh!!!!"

"Saitake Haruka, is it? Nice to meet you, Mr. Governor. I'm surprised that you know about me."

"Who doesn't know the name of One of the Four Sages," Haru said.

"Then, is there something that you want to know from me?" Ayn asked.

"Who has ordered you to assassinate me?" Haru asked.


"I'm sorry. It's a trade bu---"

"If you don't tell me then I'll share your hiding location on "WIRED"," Haru said.


"Hahaha, that's a funny joke, Mr. Governor," Ayn said.

"Try me." Haru sounded very serious and said, "I'll share your location, place a bounty on your head, once I have found you...." His sound turned deeper and became scarier. "I'll kill you."


Tina didn't do anything afterward letting herself be hugged by Haru in place while listening to their conversation, but she didn't expect someone who was amiable as Haru on the screen would show such a scary expression and felt a bit turned on.

"Well, maybe killing you is too easy, then I might place you in jail with a lot of people who are very horny, letting them **** you until your butthole bleeds..." Haru was Esdeath's husband and she had often told him about the story of how she tortured her enemy.

Tina who heard how Haru wanted to torture Ayn Rand also became very scared.

"Shh.." Haru gave her a gesture to be quiet.


Tina could only nod in this situation.

"You're just bluffing...." Ayn sounded a bit scared.

"I don't care whether you'll believe me or not, but I'll only give you three seconds chance. Once three seconds are over then you need to say goodbye to your anal v.i.r.g.i.nity," Haru said and started to count.


But Haru didn't give him a chance and started to count.




"Kikunujo Tendo."

Haru smiled and said, "Give me all of the data and evidence about it then we won't have any connection anymore...." He also told him where Ayn should send the data.

"Yes...." Ayn's voice was a bit weak on the earpiece.

Haru had received the data then looked at Tina who was very pale at this moment.

Tina noticed his gaze and asked in a scared manner. "U - Um.. are you also going to throw me to jail and let a lot of bad men torture, ****... me?" She said a lot of torture which Haru had said to Ayn before.

"No, I'll punish you myself later. Be prepared," Haru said with a quite serious tone.

"U - Umm....." Tina sighed in relief, but her cheeks also turned reddish. If the one who punished him was Haru, then she didn't mind it.