Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 733

Volume 1 Chapter 733 Threatened

It is a funny joke.

It might be the biggest joke that they have ever seen in a year.

It was what everyone thought after they saw the announcement about the truth of the assassination incident of Saitake Haruka.

Haru had announced that the one who planned his assassination was a Kikunojo Tendo who had announced that Saitenshi was the one who planned Haru's assassination yesterday. He also placed evidence which he had gotten from Ayn Rand who was being ordered to assassinate Haru made the people in entire Japan feel that this Kikunojo Tendo was a very devious guy who tried to make the governor of Tokyo Area into a scapegoat for his own crime. He added that the police who came to his room before were also part of Kikunojo Tendo's people who wanted to assassinate him in the hospital room.

Saitenshi who was being wronged also didn't give Kikunojo Tendo mercy since she was almost killed just yesterday. She would have never expected the figure of parents who had helped her in the past would betray her right away during a critical moment. Even if she was known for her gentleness, she could also get angry. She only wanted to deprive Kikunojo Tendo's authority and put him into jail, but she knew that it wasn't that simple.

Everyone who heard about this matter was truly shocked, and for Saitenshi who was being wronged before her image had received a lot of sympathies made her famous once again while also making the reputation of Tendo Kikunojo into a ruin, no, it might have been said that Kikunojo Tendo couldn't escape the punishment which was about to happen to him.

Haru had always wanted to take down Kikunojo Tendo, but he knew that it was hard to do, especially Saitenshi decided to submit to him, and accepted to join him to unite Japan, when that really happened then Kikunojo Tendo would be alright since Kikunojo Tendo's standing on the Tokyo Area wasn't low.

If someone's authority was deprived after the Tokyo Area joined his group, it wouldn't be Kikunojo Tendo rather it was someone else.

It would be hard for him to deprive Kikunojo Tendo's power once Tokyo Area had joined him since it would give him an image of bad governor since he was sure that Kikunojo wouldn't let him deprive the authority of Tendo Family that easy.

Haru had a lot of ways to deprive Kikunojo's authority, but he couldn't do it right away.

That was why this assassination incident along with Kikunojo's betrayal had given him a chance to end Kikunujo Tendo quickly.

Of course, Haru wouldn't only catch Kikunojo, but rather most of the Tendo Family since that family was simply cancer in this Tokyo Area. He put out a doc.u.ment and gave it to Saitenshi to let her read what Tendo Family had done in the past few years.


Saitenshi could only silent when she read the thing that Tendo Family had done, and could only sigh at her incompetency.


Kikunojo Tendo had decided to run away from the Tokyo Area. Even if he lost his authority, it didn't mean that he would lose his money. He could go abroad to live without trouble and waited for a chance for revenge.

"Kisara, Rentaro, helped me to get away from the Tokyo Area."

Kikunojo who had run away went to Kisara's Civil Security Corporation since he knew that only Kisara and Rentaro could he rely on.


Hearing Kikunojo's request, both Kisara and Rentaro were silent since just yesterday they had seen Kikunojo on the television blaming the assassination of Saitake Haruka on Saitenshi, but that plan backfired right away at himself.

Kisara shook her head and said, "No. It's your own matter. I don't want to get involved in it and you deserve this." She was wondering how thick Kikunojo's face was, asking her for help after what he had done to her parents.

"I'll help you," Rentaro said.

"Satomi-kun!" Kisara was shocked.

"Even though he's a bastard, he has helped me in my childhood time. This is the last thing that I can do for him," Rentaro said.

"You're going to be jailed if you're caught!" Kisara said. If possible she didn't want Rentaro to help Kikunojo, but she knew Rentaro's personality pretty well.

"It's alright. It's just jail after all," Rentaro said.

"Rentaro, please don't go...." Enju hugged Rentaro's leg to stop him since she didn't want him to become an enemy of the government.

"I'm sorry, Enju, but I'm sure that you're going to be alright since the discrimination of Cursed Children will disappear soon," Rentaro said.


Kikunojo who heard it frowned, but he knew that he couldn't stop it. 'Soon, I'm sure that you're going to regret your decision....' He didn't believe the Cursed Children were the same as human rather they were Gastrea itself.

But then suddenly the door of Kisara's office broke in.

"Freeze! Kikunujo Tendo, you're under arrest!"

A group of police entered Kisara's office and tried to catch Kikunojo Tendo.

"My door!" Kisara screamed.

"Tendo Combat Style: Second Style, Number Sixteen!

Hidden Bullet: Sky Wind!"

Rentaro delivered a powerful stomp and destroyed the floor of the building.


"Enju! Kisara-san! I'll go first!" Rentaro said and ran away together with Kikunojo.

"Rentaro!" Enju decided to chase after Rentaro.

"My floor!" Kisara was crying, but she was also clear-headed when she saw a group of police in front of her. She knew that once she ran then she might be implicated. What she wanted in her life was for everyone in the Tendo Family to receive punishment and it was about to happen soon. She didn't need to do anything and only needed to wait for a show.

The group of police hurriedly communicated with their comrades chasing after Rentaro and Kikunojo while some of them walked toward Kisara to ask her for more information about both Rentaro and Kikunojo.


Rentaro and Kikunojo were running together, even though Kikunojo was old, but his physical ability was top-notch since he had always worked out, however, Kikunojo knew that he couldn't fight the entire police and JSDF in this area.

They were running away from the police and went to the alley, but then they noticed flying bits floating around looking at them.

"What's this?" Rentaro frowned, but then suddenly.....

*Bang!* *Bang!*


Rentaro was shot in both of his shoulders and leg.


Kikunojo was about to run away, but his leg was also shot. "My leg!!!" He tried to move using one of his legs, but then another shot came.


Kikunojo's other leg was also shot which made him unable to move.

Then the group of police gathered around both Kikunujo and Rentaro caught them and brought both of them to the jail.


Tina sighed in relief and decided to go back wondering what Haru was cooking right now.


Corruption, discrimination against Cursed Children, murder, etc.

One by one crime that had been committed by most of the Tendo Family was announced to the public.

Everyone who heard it couldn't help but frown since they didn't expect such a prestigious family would have done such things.

In the end, they were put on gallows and received the death penalty.

"You're going to regret this Saitake Haruka! You're going to raise a monster! Not a human! They're all Gastrea, and soon they will destroy this world!" Kikunojo screamed loudly.

Haru sighed and somehow it had gotten quite scary when he had gotten used to this situation, but he knew very well that he couldn't give him mercy. He raised his hand telling them to start the execution.

Kikunojo who was at his end wit started to threaten and screamed, "You're all going to die! I've hidden a Legacy of the Seven Stars in this area and soon a Level V Gastrea is about to come to Tokyo! That Gastrea will kill all of you!"


Everyone was shocked when they heard Kikunujo's words.

"Kikunujo!" Saitenshi was very angry when he heard Kikunojo's words.

"I don't care! Once I have died, all of you are also going to die too! I'm not going to hell alone! I'll bring all of you with me!" Kikunojo screamed.

Everyone's expression turned grim when they heard Kikunojo's threat.

Level V Gastrea.....

Once it appeared in Tokyo then this place would be destroyed.

Esdeath smiled and said, "Leave this old fart to me."


Haru looked at Kikunojo with a sympathetic gaze and said, "Yes." He told his people to let Esdeath interrogate Kikunojo.

"Haruka-kun, is that alright?" Saitenshi asked.

"If Esdeath is going to handle this then I'm just going to say sorry to this old man....."