Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 734

Volume 1 Chapter 734 Crisis On Tokyo Area

Under the torture of Esdeath, Kikunojo's spirit couldn't handle it and he even wanted to die quickly, but of course, Esdeath wouldn't let that happen since she wanted to test a lot of new torture methods.

Everyone who saw Esdeath at that moment could only close their eyes while also looking at her in fear.

Even Saitenshi passed out directly when she saw how Esdeath had tortured Kikunojo.

Unfortunately, Kikunojo was too old and he couldn't handle Esdeath's torture method for a long time before succ.u.mbing to death.

But of course, before he died, he had told them the location of Legacy of Seven Stars.

It was good news, but there was also bad news.

Everyone gathered once again in the meeting room in the governor's office of Tokyo Area talking about the crisis which was about to happen to the Tokyo Area.

The first was about the Legacy of the Seven Stars.

Legacy of the Seven Stars is a sealed object that can bring absolute destruction. It can be used to summon the calamity that will destroy the world, a Stage V Gastrea, otherwise known as the Zodiac Gastrea.

Haru had found the suitcase which was used to place the Legacy of Seven Stars after Esdeath had tortured Kikunojo, but he felt quite strange since the thing inside the case was a tricycle.

"How can this thing be used to summon Level V Gastrea?"

Even Esdeath was a bit surprised when she saw the thing which was hidden in the suitcase.

From Haru's hypothesis, Gastrea is a human who has been infected by the Gastrea virus. When they have reached the Level V Gastrea, they might recover some of their memories when they were human and the Legacy of Seven Stars was an item that reminded them of Level V Gastrea when they were still human.

That was why this tricycle was able to summon Level V Gastrea.

It was his hypothesis, but the problem was that the Level V Gastrea which was known as Model Scorpio was swimming from the Pacific Ocean toward the Tokyo Area.

Haru didn't think that Level V Gastrea had an intention to come to Tokyo Area to play, rather it had an intention to destroy the Tokyo Area.

Even though they had received the Legacy of the Seven Stars, they couldn't stop the Level V Gastrea which was about to come to Tokyo Area.

That was why everyone was quite gloomy.

Level V Gastrea was already very disastrous, but then there was another matter which made them think that the situation was hopeless.

Everyone in this meeting room had already read about the matter of the corruption of the Tendo Family, and Kasumitsu Tendo, who was the Deputy Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism; LITT had corrupted the money which was used to build Monolith 32 making a Monolith which must be built using a Varanium being mixed by other material.

Everyone had already known about this matter and they had wanted to rebuild the Monolith 32 with Varanium, but suddenly last night when they were trying to solve the matter of Kikunojo Tendo, there was a Level IV Gastrea which clung on the Monolith and tried to destroy the Monolith 32.

Kasumitsu Tendo who was the cause of this matter had died following his grandfather to hell, but they thought that they should throw out his corpse to the Level IV Gastrea which clung to Monolith 32 to buy them time if possible.

That was why everyone was quite helpless, they not only needed to fight against Level V Gastrea, but they also needed to fight against Level IV Gastrea which was about the destruction of Monolith 32.


Everyone was at their limit and they didn't know how to solve this matter besides fighting directly against both Level V Gastrea and Level IV Gastrea.

"I'll handle the Level V Gastrea using Gundam Banshee," Haru said.

Esdeath raised her eyebrow and asked, "Why isn't it me who should be the one who faced the Level V Gastrea?" She was also quite curious about the power of Level V Gastrea. She had fought against Level IV Gastrea and this time she wanted to try to fight against Level V Gastrea to see how strong it was.

"I've been at my desk-job. I need to warm up my muscles," Haru said.

Esdeath thought for a while and nodded. "I'll just handle Level IV Gastrea now." She thought that the faster she ended the Level IV Gastrea, the better it was.

"Huh? Esdeath-sama, you're going to fight against Level IV Gastrea?!" Saitenshi was startled.

"You don't need to be that surprised. I have slain it twice before during my trips to both Sapporo and Sendai," Esdeath said.

In the Sapporo Area, Esdeath had fought Level IV Bear Gastrea and in Sendai Area, she had fought against Level IV Peac.o.c.k Gastrea.

The Peac.o.c.k Gastrea was a bit troublesome since it had a power of illusion almost making a lot of soldiers crazy, but Esdeath had slain it quickly and pulled out its feathers for collections or made it a weapon later since its feathers were very unique.

Everyone who heard Esdeath's words nodded and felt relief when Esdeath was going to fight the Level IV Gastrea which was about the destruction of Monolith 32 showing how confident they were in Esdeath.

"Be careful," Haru said.

Esdeath smiled and kissed him, putting her tongue inside before parting while licking her lips. "Wait for me to come back." She said that before leaving everyone in the meeting room to fight against the Level IV Gastrea.


Everyone was a bit stunned when they saw Esdeath's action.

"Cough! Cough! Let's focus on the matter of Level V Gastrea." Haru woke them up from the stupor and asked, "How long is that Model Scorpio going to arrive in the Tokyo Area?"

"In 6 hours, Level V Gastrea is going to arrive in the Tokyo Area."

Haru nodded and said, "Prepare my Gundam Banshee. I'll fight against it."

Gundam Banshee.

Everyone was very familiar with it since it was a weapon that was used by Esdeath which could decimate a lot of Gastrea easily.

"Isn't it better to let someone pilot it? You're very important people in this country," Saitenshi said since she didn't agree to let Haru pilot the giant robot to fight against the Gastrea.

Haru shook his head and said, "This Gundam Banshee is very precious. I can't let an amateur pilot do it."


"I'm the Governor of this country! I have protected my people from catastrophe," Haru said without hesitation, but he was a bit embarrassed to say such embarrassing lines. "And, I won't die! I'll kill this Level V Gastrea and make it regret to attack us!"

Everyone who looked at Haru at this moment couldn't help but want to worship him. They had a feeling if they followed him then they would be alright.

Saitenshi bit her lips and said, "Please be alright. We're all waiting for you here."

Haru knew that it was very rare for him to show his power, and this time he would use a Gundam Banshee which had been modified by Charlotte to pilot the fight against Level V Gastrea. He couldn't wait to see whether his giant robot or the Level V Gastrea would win this battle...