Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 735

Volume 1 Chapter 735 Aldebaran

Everyone started to prepare the Gundam Banshee, but they were surprised when they heard that their governor would be the one who piloted it. They tried to stop him, but no one could stop Haru since no one had ever piloted Gundam Banshee beside Esdeath and him.

Gundam Banshee was a very precious mecha for Haru since it was his first mecha.

Haru had a lot of memories with it and he wouldn't let strangers pilot it. He was about to enter the c.o.c.kpit of Gundam Banshee, but someone had stopped him.


Haru turned and looked at Sumire Muroto. "What's wrong, Sensei?"

(Sensei is a way for someone to call a doctor, teacher, writer, politician, or any respectable person in Japan).

"Thank you for pardoning Rentaro-kun's crime," Sumire said while looking at Haru.

Haru waved his hand and said, "No problem." He knew that Satomi Rentaro or the MC of Black Bullet was just quite stupid, and that guy didn't do anything too much since the MC only helped Tendo Kikunojo to escape, but they failed.

"Still... is there something that I can do for you?" Sumire said.

Haru sighed and said, "I'm a bit jealous of this Rentaro-kun to have a beautiful doctor like you to be worried about him."

Sumire raised her eyebrow and said, "You have a beautiful wife and you want me now?" Though, in reality, she didn't really mind.


Haru's expression turned serious and said, "Don't joke around. I still want to have a child now." He didn't want his anaconda to be slain by Esdeath.

Sumire chuckled and said, "With such a wife, I'm sure that you're being wiped out by her every time."

Haru shook his head and said, "No, she is a wonderful wife. I'm lucky to have her." He wasn't tired of saying this every time and of course, it was the truth since he was really lucky to have such a wife.


Sumire looked at Haru for a while and said, "I'm somehow jealous of your wife."

Haru shook his head and said, "Is that enough? Then, I'll have to fight now."

Sumire nodded and said, "You don't need to worry. If you lose a hand, leg, or most part of your body, I can fix you up real quick."


Haru was wondering whether this woman was trying to curse him to death in the battle that he was about to have soon. He thought for a while and asked, "Now that you mention it, I have something to ask you."

"Oh? What?"

"Can you do something on a damaged pancreas?" Haru asked.

"Pancreas?" Sumire looked at Haru and said, "From my observation yesterday, your body is very healthy, so that means that you want to help someone?"

Haru nodded and said, "My friend has a damaged pancreas from birth because of that she has a limited life." He looked at Sumire and asked, "Can you help my friend?" He knew that the situation of Sakura was very critical and if possible he wanted to help her since if this continued then she might lose her life this summer.

"Pancreas is an important part of the body, and if it stops working then the body does not produce insulin, blood sugar levels (blood glucose) can become dangerously high. Without insulin to help the body absorb blood glucose, the body cannot use glucose from food. This can result in malnutrition and other serious health problems," Sumire said.


"I should be able to do it," Sumire said easily.

Haru smiled and said, "Thank you. I'll tell you about my friend later when I come back." He entered the c.o.c.kpit and started to pilot Gundam Banshee ready to fight against Level V Gastrea.


Sumire looked at Haru then really felt jealous of Esdeath who had such a husband.


Esdeath was going to go to Monolith 32 to fight against Level IV Gastrea. She didn't want to bring a lot of people, but her special squad along with JSDF soldiers who had heard that she was going to fight the Level IV who was destroying the Monolith 32, they decided to follow her right away after having a battle together.

They started to worship Esdeath as a Goddess of War.

"Esdeath-sama, are you going to fight Aldebaran alone?" Tina asked. She was a bit worried about Esdeath who was going to fight against Aldebaran alone. She knew that Esdeath was a very nice boss, and she also loved to stay with her. The only thing that made her quite sad was that Esdeath had married Haru, she had feelings for Haru, but she had also worshipped Esdeath. Her feeling was conflicted and thought that it would be wonderful to be able to stay with both of them having a harem marriage.

"Yes, I'll slay as soon as possible since I want to see my husband fight against Level V Gastrea soon," Esdeath said and didn't know what Tina was thinking about.

Aldebaran is the name of the Level IV Gastrea which is trying to destroy Monolith 32. It is named after the brightest star in the Taurus constellation, due to the fact that it was known as the "right-hand man" of the Stage V Gastrea Taurus, during the early years of the Great Gastrea War. They were infamous for their organized attacks in many parts of the Asian continent, with Taurus being near-invincible and Aldebaran being able to secrete swarm pheromones to control the other Gastrea. After Taurus' defeat by the IP Rank 1 Initiator, Aldebaran reappeared again, this time on Monolith 32.

Esdeath only knew that the power of Aldebaran was a pheromone control and also its regeneration, but then again once it was frozen by then everything was over.

It took them half an hour before they had arrived at the location of Monolith 32.

Monolith which usually had a black color started turning grey while it was very quickly being destroyed by Aldebaran.

Esdeath looked at the huge Gastrea and knew that it was Aldebaran. She told them to stop the car and get out of it before running very fast towards Aldebaran.

"Esdeath-sama!" Tina was worried when she saw Esdeath suddenly ran toward Aldebaran.

"You don't need to worry about Commander Esdeath, what we need to do is to slay down all of the Gastrea around Aldebaran."

One of the little girls from Esdeath's special squad said since everyone knew that Esdeath was invincible.

Tina was wondering how everyone had this blind confidence in Esdeath, but then she saw something that shocked her.


Aldebaran secreted a corrosion fluid on the Monolith 32 to destroy it, and it knew that this Monolith would be destroyed tomorrow, but then suddenly it noticed something moving very quickly toward it.


Aldebaran's head was beheaded quickly.

Esdeath, who had run from her car earlier, had beheaded Aldebaran's head with just a single slash from her sword.

Everyone who saw it was shocked, but then they saw another incredible thing.

The body of Aldebaran which had lost its head started to regenerate again.

Aldebaran knew that Esdeath was a dangerous foe and it needed to kill her as soon as possible using its pheromone to summon a lot of Gastrea to protect him while also secreting a corrosive fluid toward Esdeath.

But during that moment, Esdeath didn't give Aldebaran a chance and slashed down its leg, then its head, then the back part very swiftly and without mercy.

*Slash!* *Slash!* *Slash!*

The blood of Aldebaran splashed around, and it kept roaring painfully.

The group of Gastrea which was about to attack Esdeath suddenly stopped when it noticed a dangerous feeling.

Gastrea has a similar instinct to an animal and when it feels that its life is threatened then, without doubt, it will try to run away.

The same thing happened to them now.

The part which was cut by Esdeath started to regenerate quickly.

"Interesting, let's see how long that body will last under my torture."

Esdeath only smiled and poured out a lot of salt on the wound of Aldebaran along with the special flowers which could intensify the pain on a wound. She tore out some meat from Aldebaran and tested out various torture methods on it.

*Slash!* *Slash!* *Slash!*

Aldebaran really hoped for a Gastrea to help it, but it didn't receive any help since even though the pheromone could control the Gastrea in its surroundings, it didn't mean it could brainwash that Gastrea to suicide.

Before death, the group of Gastrea decided to run away.

Esdeath's torturing method was very cruel since she very swiftly peeled the skin of Aldebaran killing it with a lot of pain while laughing hearing its response.

Aldebaran thought that it had met a demon that was scarier than any Gastrea.

In the end, Esdeath got bored and froze the entire body of Aldebaran, destroying it into a dust of ice.


Everyone was silent and no one said anything.

Walking back only Esdeath's high heel sound could be heard, but no one really said anything after they saw Esdeath's way of fighting.

"Let's go back. I want to see my husband fight," Esdeath said and entered the car.

Tina was too stunned to do anything until her shoulder was patted. She turned and looked at the little girl who she had talked to before.

"As I have said before, Commander Esdeath is going to be alright!"


Tina was too speechless to say anything.