Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 736

Volume 1 Chapter 736 Governor Vs Zodiac Gastrea

"Everyone please go to the shelter! We're going to fight against Level V Gastrea which is known as the strongest Gastrea in the world! But we're going to win!

"No, our Governor is going to win this battle!

"Our Governor, Saitake Haruka has polite Gundam Banshee to protect us from Level V Gastrea!

"Please pray for his battle so once again we, mankind won't lose once again against the Gastrea!

"We're going to live on!

"We're going to survive!

"We're going to greet tomorrow with a smile!"

Everyone who heard the announcement on the television, radio and the large screen in the center of the governor building clenched their hands tightly watching a giant robot stand tall on the port waiting for the Level V Gastrea to appear.

Watching their governor, their leader, and their hero was about to fight against humanity's strongest enemy, they didn't feel fear, rather they felt regret that they couldn't join him to fight against this Level V Gastrea.

No one cared about the Cursed Children or their differences since at this moment, everyone was thinking the same thing that they hoped their governor could be saved and win this battle.

It was at this moment that suddenly a huge grotesque monster appeared from the sea moving toward the Tokyo Area.

It was around 50 meters, 2 times bigger than Gundam Banshee, it had a lot of eyes, tentacles, and a strange mouth which made it appear similar to a mix of some animals.

Everyone became nervous at this moment since the battle was about to begin.


Esdeath, who had come back after killing the Level IV Gastrea, stood up on the edge of a cliff while looking at the battle which was about to begin. She looked at Haru's Gundam Banshee and wondered whether its power could defeat this Level V Gastrea which was known as Zodiac Gastrea, Scorpio Model.


Watching the Level V Gastrea in front of him, Haru thought that its size was bigger than he had thought, but it was smaller than Tyrant which he had fought in the world of Akame Ga Kill.

It started to get closer to the Tokyo Area, Haru, without hesitation, ordered to shoot out a missile.


Hearing his order, the people in the control room shot out almost all of the missiles in the Tokyo Area.

*Swosh!* *Swosh!* *Swosh!*

One by one, the missiles were shot as it moved toward Scorpio Model Zodiac Gastrea.


The missile exploded one by one but it didn't create a significant wound on the Gastrea.

The right arm on Haru's Gundam Banshee turned into a beam smart gun aimed at the head of Gastrea.

Then a powerful purple beam was shot at the Gastrea.


A purple line of beams appeared in the sky then struck down at Gastrea's body.


The power of the beam of the Gundam Banshee was very powerful, especially when it was activated using Haru's energy.

Haru didn't stop the beam and kept shooting.

Scorpio Gastrea roared loudly, but its body regenerated quickly too, however, the power of beam which was shot by the Gundam was also powerful. It started to put its attention on the Gundam Banshee and moved toward it ignoring the town which was right in front of it.

Haru took out a beam rifle from the backpack pocket on the upper section of the Gundam Banshee and shot it out using Gundam's left hand.


The rifle was loaded with five shots, but the power of each shot compared to 4 normal beam rifle shots.

Scorpio Gastrea staggered and its movement stopped. There were also a lot of holes in its body making its appearance even more grotesque.

Looking at Gundam Banshee, Scorpio Gastrea had become angrier. It was famous for wrecking apart on the Pacific Ocean and it was its first time being passive like this, even though there were a lot of wounds on its body. It was determined to become serious and decided to destroy this annoying black thing.


Scorpia Gastrea is famous for its tentacles, and it has a lot of tentacles on its body that can generate a lot of power while also being used as a whip to destroy everything.

It moved all of its tentacles at the same time, some of them decided to smash, some of them decided to move underneath to grab, and some of them moved on both sides to pincher attack the Gundam Banshee.

Haru controlled the Beam Smart Gun to destroy the tentacles which wanted to smash him, but at the same time, he realized that the speed of the tentacles was faster than he had thought. He didn't want his Gundam to be destroyed and at this moment, he decided to use the trump card of Gundam Banshee.

"Destroyer Mode!"

The 20 meters Gundam became bigger by 2 meters, its body which was painted black suddenly glowing in orange color, and its Unicorn shape horn bloomed into the shape of lion mane.


The Gundam Banshee activated the booster on its back and started to fly.



The tentacles which were moving in every direction were missing.

Floating in the air, Haru reloaded the magazine of the beam magnum and shot it once again at Scorpio Gastrea.


Once again Scorpio Gastrea stopped moving while roaring in pain.

Haru could feel that on the "Destroyer Mode" the power of the weapon became a lot stronger while also making the performance of the Gundam better, but at the same time, this state could only be used for five minutes or else the machine of the Gundam would overheat.


It moved its tentacles to catch the leg of the Gundam Banshee.

Landing on the ground, Haru moved faster dropping the rifle on the ground then took out two large katana which made from Varanium on the side of the spot where he stood up.

Two large slender black katanas were held by Gundam Banshee before it charged once again towards Scorpio Gastrea.


Tentacles after tentacles were moving ready to strike down the robot.

But Gundam Banshee which was in its "Destroyer Mode" was a lot faster and stronger and under the control of Haru, two katanas on its hands were slashing, cutting, ripping, mangling the tentacles apart until it appeared right in front of Scorpio Gastrea.

Jumping into the air, the figure of Gundam Banshee was very unforgettable at this moment, from his black figure the glowing part of its body became even more conspicuous under the light of the moon giving it more raising two katanas struck it creating X-shape slash.


Scorpio Gastrea was cut into four parts, but it was still alive roaring ready to give its last resort to bring Gundam Banshee dead with it. It controlled all of the tentacles on its body to crush the enemy in front of it.

However, Gundam Banshee threw one of the katanas on the right hand right on the brain on the Scorpio Gastrea making the Scorpio Gastrea staggered before taking out a bomb which was filled with Varanium putting it into the body of the Gastrea. He then jumped back, shooting out a beam right into the bomb inside Gastrea.


A loud explosion caused the sea to create a huge wave along with a shockwave that caused the ground to tremor for a while.


The camera which was recorded the night before suddenly went error caused everyone in the Tokyo Area to become nervous waiting for the result for the battle.

*Bzzt!* *Bzzt!*

The screen went back, but the dust-covered the entire area, however, a sun-like glow appeared within the dust before showing the Gundam Banshee who stood tall while stabbing its katana on the ground killing the Scorpio Gastrea.


"W - Win.....?"

Everyone who was looking at this disbelief scene suddenly screamed loudly in excitement when they saw their governor had won against the Level V Gastrea.

"Governor is the winner!"

"Mankind is the winner!"

"We're going to be freed from Gastrea!"

In front of such a fierce governor, everyone believed that their future would be guaranteed, and the Gastrea which had terrorized their life would be all soon defeated.

"Governor! Governor! Governor!"


Haru unactivated the "Destroyer Mode" on his Gundam then massaged his shoulder lightly and somehow it felt different when he won using a Gundam.

Then suddenly he heard a knocking sound on the head of the Gundam Banshee.

"Let me enter!"

Esdeath was right on the head of Gundam Banshee.


Haru opened the c.o.c.kpit letting her enter, but before he could say anything he was being greeted by a deep kiss from Esdeath who was horny watching his battle earlier.


The next battle is about to start soon!