Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 737

Volume 1 Chapter 737 Married Men Are The Most Charming

A few days after the fight between Gastrea and Haru, the Tokyo Area had become peaceful and no one had discriminated against the Cursed Children once again.

The group of Cursed Children could go to the school the same as a normal child, but what made them a bit different was they would need to go to the outer area to fight against Gastrea.

Even though a lot of Gastrea had been defeated, it didn't mean all of them had been defeated. There were a lot of Levels I, II, III Gastrea were moving around this land, and they needed to work hard to clean up this land from Gastrea. Lastly, even though the Gastrea had been eliminated, it didn't mean the Gastrea virus was eliminated.

The people in this world hadn't found the vaccine for the Gastrea virus and some people were infected by it.

But even so, everyone had confidence that they would be able to be freed from Gastrea in the future.

However, when everyone was immersed in a happy mood, suddenly news that caused them shock was announced on every media in this world.

"I'm going to step down from my Governor's position," Haru said in front of a lot of reporters.


Everyone was dumbstruck and didn't know what to say for a while before suddenly they woke up and started to ask Haru a lot of questions.

Haru has decided to step down from his governor's position!

Everyone was satisfied with Haru as their governor and they thought that they would be led by him, but suddenly it was announced that Haru decided to step down from his governor position?

They thought that it was a conspiracy or there was a mistake on the camera or something, but when they saw that it was a live record, they knew that it was real and it made them not want to believe it.

They didn't want their super governor to step down from his position, and at that moment everyone was running, driving, riding toward the governor's building asking what had happened and why he wanted to step down from his position?


Even Saitenshi who was sitting next to him also didn't believe that Haru was about to step down from his position.

Saitake who was also sitting next to Saitenshi also felt weird when he heard that Haru was going to step down.

Only Sumire, who was backstage, knew what had happened until now. It was very hard to believe when she heard about the confession of both Haru and Esdeath.


Inside Sumire's laboratory, Sumire blinked her eyes while looking at Haru who was looking at her, then Esdeath who was playing with the corpse model in her laboratory.


Sumire calmly sipped the lukewarm coffee on the cup then placed it down on the table. She took a deep breath and said, "So you're telling me that you're from another world?"

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"How can I believe that?" Sumire asked.

"I can show you magic," Haru said and made a lot of things in the laboratory to float.


Sumire blinked her eyes and shook her head. "No, Mechanical Soldiers also have that kind of power!"

"Then, what kind of power will make you believe?" Haru asked.

Sumire thought for a while and said, "Do you have a power that affects mind or emotion? Since there are no Mechinal Soldiers who have the power to control emotion or mind. If you have that kind of power then I might believe you."


Haru thought for a while whether he should try to use "Horo Horo no Mi" or "pleasure magic". He looked at Sumire and thought that it should be "pleasure magic".

"Are you a v.i.r.g.i.n?"


Sumire shook her head and said, "No, I have a lover in the past."

Haru nodded and suddenly a pink aura started to come out from his body.

Sumire and Esdeath who were inside this room suddenly felt that their bodies were hot, a crystal vicious liquid kept dripping from their private place, and their face was reddish.

"H - Haru....." Esdeath looked at Haru with a hot gaze.

Sumire blushed, her body turned weak, and she almost dropped to the ground, but she had believed that Haru and Esdeath were coming from another world.

Haru stopped his power, but Esdeath suddenly jumped into him touching his body. "Can you believe it now?"


Sumire was quite uncomfortable when that comfortable feeling suddenly disappeared and made her a bit itchy.

"Haru...." Esdeath blushed and hugged him on her b.r.e.a.s.t tightly. It was her first time being attacked by "pleasure magic", and that attack wasn't lost to the feeling when both of them fought every night, well, but for her, she felt that the power of "pleasure magic" was lost when it was compared to Haru's fighting power on the bed, but even so, the fire on her body had been ignited and she wanted to do it!

Sumire somehow felt a bit jealous when Esdeath had someone who could help him, especially when that person was Haru. She coughed and said, "There's a free room on the side. You can use it for a while then we can continue later."

"Yes, sorry about that...." Haru felt that somehow it was a bit wrong to use "pleasure magic" at this moment and he carried Esdeath who was clinging at him to the room on the side.


Sumire looked at their back and could only sigh thinking about what she should do with this uncomfortable feeling.


After a few hours, Haru came out from the bedroom leaving Esdeath who was sleeping on the bed then started to explain to Sumire about the Group Chat, quest, dimensional travel, and a lot of things.

Sumire's eyes were a bit reddish while hearing Haru's explanation and somehow it made her curious.

"Why me?"

Sumire was curious about this matter.

"We have a lot of fighters, but we need more doctors," Haru said.

Then they continued to talk about Haru's world, member is Group Chat, etc.

Sumire nodded at his explanation and asked, "So your world is very peaceful?"

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, there isn't much different from this world, and the only thing that is different is that there isn't any Gastrea."

"I have become quite curious about it," Sumire said.

"That's why I want to invite you." Haru reached out his hand toward Sumire.

"Interesting, invitation." Sumire smiled and took his hand. "I'll join you."


Back to the present, Sumire didn't expect the moment they had invited her to the Group Chat, Haru and Esdeath would go back right away.

In front of a lot of people, Haru said that he was very young and felt that he should learn more about something and that was why he was going to let his father manage this country.


Saitake somehow had tears in his eyes when Haru really said that he was going to give the governor position to him.

Then they asked what Haru's plan was after this.

Haru only said that he was going to travel to the world with his wife and might come back soon and later. He didn't say too much on this matter and let Saitake and Seitenshi manage this problem.

Saitake who had taken the seat of the governor was excited and he started with his speech that would make this country into the number one economic country in this world. He was very confident about it, especially when he could use "WIRED".

Haru and Esdeath decided to go back, but Saitenshi hurriedly chased after them.

"Esdeath-sama, Haruka-kun, why?" Saitenshi didn't understand.

"We're going to honeymoon Saitenshi," Esdeath said.

Haru nodded and said, "We're still young. Sitting in that position is too tiring."

"T - Too tired...." Saitenshi didn't expect that both of them had such a frivolous reason to step down from the position of governor and commander.

"My father is going to take care of the rest." Haru looked at Saitake and gave Saitenshi a remote control. "If he doesn't manage this country well, then you can threaten him to destroy the key or press the button on the remote."

"What is this?" Saitenshi asked.

"Just a method to make the country better." Haru looked at Saitenshi and said, "To become a governor, you're too kind, too kind that a lot of people try to use you." It was a fake remote, but it was good to be used to threaten Saitake.

Saitenshi bit her lips when Haru made her remember the thing that had been done by her people.

"But you're growing up now. We're going to travel the world, and if something happens, we can come back anytime, you don't need to worry," Haru said.

"When are you going to go?" Saitenshi asked.

"We're going to go now," Esdeath said and pulled Haru since she could see if she let him stay here then he might add his harem soon.

"We're going to go now, bye, Saitenshi," Haru said following Esdeath. He had taken the Gundam Banshee and kept it back on his zipper storage.

Esdeath was in the driver's seat and started the car after Haru had entered, leaving the governor's building.


Saitenshi hadn't recovered and kept looking at the car which was moving far away.

Sumire looked at Saitenshi and felt how sinful Haru truly was.

'Married men are the most charming, huh?'


After Saitake was done with his speech, he went back and asked where Haru was.

"They have gone on a honeymoon," Saitenshi answered with quite a bad expression.



Saitake held the collar bomb on his neck and twitched his lips since he hadn't been given a key to unlock the collar bomb on his neck. He was speechless then screamed loudly.