Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 740

Volume 1 Chapter 740 One Of Big Three Record Labels

Sumire who had joined the Group Chat was amazed and she also blended quickly with everyone. Even though she had a corpse fetish since she felt that only corpse was the one who was able to understand her, everyone didn't care much since everyone in the Group Chat was pretty much weird.

But one thing is for sure, that she was quite interested in going to another world.

Yajima: "Right, I forgot to remind all of you of something."

Korosensei: "What's wrong, Yajima-san?"

Yajima: "The main team of Fairy Tail has been found and the Grand Magic Games is about to be held once again in three months."

Esdeath: "Grand Magic Games? Fairy Tail?"

Kuroneko: "@Esdeath, you should go and read the information of Fairy Tail on the archive in Group Chat."

Esdeath didn't say anything afterward, but she decided to read "Fairy Tail" after she read the reply from Kuroneko.

Gintoki: "It's almost that time, huh? Time sure moves quickly."

Charlotte: "Sumire-san, your world is also being invaded by viruses and monsters, right? How about we exchange research with each other since my world is also in a similar state."

Corpse Lover: "Interesting, let's do that."

Tsunade: "How about you change your nickname first?"

Corpse Lover: It's alright. I like my nickname of Group Chat."


Shinobu: "It has only been a while, but we have a lot of female members now."

Korosensei, Yajima, and Gintoki nodded at their original world and were happy about it, but the only thing that made them regret was there was no normal girl on the Group Chat.

Gambling addict, Chuunibyou (Second middle disease), two sadists, and corpse maniac.

The only normal girl on the Group Chat might be Charlotte, but from the conversation that this girl was similar to Sumire, the three perverts on the Group Chat could only say that they were helpless.


Such a thing happened on Group Chat, but Haru was helping his cafe until it was closed. He looked at Iwasawa and asked, "Iwasawa, how is your popularity after the concert?"

"I've made a channel on NicoNico and there are a lot of record labels that are trying to contact me," Iwasawa said and felt a bit happy.

Haru nodded and thought that it was a normal result since he had a feeling that Iwasawa would be able to become a big singer in the future. "How is your response?"

Iwasawa shook her head and said, "I've decided to reject them."

"Oh?" Haru was quite surprised and asked, "Why?"

"Why?" Iwasawa twitched her lips and wondered whether this guy had forgotten about that day. "You're the one who says that I'll become a popular singer? I don't want to work with strangers! I want to work with you!"


Haru was somehow quite embarrassed by such passionate words.

"Sigh... This girl even rejected an invitation from Sony," Kosaka said while drinking coffee at the bar.


Haru nodded and said, "I'm not surprised if you're being invited by Sony."

Sony is a huge company in Japan, and everyone who aspired to become a singer, idol, or making a band will be very happy to have that company invite them.

"Didn't you say that you're going to buy a recording company?" Yuri asked.

"I have that plan, but I don't have the money now to buy it," Haru said.

"Haru-sama, you might lack other things, but you don't lack money," Seri said with speechless expression.

"Just call me Haru, Seri," Haru said.

"No, we're at work right now," Seri said.

"So you'll call me Haru in private?" Haru teased.

"W - Well... if that's what you want...." Seri said with a blush.


"Stop flirting with each other!" Yuri was mad.

Seri coughed and said, "There are a lot of record companies in this country and you can buy it right away."


Somehow hearing Seri's confident tone, they were a bit surprised at Haru's ability to make money.

"You misunderstand something, Seri." Haru shook his head and said, "If I plan to buy a record company in this country, then I have already bought it in the past."

Seri raised her eyebrow and asked, "So you're going to buy an international record company?"

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, what is important for the record company is the copyright of the song. If I don't have the copyright then it'll be useless. That's why I'm going to buy a big one."

"Which one?" Seri asked.

"I don't have any money now. It's better to talk again when I have it," Haru said.

Seri shook her head and said, "No, we can start the negotiation right away and complete the transaction later."

Haru pondered for a while and nodded. "Then it is Warner Music Group."


Everyone who had been listening to Haru felt quite dizzy when they listened to their conversation.

Seri nodded and said, "I'll ask Ritsu to research it later." She knew that Ritsu was a robot and even though she was surprised at first, after that, she didn't think much since she didn't think that Ritsu was different from normal humans.

"Ok," Ritsu said after she came out of the room.

"Y - You're planning to buy one of the big three record companies?" Iwasawa was startled.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, since I plan to make you a big singer, then I'm going to have the best company."

In this world, there are three big recording companies which are Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.

Haru planned to buy Warner Music Group, but he didn't have money now.

Iwasawa somehow quite moved when she heard it.

"Haru.... you're starting to become more famous, and even though some people don't know about you, as long as people know that you have money, they might be thinking something bad about you." Yuri came toward Haru with a sad expression and said, "I don't want you to have the same tragedy as me."

Looking at Yuri who was right in front of him, Haru hugged her unconsciously and said, "You don't need to worry. I have a robot that is able to destroy a high rise building and I've always been very careful about my safety."

Ritsu nodded and said, "you don't need to worry about the safety of this place."

Everyone who was living in this cafe knew that Yuri had a very tragic childhood where her little brother and little sisters were killed by a group of robbers who came to her house during her childhood time.

When Yuri's parents were away, the group of robbers came to Yuri's house to rob her, but they didn't find anything. Then they threatened Yuri to kill her siblings if she couldn't find anything in 30 minutes.

In the end, Yuri couldn't find anything and lost her siblings in that incident.

That was why Yuri was really worried about Haru who made a lot of fortunes since she was afraid the same thing might happen to him.

"This place might be more advanced than Iron Man's home," Kosaka said to lighten the atmosphere.

"Really? Is this place safer than Iron Man's home?" Yuri asked.

Ritsu nodded and said, "This place is comparable to Iron Man's house."

Marvel has been very famous since the Iron Man movie in 2008.

It is so famous that in the future, it will become one of the most valuable franchises in the world.

In everyone's mind, Haru was similar to Iron Man in that movie, but Haru was more handsome, younger, and stronger, which made him the man that woman wanted to marry in this world.

It might not be related, but in terms of net worth Haru's net worth was comparable to Tony Stark since Tony Stark's net worth was 8 billion USD, but their political and connection power was different since Tony Stark had a very good relationship with the government.

That was why Haru wanted to become a mogul since he could control the people with information that way while also making him able to marry Sora in the future.

"That's good...." Yuri sighed in relief while caressing her chest.

"How long are you going to hug each other?"

Suddenly Iwasawa's voice caused everyone to look at Haru and Yuri who hugged at each other.


"Cough! Cough! Kosaka, Ritsu, Seri, let's go to the Media Factory now since the faster we finish the business, the faster that we can go back," Haru said to change the topic of conversation.

They snorted but nodded at Haru.

Haru said goodbye and went out together with Kosaka, Ritsu, and Seri leaving Shiina, Iwasawa, and Yuri were there.


Shiina looked at Iwasawa and Yuri who kept looking at Haru's back then nodded.

"Do you want to go with him?"


Yuri and Iwasawa looked at Shiina and didn't know what to say for a while.