Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 741

Volume 1 Chapter 741 Future Of Media Factory 1

Arriving at the Media Factory, every staff, and employee at this company was very excited after a lot of bookstores, convenient stores, and a lot of more kept ordering the "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" since a lot of people bought it and their stock wasn't enough.

Haru's intention to come here was to discuss an anime of Fate/Stay Night along to hear the report from "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga".

There were a lot of people who greeted Haru with a respectful greeting, but this kind of thing was normal since it was how subordinates greet their superiors or boss in this country, however, Haru could see the excitement in their eyes since "Media Factory" after the "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" was published.

The chief editor of the "Media Factory" excitedly greeted him and guided him directly to the meeting room along with a lot of people.

Machida also came with him and she could see a jealous gaze of everyone, but she didn't mind that since she knew pretty well that they were harmless.

Inside the meeting room, the chief editor along with the CEO of NicoNico was the one who led the meeting, especially the chief editor of the Media Factory telling Haru the result of the sales of "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga".

"Since yesterday, we have received a lot of orders again and from our production, we might be able to sell 2 million or more in just a week," the chief editor said excitedly.

If the revenue of the "Media Factory" was good then it would mean that his bonus would increase at the end of the year.

Haru nodded and said, "That's good, how about the promotion of my novel?"

"We have promoted both "5CM Per Second" along with "Sword Art Online", and the response is very good, but...."


"But, boss, can you do the signing event to increase our promotion?"

The chief editor of the Media Factory knew very well to increase the sales of both "5CM Per Second" and "Sword Art Online", they needed to create a signing event with Haru as a host, but he knew that it was very hard for Haru to do that.


If it was just a normal writer then they would be more than happy to do a signing event, but Haru's identity was different. He wasn't only the boss of "Media Factory", but he was also a billionaire.

Haru shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, but I can't do that." If possible he didn't really want to do a signing event since with his appearance it would make him into some kind of idol writer or something. He didn't want to do that, and it might be also quite dangerous since his net worth had increased. If it was before then he didn't mind accepting it, but it is different now. He also wanted to be low-key for a while since it was too troublesome when he was too famous.

The chief editor sighed, but he knew that he couldn't force Haru rather if he did that he might be fired.

"Haru, is it possible for you to do an interview?" Machida asked.

"Interview?" Haru thought for a while and nodded. "It's possible, but don't ask any other question besides the novel related things."

"Good, I'll prepare it for you right away," Machida said.

The chief editor sighed in relief when he heard Machida. Even though he was very excited to tell Haru about the report of the sales of "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga", he was very nervous to talk with Haru who was looking at him as if judging him. He suddenly thought that the education of the rich family might be quite different since he could feel an aura of a king coming from Haru that made him very nervous, even though he was older than Haru.

Then the meeting continued with the report from the CEO of NicoNico which was a subsidiary of "Media Factory".

The result of the NicoNico was quite good since the number of users of this website had reached 10 million and it kept increasing.

Haru nodded and said, "Good, let's keep at it." He was wondering whether he should separate both companies in the future.

They nodded and continued to talk about the matter of both "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga", other things such as light novel from other's author, anime which was they were about to produce, NicoNico, and a lot of more.

It was mostly talking about the performance of the company since the result was good, Haru had nothing to say in that matter.


Now a question corner.....

Why is his publishing company making anime?

It is to boost the sales of manga, light novels, or a game that is being published by his company.

Very simple, right?


After the matter of the company was over, Haru started to talk about some of his plans for his plan to make an anime of Fate/Stay Night.

Everyone was familiar with the anime industry since they often hired an anime studio to create an anime.

Kosaka didn't really want to be involved in the matter of the anime since making anime was usually pretty unprofitable and she was more interested in the game itself, but she also knew that an anime was very important to promote the game since she also owned half of the right of "Fate/Stay Night". She knew that from Haru's words this game had a lot of potential that could create a lot of profit.

Information section.

To create an anime with 13 episodes with each episode around 24 minutes usually, it will need around 250 million yen.

With such a price usually, the result of the anime was quite good, but it depended on the anime studio itself.

Haru planned to make Fate/Stay Night and it was about 26 episodes with a very high-quality image. He thought that the cost to create an anime should be around 600 million yen or more.

Haru had money and thought that he should buy an anime studio to manage all of the light novels, manga, and a game that he was about to make.

They nodded and thought that it was better to buy an anime studio.

"Boss, you're going to buy Ghibli?" The Chief Editor asked in excitement.


Haru was speechless and shook his head. "No, if possible I want the Ufotable." He remembered that the anime which was created by Ufotable was quite good. He was wondering whether he could buy while also retaining all of the talents in the company.


They tried to remember the anime of that anime, then decided to check it directly on the internet.

Looking at the result of anime which was created by this company, they thought that it was a good choice to buy it directly.

Media Factory doesn't lack money, especially with NicoNico which has more than one million VIP (paid members) giving them 560 million yen every month, and they have also gotten money from the advertis.e.m.e.nt making it possible to expand the company along with the sales of " Shounen Weekly Manga" and the advertis.e.m.e.nt on the magazine create the Media Factory which is an only medium company that has turned into a big company.

Haru knew that he needed to stabilize this company as soon as possible and he didn't want them to hire too many people since he didn't want this company to become too bloated.

After the matter of the anime was over, Haru talked about the other matter.

"Shoujo Manga?!"