Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 742

Volume 1 Chapter 742 Future Of Media Factory 2

There are various kinds of mangas such as Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen, Josei, Yaoi, and Yuri.

Each of them is aimed at different target audiences such as Shounen for boys between the ages of 12 and 18 and Shoujo for young teen females.

If the most profitable manga would be Shounen Manga, then the second profitable one would be Shoujo manga.

Why is it popular?

Because it can be read by everyone different from Seinen or Seinen which can only be read by males and females in their 20's and more.

Haru had promised that he would make a Shoujo manga magazine for Erina and of course, he was going to do it since he had promised and it was also profitable.

"Isn't it a bit too hasty?"

Even though the result of the "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" was good, it didn't mean that it was stabilized. They needed to wait at least a few months to see the response of the readers.

Their magazine's result was good on the first day sales, but part of it was also because of the promotion.

They wanted it to make it better and if possible they wanted to make a record for weekly sales.

"I don't mean now, but at least, I want to prepare since if the result of our weekly shonen manga is good then why not do a week shoujo manga too?" Haru said.

They nodded and understood Haru's ambition. Even though they wouldn't do it shortly, they would do it later.

The meeting was over, and they decided to start the party soon after the success of their weekly manga magazine on the Tootsuki Hotel.

Haru had often come here since the food was suitable for him and everyone also loved it.

Everyone was very excited inside the ballroom of the hotel drinking and eating while talking about the future of Media Factory.

Different from a normal manga publishing company where there was one author for each manga, Haru's company was different since he had his own team to both manage both story and ill.u.s.tration. In some sense, his company was similar to Marvel and DC in the US.

Haru was only a conductor giving them a direction where they should walk, and after that, he could let the team which managed each manga handle it.

If total sales of the manga were good then the publishing company would do their best to keep that work serialized for a long time while also giving the author a team which able to help him to continue his manga such as Detective Conan which had been always in first grade in elementary school for more than 20 years.

The author wanted it over, but the publishing company didn't let him since it was money.

If Detective Conan was over, then what would they eat in the future?

Haru knew to make a popular magazine the key was the content as long as he could get a good manga then everything would go well.

Walking to the stage, Haru attracted a lot of attention and they knew very well that Haru was their boss along with the writer of all of the hot stories within the "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga".

It was undeniable such a medium publishing company would turn into a big company was because of Haru, but besides that Haru's presence was simply dazzling in their eyes.

Haru took the microphone and made everyone silent waiting for him to get something.

"Bungeishunjou, Shinchosha, Kodansha, Kobunsha, Kadokawa, Shokugan, etc."


Everyone was silent listening to Haru's speech while wondering why Haru listed the names of famous publishing companies in Japan.

"Those companies are all the big fish in this country, and no one can truly be called the number one in this country.

"But soon...."

Haru raised his index finger and said, "Our company will overtake those companies and become the number one....."

"First in this country, then the world.

"Just watch."

Haru's tone was calm when he uttered such nonsense, but no one laughed at him rather they were boiling in excitement when they thought that they had become part of this company.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

"Boss, you're so handsome!"

"Yeah, we're to become the number one!"

"Boss, make me pregnant!"


Haru who was still on the stage joked along with everyone causing the party to become very festive and happy.

Seri, Ritsu, Kosaka, and along with the executives of the Media Factory who saw Haru on the stage felt that this guy was really able to do it. They knew very well if they hugged Haru's thigh tightly then they knew their life would be guaranteed. They thought that they might see the birth of Bill Gates on a media business, but then they woke up from their daydream and joined the party.

The one who had the most complex feeling in this place would be Machida since she was the one who found Haru in the past as a newcomer writer then suddenly would turn into her boss. She felt complicated, but somehow proud since she had seen his step from just a normal writer to become a billionaire.


Haru escaped from the crowd and went to the side of Kosaka, Seri, and Ritsu who discussed to each other about a game company that Kosaka was about to make soon.

Kosaka had said that she was ready to start to work in February since she had rested enough and the only thing that she needed to do was to invite the team to both of his and her company.

Ill.u.s.trator, scriptwriter, programmer, etc.

They needed all of them since they had decided to make the company from scratch.

Haru had decided to call the guy who he had met during the Winter Comiket.

Machida also joined the conversation since she knew very well that Ritsu, Kosaka, and Seri were the core teams of Haru and in the future, the three of them would become the big wings on Haru's business. She wanted to know them better since she also wanted to become part of those wings.

It was at this moment that Machida suddenly asked him with a teasing expression.

"Boss, are you not joining the party again? There are a lot of girls who want to get pregnant with your child, boss."

Haru twitched his lips, but he could feel that Kosaka, Seri, and Ritsu were staring at him without expression. "I'm no stallion and I have a girlfriend." He looked at Machida and said, "How about you? Isn't there a good man here? If you waste your time then you will still be single in your 30's."



Machida tried to hold her anger and even the veins on her forehead appeared. "You don't need to worry, boss. I'm still in my 20's. I'm still young!" Even though Haru was her boss, she somehow treated him as a little brother, and this time her little brother was very naughty.

If this place wasn't at a party then Machida had already knocked Haru's head.

Haru smiled and said, "Yes, yes, you're very young."

"What's with that tone?!" Machida was almost mad and tried to pull Haru's checks.


Kosaka, Seri, and Ritsu suddenly realized that there were still a lot of women out there who wanted to get close to him, but in the end, they didn't care much about Machida since her age was older than three of them.

Kosaka and Seri also thought that Machida was an old lady, but they wouldn't open their mouths about it.


Haru didn't stay at the party too long and went back to his home. He walked to his place, but then he felt weird when he noticed three girls were standing behind the door. He raised his eyebrow and decided to open the door.

"I'm back."

But then Utaha and Sora jumped in and caught him in place.

Megumi only stood there while looking at them with plain expression.

"Megumi, what are you doing? Hurry up and catch him! We're going to interrogate him!"


"Put that cake into his mouth!"

"What is this about?" Haru asked and didn't move since Sora and Utaha were quite weak.

"Sorry, Haru....." Megumi moved forward and put a cake into Haru's mouth.



It was very horrible that Haru almost fainted, but he dropped on the ground since this cake was so bad. He felt that he had entered a doujin hentai where he was being violated by a tentacle making him shudder, disgusted, but more than anything he felt malice as if he had become a vassal for Holy Grail in the world of Fate/Stay Night.

Looking at Haru who fainted on the ground, they started to panic.


"W - Water..."

Haru uttered that word weakly before passed out.