Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 743

Volume 1 Chapter 743 Solve The Knot

"Ugh...." Haru grimaced while thinking about the taste of the cake which he was forced to eat before.

Megumi let Haru use her thigh as a pillow while caressing his hair.

"I'm sorry, Haru...."

Megumi didn't expect Haru to directly pass out after eating the cake which Utaha had made.

"Haru, are you alright?" Sora was really worried and afraid to lose him, especially when he dropped on the ground.

"Haru, don't die on me!!!" Utaha was more dramatically afraid that something might happen to him. She cried on his chest and regretted her actions.

"Water...." Haru said weakly.

They nodded and helped him to drink water from a straw.

Haru had felt slightly better, but he was wondering why they were trying to feed him a horrible cake.

"Why did you do this?"


Haru looked at Megumi who gave him a lap pillow.


Looking at Haru, Megumi was quite nervous, but she decided to say it. "We were discussing what had happened when you had gone to the party with your grandfather a few days ago."

"Oh?" Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "Then?"

"Utaha has said that you're going to be engaged to someone," Megumi said.

"Megumi!" Utaha screamed since she didn't expect Megumi to put blame on herself.

"Yes, Utaha is the one who says that," Sora also said.


Utaha was speechless when both girls betrayed her right away, especially when both of them had supported her plan before. She wanted to know what had happened during the party and wanted to interrogate him. She didn't have a truth serum and that was why she had thought to make a horrible cake since she remembered that Haru had a very sensitive tongue, but she didn't expect him to pass out directly making her very guilty.

"I..... I'm afraid of you leaving us so suddenly...." Utaha looked at Haru and said, "You see, we're just normal girls, different from those rich girls who can give you help on your business or help you with their family connection....

"So we have thought that you're going to be engaged to that rich girl when you are brought to the party by your grandfather...."

Utaha was quite sad when she told him about this matter.

Haru looked at Megumi and Sora and seemed that they were worried about the same thing. He knew that he needed to solve this matter as quickly as possible. He tried to stand up even though his body was quite weak after ate the horrible cake.

"Don't stand up first, your complexion is very pale," Sora said.

"No, it's alright." Haru sat down normally on the sofa and said, "You're worried that I'm going to get engaged then leaving all of you?"

They nodded in response. Even though they knew that the possibility of that kind of thing to happen was very low, it didn't mean that they could erase the doubt in their heart since they knew very well that their man might become the richest man in this world.

With such a man, they knew very well that there would be a lot of girls who wanted to marry him, and even though they knew that they were beautiful, but in terms, of status, connection, and a lot of more, they would lose against those rich Ojou-sama from a famous family and with Haru's seducement, it wouldn't be hard for him to marry one or two Ojou-sama.

"I'm not going to be engaged and I won't leave all of you." Haru looked at three of them and said, "You're all very important to me and we have been together for a long time, even if you want to go away, I won't let you...." For him, the existence of Utaha, Megumi, and Sora was different from the girls which he usually played around. He usually didn't mean for girls to leave him, but Utaha, Megumi, and Sora were very special to him.

Utaha smiled and said, "You're very possessive."

"It means that I really love the three of you."

Haru pinched Utaha's chin then kissed her showing how much he loved her.


Sora and Megumi somehow were quite startled by this sudden kiss which was done by both of them.

Parting their lips, Haru looked at Utaha and said, "Satisfied?"

"Not enough! I want more!" Utaha wanted to jump in, but she was stopped by Sora.

"It's my turn next!" Sora stopped Utaha.

"Haru...." Megumi moved closer since she also wanted the same.

Haru also kissed Megumi on her lips doing the same thing which he had done to Utaha before parting looking at Sora who was also looking at him. "Come."

Sora jumped directly and kissed his lips.

The four of them sat down on the sofa while listening to Haru who said that he wouldn't leave her moving closer at him feeling his warmth while confirming his love toward them.

Megumi knew that when Haru was in high school, he would say that he was going to have a serious relationship and she smiled when she knew that it was real.

"So you don't have any engagement?" Utaha asked.


".....You have?"

Then the three girls looked at him staring at him without blinking.

"Who?" Sora asked.

Megumi didn't say anything but kept looking at him with a cold gaze.

Haru sighed and said, "It's not me who has decided it and it is happening before I've gotten my fortune."


They didn't care about the process, they only cared about who was this skank who wanted to steal their man from them.

"I'm not sure whether she knows about it or not, but I haven't agreed to this engagement since the one who has decided this matter is her grandfather..." Haru told him how he was suddenly being asked to have an engagement before, and he had never thought much until that grandfather tried to match both of them.


"Nakiri Erina," Haru said with a sigh.

"Nakiri Erina?"

They were wondering where they had heard this name before.

Megumi who played with her smartphone showed the screen to Haru. "Is it this person?"

Everyone looked at the picture of beautiful girl with blonde hair folding her arms chef uniform seemed very cold, no, they felt as if they were looking at an arrogant queen, however, they had to admit that this girl was very beautiful.

'And those huge b.r.e.a.s.ts.....'

But the beautiful face of Erina was just a bonus when they saw that Erina was also an owner of "God-Tongue", the granddaughter of "Food Demon King", the successor of Tootsuki group, etc.

Somehow it made them quite nervous in front of this girl.


Sora looked at Haru and asked, "Have you met her?"

"I have met her." Haru told truthfully and said, "But I think that she hates me."

"Hate you?"

They felt quite weird when they heard this sentence.

"But haven't you said that you're going to Tootsuki Academy before? Did you go there to meet her?" Utaha asked.

"No, I met her cousin," Haru said.


"What is important is that I won't leave you, alright?" Haru said.

"But do you have an intention to marry her?" Megumi asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "No." If he was told to give up three of them for Erina then it was impossible for him to do such a thing.

"But if you really want to add her to your harem, then I don't mind," Utaha suddenly said.

"If that's what you want, I don't mind," Sora said.

"From the moment I've accepted this relationship I know that I'm not going to be the only one in your heart," Megumi said.


Haru somehow felt that he was the luckiest man in this world, not because of his wealth, but rather because he had three girls who loved him this much.

"I know, but for now, I don't have that kind of plan since, in my head, there are only three of you..."

Haru felt that it was too complicated if he added Esdeath, Chelsea, and Tsunade in this world and that was why he didn't say anything about them rather he was fully focussed on Sora, Megumi, and Utaha.

They played and talked to each other having fun since they had solved the knot in their hearts before going to sleep together.

In a relationship the most important thing between couples is communication. Without commutation, the relationship between people might crumble.

That is why Haru always tells his girls not to hesitate to communicate with him if they have trouble.

If Haru couldn't solve the matter in words then that meant he needed to solve that matter on a bed, and of course, he was very good at the matter in the bedroom.

Before long, they slept soundly on the bed while hugging Haru's body.

Haru whose arms and neck were being hugged could only helplessly sleep only hoping that he didn't have a muscle ache tomorrow.