Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 744

Volume 1 Chapter 744 Can I Use Your Name?

7 January.

The winter break was over, Haru was going to his school, but Kirari suddenly called him yesterday telling him to come to her house before going to the school since she wanted to go to the school together.

Haru didn't really mind it and took his car and drove to Kirari's home. He didn't ride his scooter since the temperature was very cold and he was afraid for her to get cold in this weather.

Driving his 275 GTB Ferarri, Haru went to Kirari's house leaving his house.

Utaha had come back to her house since she also needed to go to school.

For Megumi and Sora, they were in their 3rd year of middle school, and the thing that they needed to do was to study as long as they could enter their targeted high school, then they would be alright.

(Just information that Megumi and Sora want to enter the same high school as Utaha).


Entering Momobami's house, no one stopped his car.

It wasn't Haru's first time to come to Kirari's house, but he had to admit that her house was really vast.

This house wasn't her main house, rather it was a house to accommodate her when she studied at Hyakkou Academy.

If Haru remembered well, Kirari also had an ancestral house that was used for her parents to live in or when there was a gathering for every person in the clan.

Haru wasn't sure, but somehow there were a lot of more people in this place and wondering whether something was happening. He got out of his car and felt a bit speechless when he saw Kirari's people who were very respectful of him as if treating him as Kirari's husband.

Somehow it made him quite scared to enter.

Haru really didn't want to enter since he felt that something was about to happen.

"Haru, you've come."

Suddenly Kirari walked to the entrance of her house looking at Haru with a smile.

Haru looked at Kirari who was wearing a Hyakkou Academy uniform, and he had to admit that she was very beautiful in this dress. He also missed her somehow and forgot the fear in his heart. "Kirari, it has been a while."

"Yes, I have seen a lot of things that you've done during the winter holiday." Kirari smiled and said, "Congratulations on selling 2 million magazines after it just being published on 4 January."

"Thank you."

Viking Weekly Shounen Manga has been sold for more than 2 million for the past few days, and it keeps increasing.

The people around them were very surprised when they heard it, but then when they saw both Haru and Kirari stood up together.

It might be their imagination, but they felt that they were very suited to each other.

"It's a bit cold outside. Let's go inside first," Kirari said.

"We're not going to go to school now?" Haru asked curiously.

"Let's not be in a hurry and I've sent Ririka to my place first," Kirari said.


Haru somehow felt strange, but when he saw Kirari's smile, he felt that it was worth the trouble. He suddenly sighed inside his heart feeling that he was very weak against beautiful women.

Walking next to each other, they were talking to each other since they hadn't seen each other for a long time.

It might feel weird, but Haru felt that he was very comfortable talking with Kirari even though he knew that Kirari's personality was very bad, and might even reach the borderline of a psychopath, especially after what she had done to the group of "house pets" at school. (A house pet is a group of students who are in debt because of gambling).

It wasn't her intention at first since her intention to become student council president of Hyakkou Academy was to own her own power. Kirari's family was very complicated and everyone was fighting with each other. The power of her family was powerful, but it didn't mean that her enemy was weak. Then she heard about Hyakkou Academy and she used the power and connection of that school to build her own power which was being owned by herself.

The discrimination of "housepets" was something which she created to strengthen her power inside the school. At the same time, she was raised in a household where discrimination was normal so it was inevitable that her view of life was different from normal people.

If someone asked Kirari if she was a villain then it might be so, but she also had her own reason after all.

In the end, Haru knew what Kirari wanted was to live an exciting life without being bound by the farce of her family. Though, he couldn't deny that Kirari had a very bad personality unless she cared about that person, but he didn't really mind that since Esdeath was somehow quite similar to her.

For Kirari, Haru was simply her ideal man since he had an ability, he didn't even say anything about her plan just supported her, he let her do whatever she wanted, and lastly, he was her type. She was also the one who had found him among the millions of people in this country. She also saw him raise his status from a normal writer to a billionaire after she had given him a chance.

Kirari was very narcissistic and of course, she wanted to have the best man to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e her, especially when she knew about Haru's talent in finance, business, EQ, and lastly s.e.x. She knew Haru's ability in that area since she had asked someone to investigate that matter. She somehow shuddered when she thought about him and since she had decided to make him her own. She wouldn't let him escape from her and definitely made him her husband.

They entered a room while Haru looked around curiously.

Haru could see that this room was full of traditional Japanese ornaments and there wasn't any chair in this room since someone needed to sit on the floor when they were inside this room, but there was a pillow to make it comfortable for someone to sit on the floor.

"You can sit down first. I'll prepare your tea."

Haru nodded and sat down while crossing his legs. He was too lazy with etiquette and there were only both of them in this room.

Looking at Kirari's figure who prepared tea beautifully, he was wondering whether this girl had learned a Japanese tea ceremony.

"Taste it."

Kirari took a cup of tea which she had just brewed earlier.

Haru took the tea and smelled a deep flavor from the tea. He sipped it slowly and had to admit that it was bitter, but there was a hint mint which made it very hard to hate this taste somehow.

"Haru, I'm going to be engaged."



Haru frowned and didn't like what he had heard. "With who?"



Haru was dumbfounded at this moment and asked, "What?"

"I want to be engaged with you."

Kirari was very serious at this moment and somehow quite nervous since she was a bit afraid for him to reject him, even though that possibility was very low. She was a girl who had never tasted love until he came into her life. She had often questioned her feelings and read various physiological books wondering whether she was sick or something, but she had found out that she was falling in love with him.

"Why? Isn't that a bit early? We're not even dating after all," Haru asked since he felt weird by this request.

"I'll be engaged with someone and you know how strict my family is. I'll be engaged sooner or later with someone that I don't even know. Before I didn't care as long as my business was very developed then I might cheat my husband on you creating children with your s.p.e.r.m rather than his...."


Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "You're joking?"

Kirari chuckled and said, "Of course, I'm joking."


Haru felt that this girl wasn't joking earlier.

"I know that you have a girlfriend, but I hope that I can borrow your name to stop my engagement with the person who was being arranged by my family, is that alright with you?"

Kirari stared at Haru without expression and put her hands on her skirt calmly, but if someone observed better, she clenched her hands tightly on her skirt showing her nervousness.


Haru didn't answer her immediately, but he really didn't like the idea where this girl was stolen from him. He looked at Kirari and had to admit that the idea of giving her to someone else made him frown.

"Sure, you can use my name."

Kirari sighed in relief inwardly and said, "Thank you. We can even engage for real too if you want."

"If you can accept my relationship with girlfriends then I don't mind."

Haru thought that it was better to have her now since she was right in front of him and he also needed to tell her the truth since he also had relationship with other girls beside her.


Kirari was silent since she was a very greedy woman. She wanted him to be only for her, and not shared him with anyone else.

Looking at Kirari's expression, Haru shook his head and said, "I was joking. Look, it is also time for school. Let's go." He felt that it might be too early for her to accept it. He was wondering how he should handle this matter, but he wasn't in hurry after all.

Kirari nodded and said, "Yes, let's go." She wasn't in a hurry and she was confident in herself that she would have him for sure.