Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 745

Volume 1 Chapter 745 Do You Dare To Bet On Me?

Haru and Kirari had arrived at the school together.

Parking his car inside the school, Haru somehow had a strange feeling when he looked at the school building.

"What's wrong?" Kirari asked.

"Nothing, I just remember the first time we met each other," Haru said.

Kirari chuckled and said, "You sure are dumb to help someone who is going to be assassinated."


Haru was speechless and said, "But because of that I can meet a beautiful girl like you. That alone is worth it."

Kirari smiled sweetly and said, "I guess that's true. That assassin should be a sacrifice to let us meet each other."


Haru wasn't sure how to respond to that since somehow her dark joke was quite strange.

The moment Haru and Kirari walked to the school together, it attracted the attention of a lot of students on the Hyakko Academy.


Those girls who saw Haru and Kirari who talked to each other with a smile and laugh were having a broken heart.

Unlike Kirari who was happy, those female students who thought that they could meet Haru after the winter holiday were in a very gloomy mood when they saw both Haru and Kirari talking to each other.

It wasn't a secret that Haru was popular and there were a lot of girls who confessed to him, but there was a rumor that he had a girlfriend, but it didn't stop them from confessing to him.

Love is war!

Everyone was fighting against each other to get their love and even if Haru had a girlfriend, it didn't mean that he wouldn't break up in the future and they knew that they had their own chances.

But when they saw that Haru's girlfriend was the famous student council president, they knew that their chance was almost null, especially when everyone knew about the student council president's cruelty. They knew that they didn't have a chance to fight Kirari since Kirari's fighting power was too strong.

However, for some girls, they thought that Haru was being coerced by Kirari to become her boyfriend since her power was very strong.

But no one could say anything after Kirari hugged Haru's arm at that moment.



Everything turned silent and they felt that this winter holiday was the worst, especially when they saw Haru and Kirari flirt with each other.


But that wasn't the actual thing that was happening between the two of them.

"Kirari, it hurts, it hurts."

Haru grimaced when Kirari hugged his arm since this girl also pinched his arm with her nail.

"It's good that you're very popular," Kirari said with a smile.


Haru wasn't sure what to say for a moment.


It had been a while since Haru had a normal school life, but somehow Runa kept glancing at him.


Runa looked at Haru and asked, "You've dated Kirari?"

"No," Haru said simply. He hadn't dated Kirari, but he didn't stop the rumor since he was quite tired of having a lot of girls to confess to him.


"But don't say anything since it is good," Haru said.

Runa raised her eyebrow and asked, "You want to date her for real?"

"No, but it is good since no one is going to confess to me anymore," Haru said. He could see that Kirari hadn't accepted his relationship with other girls and he didn't intend to confess to her soon.

Runa thought about the number of love letters on his box shoes and nodded. She knew very well if he only received one or two, then he would be happy, but if it was too much then it wasn't good. She remembered that the love letters which were sent on his box shoes didn't even fit the box, but somehow she felt relief when she heard it.

"Well, I won't tell anyone but...."


Runa took out "Viking Weekly Shounen Manga" and said, "Can you show the update faster? I can't wait to read them!" She was very hooked on Haru's magazine and wanted to read it as soon as possible.


Haru looked at Runa for a while and said, "Don't tell anyone about it."


Runa was very excited when she heard it.


Inside the clubroom of the Traditional Culture Research Club was somehow very quiet.

Runa was inside his private room reading the manga excitedly on his laptop since she didn't expect that there were a lot of chapters that had been made.


Runa wanted to take the data back home, but she knew that it was impossible for Haru to agree to it. That's why she read it in his private room at this club.

Haru was thinking that he needed to move his body to the school rather than lazying around in his clubroom since it wasn't productive. He was wondering whether it was possible to create a boxing club at the school later.

Haru who was thinking about a new club suddenly noticed Yuriko who seemed restless and seemed to want to ask him something. "What's wrong Yuriko?"

"H - Haru!" Yuriko seemed nervous.

"Is there something that you want to talk to me about?" Haru asked.

"W - Well, I want to ask--"

But Yuriko hadn't had time to finish her words since the door of his private room was opened.

"President!" Yuriko was surprised.

"Kirari?" Runa looked at Kirari for a while before continuing to read the manga.

"Is there something that you want to ask Haru, Yuriko?" Kirari asked while looking at Yuriko.

"N - No!" Yuriko was quite scared in front of Kirari.

Haru looked at the girl who was wearing middle school uniform standing behind Kirari as if a baby duck was following her mother. He also saw Ririka who wore her mask without saying anything besides Kirari.

The girl also looked at Haru and somehow wasn't sure what to say and looked at Haru shyly.

"Don't be so nervous, Igarashi," Haru said.

"Y - Yes, Kasugano-senpai," Igarashi Sayaka said shyly.

"Haru, don't tease my secretary," Kirari said.


Kirari nodded and looked at them before saying, "I want to talk with Haru for a while, can the three of you step out from this room for a while?"

"You're not going to do something pervert, right, Kirari?" Runa asked.

"S - Something pervert?!"

Kirari chuckled and said, "We might be, we might not, but for now, let me talk with him for a while."


Runa pouted and decided to go out while bringing his laptop.

"Runa, don't bring my laptop," Haru said.

"Why!?" Runa complained.

"You just can't," Haru said.

Runa snorted and placed his laptop on the table again. "You stingy!"

Yuriko and Igarashi Sayaka also went out leaving Ririka, Kirari, and Haru alone in the room.

Haru stood up and prepared tea for Kirari and Ririka. "Do you have something to talk about?"

"Yes, I plan to control this country, can you help me?" Kirari said.

Haru almost dropped the cup on his hand, but he calmed himself quickly since it wasn't his first time to control a country. He continued to prepare the tea and asked, "Do you have a plan?"

"I bring it with me," Kirari said with a smile hearing his response.


Only Ririka seemed to be very surprised by Haru's answer.

Haru placed the tea and snack on the table then read the plan which was made by Kirari.

Kirari took the tea which was brewed by Haru and had to admit that it was better than her personal chef making him want to take him into her husband more.

Ririka opened her mask slightly and ate the snack slowly with a happy smile which was hidden by her mask.

Haru who read the plan wasn't surprised by Kirari's plan. Kirari wanted to control a country using the connection of the alumni who had graduated from this school.

Hyakko Academy is a very famous school and has a lot of history. There are a lot of famous people with a lot of authority, wealth, and power who have graduated from this school from a politician, artist, writer, businessman, etc.

Kirari wanted to use the connection of those alumni to create Hyakko Academy similar to a bank. She wanted to loan the money along which was circulated inside the school to create a power which was being led by her who was a student council. She would also centralize the debt on each student in this school which made her able to control the lives of those students.

If this plan was successful then Kirari would be able to control the financial and the political in this country and she would also become the Empress of this place which was known as Hyakko Academy.

Haru nodded and said, "Your plan is good, but don't you need a lot of money?" He knew that Kirari needed something that could attract the interest of those alumni from Hyakko so they would go along with Kirari's plan. Even though the money which was circulated on the Hyakko academy was a lot, it was far from enough to implement Kirari's plan.

"Yes, but you don't need to worry about that since I've prepared everything."

Kirari was confident as long as Haru would support her then she felt everything would turn alright.

Haru looked at her and asked, "So is there something that you want me to do?"

"Just support me," Kirari said.

Haru nodded and said, "I'll support you, no matter what."

Kirari smiled and said, "Thank you."

Haru tapped his chin and asked, "Kirari, do you dare to bet on me?"

"Bet?" Kirari became very interested in Haru's words.

"I'm going on another hunt later on 15 January and I'll be taking a break from school for 15 days." Haru looked at Kirari and said, "I'll use my cash on this bet, and I can bring you in this hunt if you want to bet on me."

Kirari smiled very sweetly and said, "Dare to bet on you? Interesting, I'll give you my 10 billion yen before and I'll let you do whatever you want with it."

Haru smiled and said, "Don't regret if I lose everything." He was quite surprised since Kirari decided to take out 10 billion yen since he knew even though he had a lot of money, it didn't mean everyone was the same. 10 billion yen was a very large amount of money after the economic downturn during 2008, especially when there was a lot of business which was affected by it.

"It's alright if you lose, I like to gamble," Kirari said, but she knew very well that Haru was going to give him a surprise.

Haru thought to be lazy for his other hunt, but since Kirari had given him that plan then he decided to lead the hunt by himself using his one billion USD on the account along with 10 billion yen which Kirari had given to him.

Both of them continued to talk to each other about the plan.


Only Ririka who ate the snack seemed to be dumbstruck when she heard their conversation. She looked at Haru and Kirari and wondered whether both of them were the same kind of people, or Kirari started to affect Haru? She didn't know for sure, but this snack was really delicious.