Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 746

Volume 1 Chapter 746 Addicted Girl

15 January.

It was time for Sora, Megumi, Yuri, Iwasawa, and Shiina to take their test to enter high school.

Haru's hunt started on 17 January, but he told Kirari that it was on 15 January since he wanted to accompany everyone on their entrance exam.

Kosaka was busy with the preparation of the new game company which was starting soon.

Haru had asked his acquaintance who he met during the Winter Comiket to help him find a talent for his and Kosaka's company.

Iori Hashima.

It was the name of his acquaintances, and he had to admit that Hashima's skill at talking and gathering talent was very good.

Haru loved talent and he didn't mind hiring him even if he knew that Iori Hashima wanted fame. Working together with Haru and Kosaka was a shortcut for fame. He had heard that Iori wanted to work in this industry because of his friend who was also a hardcore otaku, but different from him.

Iori's friend loved otaku-related things wholeheartedly, but Iori wanted fame.

"He's also a famous content creator on NicoNico and his name is Aki Tomoya," Iori said.

Haru thought that it might be his imagination, but when Iori told him about Aki Tomoya, Iori's eyes seemed to be very excited and Iori seemed to have fallen in love or something. He didn't care about Iori's private life, and as long as Iori did a good job then he would hire Iori.

It is as simple as that.

The other thing might be Ritsu who had helped him to buy the "Ufotable" studio and it had become a subsidiary of Media Factory.

After being bought, the anime studio didn't waste their time and started the production of "Fate/Stay Night".

Haru really couldn't wait for the finished product of this anime soon, but he knew that it would take at least 4 months before it was ready to be aired on the television before that he should buy a television network after his hunt was over.


Back to the present.

Haru was inside his car looking at Sora, Megumi, Yuri, Shiina, and Iwasawa inside the car. "You're ready?"


They nodded since they had prepared everything for this exam.

"I'll be waiting until your test is over and after the test, I'll bring you to eat something good." Haru couldn't help them during the test, but at least, he could support them after the test.

They felt moved and decided to do their best in this test being accepted into Shuchiin Academy.


They had arrived at the exam location, but Haru didn't enter, only waited outside while looking at a group of people who were walking toward the test venue.

Of course, Haru's appearance attracted a lot of attention wondering whose big brother he was and some of them thought that they had seen him somewhere before, but everyone was focussed on their exam and didn't have time to think about messy things. Even though they regretted that they couldn't get to know him right now, they thought they could do that after the exam was over.

Shiina, Yuri, Megumi, Sora, and Iwasawa had entered the exam location first leaving him alone waiting while sipping his coffee slowly.

Shuchiin Academy is their first choice of high school, and their second choice is Otonokizaka High School.

Haru didn't really mind which school that they would enter, but somehow waiting here alone was pretty boring.

"Good morning, Haruka-kun!"

In front of Haru, suddenly there was an appearance of a beautiful girl with long straight black hair with a princess cut hairstyle who seemed very happy to see him in this place.

Haru was surprised to see this girl here. "Jabami Yumeko?" The last time he had seen her was during his trip with Sora to Macau, but he didn't expect to see her there.

"Yes, I'm happy that you have remembered me," Yumeko said with a smile. "What are you doing here, Haruka-kun?"

"I'm waiting for my girlfriend to do the test, what about you?" Haru said.

"I've also taken an exam at Shuchiin Academy, but I'm jealous of your girlfriend for having such a thoughtful boyfriend like you..." Yumeko sighed while holding her cheeks with both of her hands. She also looked at him to see his reaction.

"You're beautiful, I'm sure that is easy for you to get a boyfriend," Haru said plainly.

Yumeko pouted and said, "Don't you have an interest in me?"

Haru looked at the time and said, "Don't you need to go for an exam?"

"There are still fifteen minutes left. It's fine." Yumeko smiled and said, "Right! I've seen you in the newspaper before, can you tell me how can you gamble all of your money into gold futures? I'm very excited to hear that story!"


Haru looked at Yumeko who seemed to breathe unevenly and her flushed cheek. If he didn't know that this girl had a gambling addiction, then he might think that this girl was sick and needed his injection, but he didn't mind telling her about his experience in investment. "I'll tell you the short story in 8 minutes...."

"Thank you, Haruka-kun."

Yumeko smiled excitedly waiting for him to start the story.


After 8 minutes, Yumeko breathed unevenly. Her face was flushed in blush while hugging her own body and also sometimes kneaded her own b.r.e.a.s.t. It seemed that she couldn't control her own excitement.

"Ha... Ha... Ha...."

"I can't wait anymore! I want to gamble!" Yumeko moved very close to Haru asking him to have a gamble with her.


Haru was speechless looking at Yumeko and knew that someone might misunderstand them, but it was lucky that they were talking beside his car so it was a bit hidden but if this continued someone might notice them. "But you have a test."

"I don't care! I want to gamble!" Yumeko moved closer once again pressing her b.r.e.a.s.t against Haru's chest. "Let's do it... quick... Haruka-kun... I can't handle it anymore!" Her voice was quite loud and it attracted the attention of some people, but they were lucky that they seemed to ignore it.


Haru closed his eyes and wondered why such a strange girl suddenly appeared in front of him. He took a coin from his pocket and said, "Let's take a simple gamble." He showed a coin in front of her and said, "Coin flip, you need to guess whether it is head or tail."

"Ah... So exciting!" Yumeko hugged her body and asked with excitement. "What's the bet?"

"If I win then I want you to hurry up and go to take your exam now," Haru said.

Yumeko pouted and said, "Then, if I win I'll have to join you to go back later with your girlfriend!"


"Haruka-kun, do you hate me?" Yumeko asked.

"No, it's just that you're annoying," Haru said.

Yumeko sniffed and said, "B - But I like you...." She hid her face with both of his hands while peeking at his reaction.

Haru was speechless once again and said, "I'll toss the coin and you're the one who is going to guess."

"Alright," Yumeko said and became serious all of sudden.

Haru tossed the coin into the air and somehow it moved very slowly.

Yumeko who saw the coin moving in the air suddenly had her eyes turned red.

Haru also noticed it and caught the coin in his hand. "Head or tail?"

"Tail," Yumeko answered without hesitation with a smile.

Haru opened his hand and showed the coin showed "head".


"Hurry up and go to your exam now," Haru said.


Yumeko pouted and seemed quite sad while saying, "Let's have a gamble again next time."

"Yes, but you should be in a hurry, or else, you'll be late for the exam," Haru said.

Yumeko smiled and said, "You don't need to worry. I'll be accepted at the same school as your girlfriend." She knew that Haru was cheating during the gamble earlier, but she knew that she didn't have time to uncover how he had cheated since she needed to take an exam, but for sure, she was going to ask him for a gamble once again in the future since she knew that his girlfriend was going to the same high school as her.


Looking at Yumeko who waved her hand excitedly at him, Haru wasn't sure whether it was a good thing or not for Yumeko to have the same school as Megumi, Sora, and Utaha.