Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 747

Volume 1 Chapter 747 Fenrir Of Tokyo

17 January.

His meeting with Jabami Yumeko was a coincidence.

Haru didn't really want to meet her again since he felt that she would bring him a lot of trouble. He took everyone right away after they had done the test since he didn't want to meet Jabami for the second time since he was with her...

It was very hard to control himself.

Haru also thought that he might have an addiction to gambling the same as Jabami Yumeko, but his addiction wasn't as weird as Yumeko who started to get horny all of sudden in the middle of the day. He could control himself, especially after he had been in hell because of the side effect of his "pleasure magic".

Sora, Megumi, Yuri, Shiina, and Iwasawa had done their best, and they only needed to wait for the result of their exam on 5 February.

After that, they were free until the day they needed to enter high school.

In that meantime, Haru decided to focus on his hunt to get more money in the futures market.

It will take him at least 15 days before he can return from his hunt.

Of course, Sora, Megumi, and Utaha were quite reluctant to let him go for 15 days, but they also knew that he had something important that he needed to do.

Haru told them that it was alright to visit him from time to time, and he would also come back on Sunday. He also told them to prepare for their trip to both London and the US after the announcement of their high school acceptance.

Hearing about their graduation trip, Megumi and Sora were quite excited.

Utaha was also excited since it was her first time to go with everyone.

"You're not going to bring, Yuri, Iwasawa, and Kosaka?"

Everyone looked at Haru curiously.

"No. I have another matter that I need to do, so we're not entirely on holiday."

Haru didn't really want to show off about his wealth since it would make someone dizzy later.

"What are you going to do?" Utaha was quite curious.

"I'm going to buy something." Haru smiled looking at everyone. "Let's keep it a secret. I need to go now."

"Be careful."

Megumi put a scarf on Haru's neck and while looking at him with a loving gaze. Her action was similar to a wife who was sending out her husband to work. She had to admit that he was very handsome in this suit and somehow she felt quite hot.

Haru kissed Megumi's forehead caressing her cheek with his thumb. "I'm going to miss you."

"Me too...."

"Don't hog him by yourself!"

Utaha and Sora also kissed him while also hugging him.

"Can I keep one of your shirts?"

Utaha looked at Haru with a hopeful expression.

"What are you going to do with it?"

Haru had some ideas, but he felt that he needed to ask.

"Duh, of course, for personal use."

That answer naturally came out of Utaha's mouth as if it was something normal to use his shirt for personal use.

Haru sighed and whispered to her ear in a deep voice. "You don't need to do that since I'm going back.....

I'll do you plenty...."

Utaha shuddered and blushed. She thought that Haru who had been pent up for 15 days would turn into a beast that would devour her to the bone, but she wasn't so easily defeated. She would fight back against his anaconda and get the victory against him.

"You're the one who needs to be careful."

Utaha had a smug expression on her face while looking at Haru.


Haru was speechless considering their fight record, Utaha had never once won against him whenever they were having a special fight in bed. He looked at Sora and hugged her in his arms.

"I'll be back."

Somehow he uttered a sentence that was used by the terminator.

"Are you a terminator?" Sora was speechless but after that, she moved her mouth closer to his ear and whispered, "I'm waiting."


Haru looked at Sora and knew what she meant by those words. He nodded and kissed her lips deeply.

Parting their lips, Haru also kissed Sora's forehead before he hugged the three of them saying goodbye since he was about to start his hunt.

Sora, Megumi, and Utaha also said goodbye while also feeling a bit curious since they had never seen him working on the Longinus Investment before.


Longinus Investments.

This company has become very famous after the deeds which they have done in the past few months.

There are a lot of companies who want to poach the staff in this company, but no one is successful, and even if they're successful, they realize that the person who they have pouched from this company is useless.

Even though Ayase was the CEO of this investment company, the true maestro of this company was Haru.

Haru was the one who led this company and it was also because of him that this company could create a profit of more than 2 billion USD.

Everyone had prepared another hunt, but this time, everyone was a bit surprised since Haru would personally lead this hunt by himself.

Usually, it would be Ayase who led them, but this time it was Haru.

Seri was also surprised, but she was quite curious.

Everyone had been very excited since yesterday and they had turned into a bloodthirsty wolf that would tear apart the economy of the country for a profit.

Entering the company, Haru stood up in front of everyone and his expression also showed excitement.

"Everyone, I know that you've been very excited for another hunt, and this time, I'll personally lead all of you...."

Haru also showed a bloodthirsty expression ready to tear apart the meat which was ready in front of him.


They were wondering how delicious the meat was about to be served in front of them.

"Our ammunition is 1,1 billion USD."


Everyone became even more excited when they heard the money which they were about to use in this hunt.

"Our target is the same." Haru looked at everyone and said, "We're going to short-selling Euros with this money."

They nodded and it wasn't a secret anymore that because of the Greek government-debt crisis it also affected entire Europe.

Seri who saw this scene thought that Haru and everyone who was in this place had turned into the "Wolf of Tokyo" who was ready to devour the economy of the country.

"Before we start the hunt, is there something that you want to ask me?"

Haru didn't want them to have a distraction during the mission.

Ayase raised his hand and asked curiously, "Boss, why did you personally lead this hunt?" He thought that he could handle this hunt by himself along with his team as long as Haru had ordered him.

Haru smiled looking at Ayase. "The reason is simply that I'm afraid for you to make a mistake."


Everyone was startled by this answer, but also felt quite insulted.

"Now, don't be mad first. Listen to me."

Raising his hand to stop them from saying something, Haru looked at them and said, "I've said that we're going to have 25 times leverage, right?"

They nodded in response.

"But I changed my mind." Haru smiled innocently and said, "I'm going to do it with 100 times leverage."


"Now, understand why I'm the one who personally leads this hunt?" Haru asked.


Everyone wasn't sure what to say, only dumbly nodded when they heard such a crazy, reckless, and greediness without boundary coming from Haru's mouth.

In their eyes, Haru wasn't a "Wolf of Tokyo", but rather a "Fenrir of Tokyo".

Haru wasn't going to devour a country, rather he was going to devour the world, but somehow they were very excited to follow him.

"Now, let the hunt begin!"