Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 749

Volume 1 Chapter 749 Mogul 1

1 February.

Everyone at Longinus Investments had a haggard appearance on their face, but their eyes were full of excitement and disbelief looking at the result of the hunt which they had done for the past 15 days.

Haru even has stubble on his face making his appearance quite wild.

If he didn't shave it then it would turn into a beard.

It might be because of the "body of Arthur Curry" which he had gotten in the past made him able to grow stubble.

But it wasn't only him since everyone in the office also had a grown beard, mustache, goatee, etc.

They also had a dark circle on their eyes, but everyone was very excited.

It was until Haru ended the transaction that everyone rested on their chair with a satisfied smile.

Haru stood up and shouted, "Good work everyone! I'll give all of you a bonus!"


"Long live, boss!"

"You're awesome, boss!"

Haru raised his hand to make them quiet.

"Now, let me announce the result of our hunt in the past 15 days."

Everyone was quiet and very excited to hear the result even though they had already known how much money they had gotten from the past 15 days.

"We started our transaction at 1.4512 and ended it at 1.3657.

We have also used 1.1 billion USD with 100 times leverage."

Haru's eyes were bright and he threw the doc.u.ment on his hand into the air opening his arms wide.

"Our profit is 11 billion USD! We have gotten 10 times the profit from our ammunition!"




Everyone had turned into a wild animal and threw out all the doc.u.ments on their hands into the air.

"Now, just rest, and Ritsu will send your bonus to your account. Don't be surprised at the bonus later."

"Thank you, boss!"

Everyone was in a joyful mood since their hard work in the past 15 days was worth it. They knew that Haru was very generous toward his people and that was why they were very happy when they thought about the profit that they had created in just 15 days. They had thought that they had created a legend that was being led by Haru.

Seri who had been watching him was also quite surprised and even though she knew the exact profit from the past 15 days, it really shocked her.

"Seri, Ritsu, come with me. I'll talk about my plan."

Ritsu and Seri nodded since with that much money, they could do a lot of things and they wanted to know what Haru planned using all of that money.

Haru entered the bathroom first since he wanted to wash his face.

Entering the bathroom, he splashed water on his face and seemed to become more energized. 'Half-Atlantian, huh?' He took his smartphone and called someone. He didn't need to wait since it was connected instantly.

"Haru? Are you alright?"

Haru smiled when he heard this voice. "I'm alright. I'm in a very good mood now hearing your voice."

"Hmm~~, well, I am also happy to hear yours...."

"Kirari, I'll send the result of my hunt using your money to your account later."

"Is the hunt done?"

"Yeah, don't be surprised by the result later."

Kirari didn't really care much and asked, "When are you going back to school?"

Haru thought for a while and said, "I might come back on 6 February since I want to rest my body."

"Then, rest well, I'm waiting for you here....."


Haru wasn't sure, but somehow her tone was quite a yandere.

'That's my imagination.'

Haru shook his head and said, "Then, I'll hang the phone now."

"Yes, I'm waiting for you at school."

Haru closed the phone and went out of the bathroom, but he didn't expect to meet Eli who was talking with Ayase.

"Dad, are you going back now?" Eli asked.

Ayase nodded, looking at her daughter with a smile. "It's done. We're going on holiday after I've gone back."

Eli nodded with a smile and knew that her father had worked hard, but then she noticed Haru who had just come out from the bathroom. "Huh? Haru?"

"Eli?" Haru was also surprised.


Ayase was stunned since he didn't expect Haru and his daughter to know each other.

"How can you be here?" Eli walked toward Haru with a smile. She could see Haru's complexion was quite bad, and there was also stubble on his face. Though, she had to admit she liked him in this style since it was wilder.

Haru racked his brain since he didn't want to say that he was the owner of this place. "I'm.... an internship!"


Ayase and everyone who heard what Haru was saying were dumbfounded.

Haru walked to Ayase and said, "I'm learning financial matters with your father.'

Ayase frowned and whispered, "Boss, what are you saying? Are you trying to cheat on my daughter?" Even though he wanted both Haru and Eli to date each other, he didn't want Haru to cheat on his own daughter. His fatherly love wouldn't allow such a thing to happen in front of his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Uncle, but I don't want to reveal my identity since it is troublesome," Haru whispered back.

Ayase thought about Haru's identity as a billionaire and thought her daughter might have a hard time accepting it. He nodded and whispered back, "I'll help you."

"Thank you."

"Dad, Haru, what are you talking about?" Eli asked.

"Nothing. Your father is working me really hard....." Haru massaged his shoulder as if he was tired.

"Dad, don't work him too much!" Eli complained.


Ayase wasn't sure whether he should laugh or cry at this moment.

"Anyway, you two should go back soon. I can handle the rest here."

Haru thought that Ayase's wife had already missed him and they would have a hot night tonight.

Ayase nodded and accepted his boss's kindness. "Then, we'll go back first."

"Haru... here is lunch. You can eat it while working." Eli gave Haru a box of bento which she prepared for her father.

"Thank you."

Haru thought that Eli was very cute somehow.

'Isn't that mine?' Ayase wanted to complain, but said, "Eli, let's go back. Your mother misses me."

Eli pouted since she wanted to spend more time with Haru, but nodded. "Don't work too hard, Haru."

"Yes, thank you, Eli."

Waving his hand, Haru looked at Eli and Ayase who had gone back before he entered his room to talk about his plan with both Ritsu and Seri.


Inside the car, Ayase couldn't help but ask his daughter, "Eli, how did you know bo-- I mean Kasugano-kun?"

"We have met each other when my friend wants to work at his shrine," Eli answered.

"Shrine? Kasugano-kun has a shrine?" Ayase was surprised.

Eli nodded and felt quite surprised when her father didn't know about it. She told him about the matter of the shrine and also Haru's intention to open the shrine.


Ayase was in silence and didn't expect Haru's parents had passed away, but no one would blame him since Haru had never said anything about himself before. He looked at his daughter and asked, "Do you like him?"

"L - Like?!" Eli blushed and felt very embarrassed. "Dad, what are you talking about?!"

Ayase felt like he wanted to cry. "M - My daughter has grown up....."


Eli was very embarrassed by her father.


Inside Haru's room, Seri and Ritsu looked at the box of bento which Haru had brought.

"Where did you get that Haru?" Ritsu asked.

"From Ayase's daughter," Haru answered.


Seri had a headache when she thought that Haru had also tried to flirt with Ayase's daughter.

Haru didn't intend to eat the bento right away and talked about his plan to use 10 billion USD for business.

"Haru-sama, what's your plan?" Seri asked.

"I plan to use 3 billion USD to create the largest movie theatre chains in the world."

Haru had this intention for a while, but he didn't have money to do it.

Seri nodded and said, "Movie theatre is a very stable business, especially with the box office of a movie which increases every year."

During his trip to London and the US later, Haru planned to buy a movie theatre chain in both countries along with Europe and Australia. Of course, he didn't go by himself rather he sent his team which was managed by Ritsu and Seri.

"What other things?"

Haru still had a lot of money and it was better to spend all of it on something.

"The other things are Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Shochiku, and Warner Mycal Cinemas."

"Haru, do you want to create an entertainment kingdom?" Ritsu asked.

Haru nodded since he was very interested in creating an entertainment kingdom.

Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings is the parent company of TBS Television which is a very famous one of the six famous television networks in Japan.

Shochiku is a famous Japanese movie studio, cinema chain, and production company for kabuki. It also produces and distributes anime films. Even though the movie production of this company has decreased and it hardly produces any movies, this company is very stable and it has a lot of copyright from famous Japanese movies in the past.

Warner Mycal Cinemas is just one of the biggest movie theatre chains in Japan and his intention to buy this movie theatre chain is to add more movie theatre to his Sachiku's company.

Seri, who listened to Haru nodded.

If someone asks her what Haru doesn't lack from other people then the answer is creativity.

Seri knew very well about Haru's creativity and felt that his plan was feasible. "We'll start the negotiation right away, but what about the rest of the money?" She started to wonder whether Haru was trying to become a mogul, no, he had already become a mogul in this country and the only thing that he lacked was television network.

But once Haru had bought Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings along with Shochiku, he would become a media conglomerate in this country and somehow it made Seri excited.

'TBS is about 1.3 billion USD, Sochiku is about 600 million USD and Warner Mycal Cimeas is about 100 million USD....'

Haru would use 3 billion USD to create the biggest movie theatres chain in this world, and after using all of that money, he had at 6 billion USD in his account. He thought for a while about what he should do with that money.....