Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 75

Volume 1 Chapter 75 Blackbeard Pirates

Haru hurriedly controlled the zipper and weaved them together to create a shield to protect him.


'As expected,' Haru gritted his teeth trying to stop the magma. He really wanted to learn armament haki since it was a bit hard to stop the attack without it.

"Chainsaw Mode!!!" The sharp metal started to move very fast cutting and tearing the magma but it wasn't enough.

"Watershed Mode!!!" The shield bent inwards, creating an edge.

The magma was sliced in half and caused it to move to the side.

Haru was dripping in sweat after using this move and the magma was very hot.

"Haru!!!" Luffy was shocked looking at the man in front of him.

Haru didn't say anything and picked him on the ground. He started to run while starting to get ready for his light magic.

"Bastard!!!" Akainu really hated this zipper boy. He created another magma to kill them but he was hit suddenly by a large polearm.


Akainu was thrown away and caught a lot of blood from his mouth, "Ugh!!!!" He was thrown toward a group of marines and he looked at the one who hit him, "Whitebeard...." He felt that his bone was almost broken by his attack.

"Father," Ace looked at him.

"Hurry up and run, don't waste your life on this sc.u.m," Whitebeard stood tall in front of him.

Ace gritted his teeth and turned his body. He could only bear this shame and had his revenge later.


Haru ran away while bringing Luffy in his arms. He didn't know why but he suddenly felt danger and jumped to the side.


Haru only had a person that he was very wary of on this battlefield and that person was in front of him right now.

"Don't be hasty, why don't you stay here for a while?"

Haru wasn't sure whether he could run, "Kizaru." He could only use light magic and his body itself wasn't light but the man in front of him had eaten glint-glint fruit. The man in front of himself was the light itself. He looked at him and said, "Uncle, can you let both of us go?"

"Uncle?" Kizaru tried not to twitch, "Hmm, I can't, my job is to catch you." He raised his finger and started to gather a laser on the tip of his fingers.

Haru didn't want to receive this attack and decided to run away.

"Hmm, your speed is really fast," Kizaru said while suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Cut the crap!!!" Haru hit the ground and a lot of zippers appeared. The zippers started to weave each other and created a large jail.

"This is?" Kizaru looked at this with an intriguing expression.

"Zipper Jail!!! Chainsaw Mode!!! Reduce!!!"

The zipper started to move very fast and started to get smaller with each second.

Haru didn't stay there and ran toward the direction of both Ivankov and Jimbei.

Luffy was too tired to say anything and wanted to puke because this speed was too fast for him. He knew that he could believe him since he had been able to save his brother. He started to get curious about the existence of group chat that he had talked about on the ship before.

"This is dangerous," Kizaru said, adding that the person who was trapped inside would be shredded to death. He was quite amazed since he could create such creativity with his zipper power. He wanted to compliment him but he saw him run away again. He shook his head and said, "What an impatient young man." He gathered a light on his foot and shot it toward the jail.


Kizaru looked quite tired and said, "Can you escape from the speed of light?"

"Jimbei! Ivankov!" Haru ran toward their direction and hid behind two of them. In his mind, he really needed the power to help him fight for a week without getting tired.

"Haru!" Jimbei also saw a light behind them and knew who they were facing.

"Damn, Kizaru," Ivankov was also ready to fight.

"Oya, Oya, Jimbei, Ivankov, hmm, troublesome," Kizaru only raised his finger ready to give them a laser only suddenly he felt someone wanted to attack him.

"Fire Fist!!!"

Kizaru dodged this attack and looked at the one who attacked him, "Hmm, Ace, I'm alone."

Jimbei, Ivankov, and Ace were ready to fight him again. There were three people, no, four people when they counted him.

"Shouldn't you help your friend now?" Haru suddenly said and pointed his finger at somewhere.

"Friend?" Kizaru turned his head and saw his friend was attacked by Whitebeard. He sighed and felt really lazy right now.

Whitebeard was on a rampage and he was able to destroy the island.

Kizaru didn't intend to help him but at the same time, someone also appeared again. He frowned, "Marco."

Marco appeared in his phoenix form and said to them, "Go, I'll stop him."

"Marco," Ace wanted to say something.

"Don't worry about the boss, this is his will, don't deny him," Marco said.

Ace gritted his teeth and knew that he couldn't do anything.


Whitebeard used his power to split the island into two. He was on the side of the marines and his son was on the other side. His health had deteriorated and he couldn't fight against a lot of people. His body was riddled with wounds and he knew that he would die soon but he needed to save his son before that.




They were crying when they saw their captain were there facing the entire marines alone by himself.


Everyone could only grit their teeth and follow the will of their leaders.

Haru was also running. He had given Luffy to Jimbei since he could swim. He turned his head and saw a big shadow at the back of the building. He knew who was that but he didn't intend to stop them since he didn't have the power to stop it. He shook his head and continued to run toward the ship.

Whitebeard frowned when he saw someone suddenly appear, "Teach...." He was in a rage when he saw him.

The Blackbeard Pirates suddenly appeared in the Marines Headquarters.