Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 752

Volume 1 Chapter 752 Cooking Competition Between Two Of Them 1

Waking up in the early morning, Haru felt better and he was very energized. Walking out from his room, he was about to have breakfast, but he was surprised when he saw Megumi who was cooking breakfast in the kitchen.


Haru was so surprised that he couldn't say anything.

Megumi smiled and asked, "What's wrong?"

"When did you cut your hair?"

Megumi's long hair had turned into a short bob style that reached her shoulders. It was the same hairstyle when both of them met for the first time, but this hairstyle would increase her transparency.

"Last night when you were sleeping."



"No particular reason and long hair are a bit troublesome, especially when something "white" gets into my hair....." Megumi looked at Haru with a deadpan expression when she mentioned something "white". "It's quite troublesome to wash..." She blushed before continuing to cook for him.

"I'm sorry."

Haru could only say that since in his opinion, her long hair was very charming and he often was too excited with her.

Megumi sighed softly and looked at Haru. "This is going to be the last day for Erina to work in your cafe, don't you need to do something?"


Haru thought for a while and nodded. "That's true, I guess, I need to show her my baking skills later."


Megumi was speechless.

"That's not it."

Megumi sighed and continued to cook since she didn't intend to force him, but then she noticed two hands wrapped around her waist.

"But this short hair is also very charming...."

"N - No, I'm still cooking, Haru..."

"Hmm, let me have an early breakfast, Megumi... "

Megumi shuddered once again while blushing and placed down the knife on the table. She could feel something hard and hot behind her. Her body tightened and that place started to get wet.

"Shh... let's be quiet..."

They play a game, and it is a very interesting game.


On the Fleurs De Lapin, in the morning, it was the busiest time for the cafe, but for everyone, it was quite normal.

Erina quite marveled by this place since most of the thing here was being served by a machine, but that wasn't the thing which she wanted to do since it was her last day to become an intern in this place, but she hadn't done anything about her relationship with Haru. She also couldn't ask whether he knew about their engagement, especially when he had a girlfriend.


"Thank you..."

Haru smiled while patting a little kid who bought bread at his bakery.

Erina also felt weird if Haru didn't have a girlfriend, but when she thought about his girlfriends....


"Erina, Erina."

"Y - Yes!" Erina was startled and suddenly noticed Haru who was right in front of her.

"What's wrong?"

"D - Don't get too close to me! You stink!"


Haru was speechless and sniffed his body. He felt a bit hurt and walked toward Iwasawa while asking, "Iwasawa, do I stink?"


Iwasawa looked at Haru for a while and smelled him. 'It's very good...' His smell was very manly, and somehow made her want to sniff it again, but she knew that she couldn't do that. She wanted to say that his smell was good, but she was too embarrassed to say that.

"No, it's alright. You do not stink."


"Yes, you don't need to worry."

Iwasawa nodded and wondered why Haru asked her that question.

Erina felt that her words might be a bit too much, but she was very embarrassed when she was with him.



"After the store is over, can you test my dish?"

Haru was surprised and asked, "What dish?" He was a bit curious about Erina's dish since, in the past, the one which he ate had dropped on the table making the venison meat which she cooked before didn't match with the sauce.

"Let's wait until the cafe closes later."

"That's good, I can't wait to eat it." Haru thought for a while and thought about something interesting.

"Erina, you're on a test in my cafe, right?"


"Then, how about we have a cooking competition?"


Erina raised her eyebrow and wondered whether Haru's head was being knocked by something.

"Do you know who I am? You're just a normal student, and also a businessman." Erina was very arrogant during the cooking since she was the owner of "God of Tongue" and would also become part of Elite Ten on Tootsuki Academy.

Of course, in the culinary world, she was the queen and no one would deny it.

"Do also know who I am, right? I'm also the owner of this cafe."


Erina was startled but suddenly remembered that Haru was the owner of this cafe, no, bakery shop which had quite a ridiculous name. She raised her eyebrow and asked, "You're not paying someone to create the recipe?"

Haru shook his head and pointed his thumb at his chest.

"You see, I also like to eat and I make my own dishes because of that."

Erina was startled when she heard it when all of the bread and pastry in this shop was created by Haru.

Haru thought for a while and said, "You're on a test, right? And, as the owner of this cafe, I can decide whether you're going to succeed or fail your test for the past week."


Even though Erina didn't want to admit it, but it was the truth if she wanted to be successful on this test then she needed to get approval from Haru.

"Then the test is easy, and that is to create the dish which can satisfy me."

Erina nodded and said, "That's easy. I can do that." She thought of creating the venison dish which she had dropped in front of him before. "Then, what about the cooking competition which you've talked about earlier? Are you going to run?" She folded her arms arrogantly and wondered whether that conversation earlier was being used to make her forget about the cooking competition which he had asked her before.

If that was the case, then she wouldn't let him go and would make him realize the difference in cooking skills between the two of them.

Looking at Erina's arrogant posture, Haru couldn't help but want to spank her butt at this moment.

"I'm not. Let's do that too."

Haru looked at Shiina, Iwasawa, and Kosaka. "Shiina, Iwasawa, Kosaka, can you be the judges for our cooking competition later?"


The three of them were surprised when they heard it.

Yuri had gone back to her parents' house for a while since she needed to prepare for her high school.

"Who is against who?" Kosaka asked.

"It's me against Haru."

Erina didn't think that she would lose against Haru.

Kosaka smiled and rested her chin on the table. "I can become a judge."

"Me too."

Iwasawa agreed since she was quite interested in the battle between the two of them.

Shiina only nodded, but she agreed to become a judge on their cooking competition.

"Now, we have three judges for our competition." Erina smiled as if she had won and said, "You can ask me for a handicap so you won't say that I'm bullying you on the competition."

Even though Haru had said that he was the one who created the Japan bread which was the most popular bread in the shop, Erina didn't think so. She knew that Haru was rich, and it was possible for him to hire people to create it.

'This girl's really looking down on me.....'

Haru raised his eyebrow and decided to teach her a lesson. "Then how about we make this cooking competition more interesting?"

"More interesting?"


"If I lose then you can ask me anything, and if you lose then I can ask you anything."

Haru was wondering whether Erina would hesitate, but he didn't expect her to accept it without hesitation.

"Good, don't go back on your words later."

Erina smiled and thought about what she could do with him later.


'Girl, you're too young.....'

"The theme of this cooking competition is lunch, who can cook the better lunch is the winner."

"That's good. Let's do it after the shop is closed."

Haru and Erina looked at each other and there was invisible electricity sparked between the two of them.

Kosaka who had read a lot of mangas suddenly thought that there would be a legendary battle that was about to happen in front of her.

Iwasawa didn't know what had happened, but she knew that there was something happening.

Shiina only thought that the cat which she had seen yesterday was very cute and wondered whether she could see it again later.