Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 753

Volume 1 Chapter 753 Cooking Competition Between Two Of Them 2

Fleurs De Lapin is a famous cafe, no, bakery in the neighborhood.

It is a sanctuary for some people who are very busy in the morning since every morning they are able to eat warm, soft, and delicious food every morning.

However, when the bakery closed there was something happening right inside the bakery which only everyone who happened to be inside knew that there was a confrontation between the two of them.

Kosaka, Iwasawa, and Shiina thought that it was just a cooking competition, but they were wondering when it had turned into a martial art competition since the cooking process which was being placed in front of them was very exaggerated, especially Erina since they felt as if they were looking at a beautiful orchestra. Even though they didn't understand, they understood that what Erina was doing was amazing.

Erina mashed various berries on the bowl skillfully while checking the temperature of the venison meat on the grill pan using the bottom of her lips.

Looking at the beautiful and juicy venison meat on the grill pan, Erina had to admit that Haru had eyes to choose an ingredient.

Iwasawa and Kosaka nodded and thought that Erina's dish would be delicious, but when they looked at the direction of Haru.


They didn't know what to say for a moment.

"Haru, are you sure that you're going to use that bread?"

"Yes, what's wrong?"

Haru took out bread which he had just taken out from the oven.

Erina looked at the bread which had been baked by Haru. She sighed and shook her head. "Haru, even if I don't taste that bread, I can see that you've made a very bad bread."

Everyone in this place had been working on the super popular bakery and all of them had a share of experience in the bakery world. They could see just from a glance which bread was bad and which bread was delicious.

And, the bread which Haru had just baked was horrible.

Haru had baked a medium French bread which was about 20 cm in length.

French bread has always been a popular choice for the customer who is going to Fleurs De Lapin since the French bread which is being made in this place was super ultra-delicious. It is also very healthy since even a horse can eat it.

"Of course, I know that this is horrible bread, but I haven't said that this is over yet."

Haru took out a plastic bag from the cupboard and put four horrible pieces of bread which he had baked inside the plastic bag.


They had become even more confused when they saw his action.

"Haru, you should prepare yourself since I'm going to ask you a request after I've won this competition."

Erina waved her beautiful blonde hair, showcasing the Queen's grace in the kitchen.

"And let me show you, what real cuisine is...."

Erina became serious and all of the dishes in front of her were dancing under her palms showing a beautiful light that brightened the entire kitchen.

"W - What is this?!"

Kosaka would have never thought that just a simple cooking competition would turn into Shounen manga.

"Please enjoy, venison meat with a berries sauce."

But in that glowing light, Erina walked toward everyone while bringing four plates with the dish which she had just made.

They could see the glittering venison meat as the main item on this dish and it made them gulp.

"Haru, you should taste it too. You should understand the difference between the two of us after you've tasted my dish."

Erina also gracefully placed the dish in front of Haru. She didn't make a mistake this time since she had prepared herself.

Looking at Haru, Erina knew that the person in front of her would become her husband in the future. She also had someone to research about him and even though he couldn't match her in cooking, at least, he was better in another thing. He also happened to be her type of guy, which added a point to her heart.

If Haru decided to chase after her with serious intent, then she didn't mind accepting him.

Looking at Erina's smug smile, Haru didn't say anything holding a fork then sliced down part of the venison meat.

"So tender!"

Not only him but everyone was surprised since the venison meat could be cut using a fork showing how soft it was.

*Jiggle!* *Jiggle!*

Looking at the reddish meat which jiggling around beautifully, the aroma which increased their appetite, they couldn't handle it anymore and put the venison meat into their mouth.


Suddenly they were looking at the orchestra which was being led by Erina.

Erina who was the maestro of this orchestra waving her stick gracefully, led the venison meat who played the piano along with the other ingredients and played various musical instruments. Their eyes were shining and, at this moment, they realized that Erina was Beethoven of the Culinary World!


Kosaka and Iwasawa took a deep breath after the shock which they had gotten eating Erina's dish. They didn't even realize that their plate had emptied since the dish was so delicious.


Even Shiina, who rarely talked, even praised Erina's dish.

"Hmph, you lose, Haru."

Erina folded her arms waiting for Haru to admit his defeat.

"Erina, I've to admit that your dish is very delicious, and I want to taste it every day, but the match isn't over."

Haru took out the bread which he had placed inside the plastic bag then cut it down into half.

'E - Every day?'

Erina was thinking whether this guy was trying to ask her for a marriage. She blushed in embarrassment, but suddenly she heard a loud noise.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*


Everyone was dumbstruck when they saw the thing that had happened in front of them.

Haru who had taken out the inside of the bread started to hammer down the bread.

"Haru! Even if you lose, you can't get angry!" Iwasawa wanted to stop Haru.

"Haru, just admit your defeat."

Even Kosaka thought that Haru was angry since Haru was hammering down his bread.

Shiina nodded and wanted to calm him down.

"You should listen to everyone."

Erina was wondering whether Haru's pride was so big that he didn't want to admit defeat, however, she also thought that this side of him was quite cute.

"Angry? No, this is the cooking process."

Cutting down the inside of the bread which he had just hammered down, he started to fry it on the pan.

Erina raised her eyebrow and asked, "What is the dish that you're going to make?"



Chawanmushi is an egg custard dish found in Japan. Unlike many other custards, it is usually eaten as a dish in a meal, as chawanmushi contains savory rather than sweet ingredients. It is a very common dish that is usually eaten before the main dish.

"You're going to defeat me with an entree?"

Erina frowned further since she felt that Haru was playing. "Haru, do you just want to play around with me?" Even though she knew that Haru was her fiance, she couldn't help but get angry when she thought that Haru was just fooling around with her.

The main dish has always been the main character in the story, and the entree is just the best friend of the main character that is to polish the character, strength, and story for the main character.

In other words, the entree is just a supporter, and can't become the main story of the character.


Haru looked at Erina with a gentle gaze, but also showed the toughness of man. "I've never played with you.

"Just sit there and wait for my dish."

At that moment, the aura around Haru started to change as if he was a king of the large Empire.

Haru's aura matched, no, it was even bigger than Erina.

Everyone was stunned but at that very moment, Haru prepared four dishes which he had just made.

"It's done.

"Please eat my Sea Urchin Chawanmushi."

The bread which he had hammered before had turned into a bowl for the chawanmushi.

The chawanmushi let out hot steam while also creating a delicious aroma which made them gulped.

"Erina, please try."


Erina frowned since the smell of this dish was very delicious. "Even if the aroma is good, the key to the food is the taste." She took the chawanmushi and gently bit it down on her mouth.

Everyone also did the same and bit down the chawanmushi in their hands.



Erina was holding a legendary sword Ex-chawanmushi while facing the legendary monster sea urchin. She had a hard battle against this sea urchin, but she wouldn't give up since she would win this battle and save this kingdom from this crisis. 'Then, I'll marry the king!'

"I won't lose this battle!"


The sea urchin roared loudly and released a barrage of spines toward Erina.

*Slash!* *Slash!* *Slash!*

Waving her sword, Erina had this determined expression, but the attack of the sea urchin monster was too powerful. She knew that she needed to use her secret technique to defeat this monster, but the monster wouldn't let her do that.

"I'll buy you time! In the meantime, you use power!"

Suddenly someone appeared in front of Erina, this guy had a dandy appearance raising his shield toward protecting Erina.

"Chawanmushi!" Erina was shocked when she saw her companion.

"Erina, use your Ex-chawanmushi! Hurry!" Chawanmushi screamed.

"If I use that, you'll also be killed!"

Chawanmushi showed a gentle smile glancing back at Erina. "You want to marry the king, right? Then, you need to defeat this monster, don't worry about me."

"C- Chawanmushi....."

"It's for the safety of this kingdom! Erina, hurry!"

Tears rolled down from Erina's eyes, but she had a determined expression on her face.

"I'm sorry, Chawanmushi."

"Hmph, you don't need to worry, but I have a request?"

"Yes, tell me anything."

"If you win this battle, then can you bury me with my favorite French bread?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I'll buy the entire French bread in the kingdom for you."

Chawanmushi smiled ready to embrace his death. "Then, I don't need to worry." He raised his shield then charged toward the sear urchin monster.



Chawanmushi raised his shield and slammed it right at the monster. "Ramming French Bread!"



The monster staggered and paralyzed for a moment.


Erina was full of tears, but she nodded. She took a deep breath then raised her sword high.


A bright light enveloped the entire area and her sword had become 50 meters tall. Looking at the sea urchin monster, who had stolen the life of her friend. She was angry and swung down her sword at this monster.



Under this blinding light, Chawanmushi smiled gently.

"Ah... I want to eat French bread....."



Tears rolled down from her eyes, but Erina suddenly realized something.


Erina was startled by that illusion and didn't expect a chawanmushi which was only an entree dish able to show such power.

"Please point out who is the winner, Judges?"

Without hesitation, Iwasawa, Kosaka, and Shiina pointed at Haru telling Erina who was the winner.

"I lost....?"