Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 755

Volume 1 Chapter 755 The Art Of Arcade

Parking his car somewhere nearby, Haru took Erina to the arcade which he usually went to during his middle school time. He wore a cap and glasses before he went with Erina.

"Why did you wear a cap and glasses?"

Even though Erina had to admit that Haru was handsome this way, she was more curious why he suddenly wore that cap and glasses.

"I'm fairly famous in this area and I don't want to be disrupted when I'm going out with you."

The same as Erina who was very famous on the Tootsuki Academy, during his middle school time, Haru was known as someone who held the "Hand of God" which able to make him able to get the title of "God of Arcade" getting the highest score on each game.

"You've often played in arcades?"

Somehow Erina was quite jealous when she thought that Haru could do whatever he wanted. Different from her who needed to take a lesson about food, and tasting the job every time, she felt that Haru's life was very enviable.

"In the past, but it is very rare for me to go to this place now."

"Why you haven't been playing in the arcade right now?"

Erina seemed curious when she asked this question.


Haru knew that Erina didn't mean something bad by this question, but somehow it was quite a sensitive thing since he didn't come often since his parents had passed out and he needed to take care of himself.

But he wouldn't say that to her since it would break the mood between the two of them.

"I've been quite busy lately since some people want to read my manga."

Erina blushed and refuted, "I - I don't like your manga!"

Haru only smiled and didn't say anything.

"I don't like your manga!"

"Yes, yes."


Entering the arcade, Erina felt as if she had entered a different world.

Blinding light with various colors, loud noise, a lot of people stood up or sat down on a game machine, etc.

Erina seemed quite excited and wanted to try everything in this place.

"There're a lot of things about the game in arcades, but let's play something simple first since you haven't been in an arcade, right?"

Erina had turned into a student who would follow what her teacher would instruct her.

"Hold my hand since this place is quite large, it'll be troublesome if you get lost."

Holding Erina's hand, Haru guided her while telling her everything about an arcade.

However, student Erina couldn't hear what teacher Haru was saying since her mind was in a mess when he held her hand gently.

'It feels nice....'

Erina had only seen it on shoujo manga, but now she understood why the character on shoujo manga loved to hold their hands together.

"Erina, Erina, can you hear me?'


"I can hear you! What's wrong?"


Haru was speechless looking at Erina's reaction. "Cough! Cough! Let me introduce you to the first game that we're going to play today!



Erina felt that it was her imagination, but she felt Haru saying something in a similar tone when Doraemon gave his gadget to Nobita.

"Erina-kun, what you need to do is just smash those moles on the game device with a hammer." Haru looked at Erina with a professional expression. "Do you understand?"

"Hmph! It's a very simple game for me!"

Haru placed a coin on the machine and gave Erina the hammer. "Please...."

Taking the hammer, Erina nodded and seemed to be very confident. When the game started, she started to slam down the hammer at the mole which came out from the hole.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Erina was very skillful and hit all of the moles.

"Wow, you're amazing..."

Haru really thought that Erina was amazing, but he wasn't focussed on Erina's game skill, but rather the movement of her b.r.e.a.s.ts which moving around when she slammed the hammer.

*Boing!* *Boing!* *Boing!*

'A - Amazing... that movement isn't something that beginners can do...

'What a scary girl....'

Haru thought inwardly focussed on Erina's b.r.e.a.s.t and wondered whether Erina had a hypnotic ability since he had been entranced by her for a while.

When the game had ended, Erina had a satisfied smile and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

"How is it?"

"Amazing, I can't believe that it is your first time."

Giving her a thumbs up, Haru was really glad to choose this first game for her.


Erina was like a proud peac.o.c.k after being praised by Haru. "What's the next game?" She wanted to try something more challenging.

"Good, I like such a brave girl like you. Let's try something scary next."

"S - Something scary?!"

Erina sounded quite nervous.

"Yes, let's do a zombie hunt."

Haru had decided the next game for them.


Looking at the game machine in front of her, Erian could see that it was quite a scary game.

"Now, we're going to play The House of The Dead from Sega.

"The game is pretty simple and that is survival while killing the zombies which appear during the game later."

Haru reminded Erina who seemed to be quite afraid, but also quite excited at the same time which made him sigh since it seemed that her education was quite strict which made her unable to do the thing which she wanted to do in her life. "I'll also play this game with you, we're going to cooperate together to defeat those zombies."

Erina sighed in relief, but she couldn't be honest with herself. "Hmph! I hope that you're not going to slow me down!"

"What a mouth from a girl who hasn't entered an arcade just today." Haru was speechless, but he wouldn't lose. "Watch your mouth girl since if you ever lost your guard in this game....

You're going to die."


Erina had a serious expression and felt a bit nervous, but because of her nature, she didn't want to show that feeling to Haru.

"Hmph! It's just the game that I want!"

"Good, let's play."

Haru put the coin into the machine and took the gun while also giving the other gun to Erina.

"If you see a zombie then you need to shoot it, but you can't shoot the human."

"Is there a difference between humans and zombies?"

"Zombie is the ugly one. You can tell when the game starts later."

Erina nodded and aimed her gun at the game machine screen.

Waiting for the countdown, the game suddenly started and they suddenly entered the "house of terror" with a lot of zombies that came toward them.

*Bang!* *Bang!*

Erina, who was a newbie, made a newbie mistake and emptied her bullet right away. "E - Eh? I can't shoot it anymore!"

"Reload the bullet!"


Haru was protecting Erina who was a newbie.

Being protected, Erina felt glad, but she also wanted to fight too.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Both of them fought together, Erina showed various expressions from excitement, scary, startled, and a lot more playing this game moving her b.r.e.a.s.t downward and upward making Haru feel a bit hard to focus on the game.

In this fight, both of them had worked together and made their relationship closer since they had done something together.

Their fight was very fierce since Erina often made mistakes, but Haru was protecting her from time to time.

They kept fighting until they needed to fight against the boss.

Haru started to show his skill which gave him the title of "God of Arcade".

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

In amazement, Erina didn't expect the game to be over and she was filled with happiness.

"We won!"

Erina unconsciously hugged Haru since she was very happy.

Haru sighed trying to hold his anaconda to stand up since Erina's b.r.e.a.s.t pressed on his chest, but he had to admit that his skill hadn't been lost and it was very nice to hug her.

However, suddenly...

"Hmph! If you want to play a game, then you should choose a different arcade! This isn't a place for a couple to have a date!"

Suddenly the beautiful moment between the two of them was disturbed by someone.

Haru and Erina turned and saw a civilian A who seemed annoyed to see both of them flirting with each other, especially when the girl was very beautiful.

"W - Who is on a date?!"

Erina was embarrassed.

"Damn, a tsundere girl too? Is this guy a monster!?!"

They thought that Haru was amazing to be able to take down a tsundere girl.

"Listen to me, Bastard?!"

Erina was angry, but she was stopped by Haru.

"Well, Erina. We're in an arcade so we need to solve the matter with the arcade way."

Haru looked at civilian A and smiled gently. "Mob character, let's play a game. I can take you on in any game that you want."

"M - Mob character?!"

He was very angry and pointed his finger at Haru. He thought that he should embarrass Haru in front of his girlfriend. "Good! Let's play Dance Rush! I'm going to show you hell!"

"Dance Rush? Good, let's do it."

However, the people around their surroundings started to discuss with each other when Haru wanted to challenge the Mob Character a Dance Rush since this Mob Character was known as the "Rabbit Legs" since his legs' movement was very fast and made him able to conquer the Dance Rush game.

Hearing the conversation beside them, Erina couldn't help but become nervous.

"Is that alright? That person seems very strong."

"You're worried about me?"

Erina blushed and refuted. "W - Who is worried about you! Just get lost already!"

"Yes, yes...."

Haru was really wondering when this girl was going, to be honest with herself.

'I think she might have become honest in bed.'


Dancing Rush is a dancing game where the player needs to press down the button on the feet following the rhythm of the song.

Someone not only needs to have a good knowledge of the game, but they also need to have a good reflex and physical ability to master this everyone.

For a moment, everyone started to gather on the duel between Haru and civilian A.

"Hehehe, you're going to lose."

"What song do you want to play?"

The Mob Character snorted then smiled. "Let's play Beethoven Virus with an ultra hell deep abyss level."


Everyone thought that the "Rabbit Legs" were going to bully Haru.

Some girls wanted to stop Haru since the "Rabbit Legs" is very powerful and they didn't want for a handsome guy to be beaten by the Mob Character.

"Good. Let's do it."

"Hmph, let's see your crying face after you've lost."

*Rumble!* *Rumble!* *Rumble!*

For a moment the battlefield started to become quiet and only the sound of the coin which entered the game machine could be heard from the arcade.

Everyone stopped what they were doing to see the battle between Haru and "Rabbit Legs"

Both of them chose the "Beethoven Virus" at the same time and chose the highest difficulty on the game before waiting for the game to start.

Erina who was looking at Haru suddenly became quite nervous and she didn't want him to lose.

In this quiet arcade suddenly a sound of music started to be played.

[BGM - Beethoven Virus]

Haru and the "Rabbit Legs" moved slowly before the melody started to become faster.


Everyone exclaimed loudly when they saw the duel between the two of them.

*Step!* *Step!* *Step!*

The skill of "Rabbit Leg" was obvious since he was a master. His legs' movement was very fast and he got almost a perfect score with each step, but of course, he missed some of them since it was the biggest difficulty of the song.

Even though "Rabbit Leg" was confident in his skill, he knew that it was far from perfect, however, it was enough to defeat Haru.

But suddenly he realized something.

'Where's the cheer in the audience?!'

Usually, in such a game, a lot of people would gather and cheer for the players loudly, but this time, everyone was quiet.

He had a bad feeling and glanced at Haru who was playing beside him.


'Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!'

On Haru's screen, it was obvious that all of his steps were perfect.


He was shocked to the core and when he saw Haru's legs movement.


That's the thing on everyone's mind at the moment.

It is so perfect that one can even say that Haru has conquered this game with his skill.

Looking at the "perfect" words that kept coming from the screen, the mob character was speechless and stood still in his place forgetting that he was on the game.

It had been a while since Haru had played and he really had fun here.

*Step!* *Step!* *Step!*

Some of the people who recorded this scene on the camera were stunned and dropped their phones since they were stunned looking at Haru's skill.

Then when the song was over, there was a loud cheer on the arcade showing a perfect score on the screen.




The mood of the "Rabbit Leg" was complicated and knew that he had lost.

"I think that I'm wrong. You're not a Mob Character."

The "Rabbit Leg" looked up at Haru who was smiling at him.

"I have fun with the game, "Rabbit Legs". Let's play again next time."

The "Rabbit Leg" nodded dumbly, but he understood why a beautiful girl fell for him.

"See you next time."

Haru walked to Erina and took her away.

The "Rabbit Leg" stood up and shouted, "I won't lose against you next time!"

However, when he shouted that thing someone in the crowd suddenly exclaimed.

"What?! That person is KSG?!"


Everyone looked at the screen of Dance Rush which had just been played by Haru showing a nickname of KSG.

They didn't know who this guy was, but they knew that this guy was very amazing since they could see the reaction of this mob character was serious.


To be continued, the explanation of KSG the legendary Arcade Gamer in the next chapter!