Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 756

Volume 1 Chapter 756 I Hate You

Who is KSG?

Everyone was very surprised since it was their first time hearing it.

Mob Character B only shook his head looking at the expression of everyone.

"It isn't surprising that all of you do not know about it since he disappeared a year ago."


"He is a legendary gamer in the arcade and during his golden time all of the game machines in the arcade have his name on the rank one giving him a nickname of "God of Gamer"."

"How did you know that that guy is KSG, and not someone else? How can you be so sure?"

Mob Character B shook his head again.

"Didn't you see a beautiful girl beside him earlier?"

"What does it have to do with KSG?"

"KSG has another nickname and that is "Grey Haired Incubus"."

"Gray Haired Incubus!"

Everyone, especially the male, was startled when they heard this nickname.

The Mob Character B nodded with a serious expression.

"In the past, there were a lot of gamers who brought their girlfriends to show off their skill or just to have fun, however, when KSG appeared, they didn't dare to bring their girlfriend to the arcade?"

Do you know why?"

They shook their heads at the same time.

"It's because their girlfriend will break up right away with that gamer and move toward KSG."


Everyone was in shock when they heard it.

"The hell is that guy?!"

"Then, that beautiful girl is someone else's girlfriend?!"

The Mob Character B shook his head and replied, "No, I guess that is his real girlfriend since I can see the level of that girl is different from the girl that he has brought before."


Everyone was silent when they heard it, but suddenly there was someone who let out an outcry burst.

"Why! Why can only a handsome guy become popular! I also want to become popular, dammit!"


No one said anything since they also understood that feeling very well.

The Mob Character B patted the shoulder of the guy who was frustrated.

"Calm down, boy. Don't be such a v.i.r.g.i.n, even though that guy is very popular, but he isn't a bad guy."

"Ha?! How can he not be a bad guy!? He has made a lot of love in this place break up! He's guilty!"

Everyone nodded at the same time.

"Yes, but that isn't his fault." The Mob Character B raised his index finger to the sky and shouted, "Love is War!"

KSG has reminded us of that!"


"Love is War.....

The weak perish and the strong prevail!

Because of that, there are also a lot of lovers who have gotten married and have a very good life happily."


Everyone was quiet and suddenly they also wanted to get married.

Mob Character B nodded and was quite satisfied with their reaction.

"Just think of KSG as the obstacle of our life! But once we have defeated that obstacle, we'll have a good marriage life with our wife!"

The Mob Character B clenched his fist tightly and shouted, "So let's aim for it, the marriage life with our lover!"




However, they didn't know that Mob Character B was one of the people who had broken up with his girlfriends in the past and he also wanted to make them break up similar to his experience.

'Hehehehe, I'm not alone anymore.'

They would smash the head of the Mob Character B if they knew that this guy was thinking right now.

In the future, there would be a myth about bringing your lover when there was a "Grey Haired Incubus" to test the love between your lover and yourself.

Though, it would be very hard for them to search for Haru since he wasn't free enough to go to the arcade to play in the future.


"KSG, huh?"

Erina looked at Haru curiously.


Haru blushed and felt that his nickname was very embarrassing.

'What the hell is a Grey Haired Incubus?'

Haru was very mad and wanted to complain, but he calmed himself since he also knew the frustration of those guys.

Being brought away by Haru, Erina looked around at this box which showed her face on the screen in front of her.

"What is this?"

"Well, the situation is quite troublesome now and we have to go back."

Erina was startled when she heard it, and also felt sad, but she knew that it was really troublesome to stay here when everyone had already known about Haru's identity.

"Let's go back."

Erina was a bit sad, but there was nothing that she could do. She was about to go out, but she was stopped by him.

"Don't be in a hurry, let's create some memories first in this place."

Haru smiled and looked at the screen in front of them. "This is a photobooth. We can take various photos with various effects on this place."


Erina was confused.

"Like this."

Haru put a coin and a picture of Haru and Erina appeared on the screen. He was very skillful at editing the photo and made their lips became bigger.


Erina was startled.

"There're a lot of effects, and we can try a lot of things by adding a word, picture, effect, etc."

Haru explained to Erina how to use this photo booth.

But it might be because Erina wasn't very good with electronic devices that she messed up several times creating quite a lot of disaster photos, but she didn't give up since she was curious about what kind of photos she could take in this place.

Erina even spent a lot of money creating a photo of both of them until she was satisfied with the result.

Haru could only sigh at the power of money of rich girl.

Erina looked at the number of photos, but somehow she felt that she was quite unsatisfied once again.

"Let me try one more time."

"Wait, this time, let me try it."

Haru stopped her since he had a feeling that this girl wouldn't stop for a long time.


Haru put the coin inside the machine and made Erina move closer to him while hugging her head on his chest which made her startled.

This time there wasn't any special effect, words, or anything, only a simple photo between the two of them.

Erina was blushing since she was too nervous but unconsciously she showed a beautiful smile.


The photo was created and it showed a picture of Haru and Erina who smiled together while hugging each other.


Erina was stunned when she saw the result of the photo and smiled.

"It's good, right?"

"I - It's very bad! B - But I'll keep it." Erina looked at Haru and asked, "Is that alright?"


Haru nodded with a smile and patted her head. "Let's go back. It's very late."


Somehow Erina's mood was very good.


Inside Erina's house.

"Uh... Erina-sama, where are you?!"

Hisako was very worried since Erina should have come back.

"What should we do? Erina-sama hasn't gone back. W - What if she gets kidnapped?! NO! Erina-sama!"

"Calm down, Hisako."

Alice sipped a warm tea calmly.

"Erina is alright. Grandfather has said that she needs to do something before."

Alice was quite complicated when she knew that Erina was sent by her grandfather to Haru's cafe, but she had checked it before and she didn't find Haru there. She only knew that Haru was on a business trip and somehow it made her sigh in relief. She felt if Haru was there, Erina would completely fall for him and it somehow made her feel conflicted.

"T - That's good."

Hisako sighed in relief and caressed her chest, but then suddenly she noticed a car which stopped in front of the house.

"Is that Erina-sama?"

Hisako sighed in relief and peeked out the window, but she was startled when she saw Erina had come out from the car with a guy. Her eyes bulged and she pressed her face on the window in shock.

"W - What?! How can there be a guy there?!"


Alice dropped the cup on the ground and also ran to Hisako's side looking at the scene which made her dumbstruck.

Haru and Erina seemed to talk to each other, they argue, before they screamed then they saw something which happened in front of them with a blush.



"We have arrived."

Erina seemed reluctant but sat down there for a while since she also wanted to ask whether he knew about their engagement. She wanted to say something, but she was too embarrassed to say anything.

Haru who had come out brought her luggage and asked since Erina had stayed in the car for a long time.

"What's wrong?"


Erina became annoyed and got out of Haru's car and slammed the door.

"Wait, your luggage!"

Erina seemed to be a bit embarrassed and walked toward Haru, but suddenly she slipped and almost fell down on the ground, but she was caught by Haru.

"Are you alright?"

Erina was at a very close distance between the two of them and she looked at Haru who looked at her in worry. She couldn't help but tiptoe her feet and kiss his lips.


Time seemed to stop for both of them.

Haru was also in shock since he hadn't been using his Kenbunshoku Haki for a while in this world.

Erina parted her lips and looked at him angrily.

"You sure have the guts to make me do this! Take responsibility for me!"


Haru frowned and looked at Erina.

"I've got girlfriends."

"I know, but I don't want to give up on you."

Erina didn't want to use engagement to force him with her. She waited for a while, but didn't hear his response, and started to feel a bit scared. She suddenly realized what she had done was very embarrassing and she wanted to run away from this place.

But Haru didn't let her and hugged her waist.

"Let go of me!"


"You're going to reject me, right? I don't mind, just let me go back now. I want to sleep!"

"No, I'm not rejecting you."

Haru hugged her gently caressing her hair softly. "Erina, I'm happy. Our encounter might not be the best, but staying with you makes me happy."


Erina didn't look at Haru and hid her face on his chest.

"But I have girlfriends, and if you want me to give up on them for you then I'm sorry. I can't do that for you. But...

If you are willing to be my girlfriend, then I'll make you happy, protect you from anything, and let me tell you about the fun that you haven't felt in your life."

"You're sc.u.m!"

Erina, without hesitation, mocked.

"You're greedy, womanizer, bastard, pervert, and... and...."

Tears rolled down from her eyes biting her lips.

"Make me hate you, don't make me love you."

Erina looked at Haru with tears.

"I'm sorry. I can't do that, because I love you, Erina."

Kissing her lips, but this time, the taste was quite different.

It might be because they had the same tongue, that their kiss was more intimate and enjoyable.

Erina was overwhelmed, but she didn't want to let him go.



Alice and Hisako couldn't look away at both Haru and Erina at this moment and somehow they felt jealous.


Parting their lips, Haru hugged her again and whispered.

"I love you."

"I hate you."

Erina also kept hugging Haru.

"It's alright. I hear that hate lasts longer, and it is better than you forgetting about me."

Erina shook her head and her face was blushing. She snuggled into his chest and said in a low voice.

"I love you."

"I love you too."