Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 757

Volume 1 Chapter 757 Shinobu's Dilemma

Haru suddenly felt that with more lovers, it started to get very troublesome, and it was very hard for him to control the anaconda on his pants.

Everyone on the Group Chat was very lively since they were discussing the time difference in each world.

This topic had already been talked about by everyone for a while, and one thing which surprised them was that everyone could be connected to each other on the chat group without trouble and could also chat with each other normally even though the time of each world worked differently.

They were wondering whether it was because of the theory of parallel world or something, but in reality it was because of Haru since he didn't let his girls in another world think that he had left them for a long time.

That was why after he had gotten [Time and Space Manipulation app on Group Chat], he hurriedly changed the time difference between a world that was being lived by his lovers.

Haru was happy that he had beautiful girls, but it was also hard work to maintain it.

This time, Haru had entered the Tower together with Shinobu since she had asked him for help.

In the Group Chat, Shinobu was included in the one weakest group, and even though she was very knowledgeable about poison, her body was quite weak and small. She hadn't done any quest for a while and even though her strength might be the strongest among the Demon Slayer on her original world, she felt that it wasn't enough to defeat the monster on the Group Chat such as Korosensei, Teppei, Kouha, Esdeath, Haru, Luffy, Gintoki, and Tsunade.

But for sure, at the same time, it had become her target to become strong.

'At least I've got to have the same strength as Esdeath.'

Shinobu knew that Esdeath would be the strongest woman on the Group Chat, and she had to admit that she respected Esdaeth for that, but one thing that she didn't understand was why that woman wanted to marry such a sleazy guy such as Haru.

However, she also understood this guy's charm.

"Shinobu, you should focus, we're about to reach 28 floors soon."

Haru looked at Shinobu, who had defeated the boss of a monster on 26 floors. He knew that the boss on the 28 floors was quite troublesome and he didn't want her to be hurt by it.

Of course, to do a co-op play on the Tower in the Group Chat, they also needed to pay points.

Haru hadn't played at the Tower for a while and had only fought until 30 floors since he was too lazy to continue to fight, though he would continue if Esdeath asked him to do so.

His strength is a bit weird since most of his strongest magic is attacking the mental state of his opponent, but it didn't mean his physical ability was weak.

Shinobu nodded since she knew that Haru wouldn't tell her to lie. Even though this guy was a bit sleazy, his ability was very top-notch and he could unite the country easily. She thought for a while and asked, "Haru, can you conquer my country?"

"Conquer your country?" Haru thought for a while and nodded. "It's possible. I can even dominate the world since the technology in your world is quite backward."

Shinobu wanted to refute it, but she couldn't, especially when she knew that this guy owned a Gundam which was a giant robot about 20 meters. She had to admit that she was a bit jealous, especially when Sumire shared the video of Haru's fight against Level V Gastrea on the world of Black Bullet in the Group Chat.

Shinobu was a girl, but she had to admit that she had an interest in giant robots such as Gundam Banshee.

"Haru, can you let me use your Gundam Banshee later?"

"Hmm... what should I do?"

"Don't be stingy, Haru..."

Shinobu was quite jealous of Esdeath since she was the first woman to be married by Haru. Even though she had met Haru first, but she had lost to Esdeath who had appeared late, however, she also thought that it was also because of Haru's psychology during his mission on the world of Akame Ga Kill.

Shinobu knew how brutal and sadistic the world of Akame Ga Kill was and Haru, who was just a harem protagonist, needed to become an Emperor of the Empire. She knew that Haru had a lot of blood on his hands which made him very tired. In that cruel world, Haru who needed psychological comfort had met Esdeath and they fell in love.

It is as simple as that, but Shinobu can't just accept it right away.

Shinobu had always wondered why he hadn't decided to stop the quest since she didn't want him to force himself.

"Shinobu, Shinobu, did you hear me?"

Shinobu looked at Haru who was looking at her with a speechless expression.



"Have you not heard from me?"

"No, tell me again, what is it?"


Haru sighed looking at Shinobu who didn't have a guilty expression. "I'll show you my new power. It might be able to make a duplicate for my Gundam."

"Your new power?"

Shinobu knew that each quest they would receive a reward, and that reward depended on their luck.

Haru, who had very good luck, had always gotten an ability after opening the reward from the Group Chat.

"Can you let me borrow your sword? I'll take care of the boos on 27 floors."

Shinobu nodded and gave him her sword since she didn't care much about it.

Her sword is a bit special since it is thinner and lighter than a usual sword, and inside its sheath, there are various kinds of poison which can be changed anytime turning this weapon into a very dangerous weapon.

Haru took out a lip-designed sticker on his palm and placed it on Shinobu's sword.


Shinobu's sword suddenly turned into two swords.

"I can make a duplicate of everything as long as I place this sticker."

Shinobu's mind worked and realized something. "So you can make a duplicate of that Gundam Banshee?"

Haru nodded since it was possible, but he also needed to remind her. "But, of course, this ability isn't perfect since once the sticker is being pulled....." He pulled the sticker on the sword and tried to control the speed of two swords fused back since if he let it fused back without being controlled, this sword might break.

Haru sighed in relief when he saw that he could control the speed of the fusing, even though it wasn't perfect.

"Interesting ability."

Shinobu nodded and looked at Haru. "Is it possible to create a copy for part of your body?"

"It's possible."


Shinobu's mind suddenly became a mess when she thought Haru was going to place his sticker on his anaconda. She thought that Haru might be able to create a Yamato no Orochi (eight-headed serpent in Japan) using his anaconda which he kept inside his pants.

"What's wrong?"

Haru wasn't sure, but he felt that this girl was thinking something strange and somehow he felt offended by it.

"Let's continue the quest."

Shinobu walked while taking back her sword.


It was the thing which usually was done on the Group Chat, and everyone was very relaxed as long as there was no quest on the Group Chat.


4 February.

After his action on the arcade, Haru had once again become famous as the strongest arcade gamer after someone uploaded his video playing Dancing Rush on the arcade on Twitter, Instagram, NicoNico, Line, etc.

That's right, Line.

Haru had his team develop Line after the annual meeting and with Nasa's ability it was very easy to create it in just 10 days.

After that, they didn't hesitate to promote Line to NicoNico, railways' company, weekly magazine, and a lot more.

Haru was waiting for Seri to end the transaction of the television network which he was about to buy and the negotiation was quite successful and soon Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings would be his, but it would take a while since Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings was one of the famous television networks.

His grandfather was the most excited and told him that he would do anything to help him. His grandfather was a leader of a political group and of course, with the help of Haru's television network, it would be very easy for him and his team to gather support from people.

The other thing such as Shochiku which is a movie company in Japan has already been successful along with Warner Mycal Cinemas which is owned by Warner Bros.

But he wasn't in a hurry to create a movie since he wanted to wait for the result of the exam of Sora, Megumi, Yuri, Shiina, and Iwasawa. He didn't need to worry about Megumi, Sora, and Yuri, but he was worried about Shiina and Iwasawa since he knew that their heads weren't bright.

"Haru, are you sure that Hollywood actor is going to come here?"

Utaha asked him once again.

"Yes, I've bought his house and he has decided to visit me in Tokyo."

Haru was speechless since it was her fifth time asking her this question.

"Interesting, do you want to enter the movie business? If so, tell me since I'm also very interested. Let's create a romantic movie with both of us as the main character and heroine."

Utaha sat down on Haru's lap while hugging his neck.

"Haru, you're really going to enter the movie industry?" Sora was also interested.

Megumi was also interested since she had often watched movies.

"Yes, I plan to enter the movie industry."

Haru didn't tell them the details about his plan to become the biggest mogul in the world since showing a result was better than a word. He also didn't want them to talk about his matter to a lot of people since he wanted to keep it a secret. He didn't want his plan to be foiled because they wanted to say that their man was awesome.

"So who is coming?"

Megumi had only come earlier and didn't know who the Hollywood actor was who would come to Haru's house.

"It's Nicholas Cake."