Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 758

Volume 1 Chapter 758 Movie Industry

"Mr. Kasugano, thank you for buying my house."

Nicholas Cake smiled at Haru.

"No problem, your house is very good. I'm glad that I can buy it."

"If you want to buy another house then you can ask me."

Nicholas Cake is a famous Hollywood actor in the US and he has been cast in a lot of movies such as National Trap, Con Water, Ghost Cowboy, etc. He's also famous for investing his money in luxury real estate and owning a number of luxurious houses in the US.

But because of the economic crisis which happened in 2008, he has trouble paying the tax of his luxurious houses and that is why he decides to sell his houses.

"But it is really troubling for you to come to Tokyo from afar."

Haru was also very polite since he didn't expect him to come to Tokyo right away.

'I think he's really having trouble with money.'

However, Haru didn't need to say that out loud.

"No problem. I also like Tokyo since my cousin has also made a movie in Tokyo before."

Nicholas was also very polite even though he knew that Haru was in high school, but Haru's deed was very famous in the US since Haru could short-selling gold futures gained a lot of wealth from it. When he talked with Haru, he didn't feel that he was talking with a high schoolboy. He guessed that Haru must be coming from rich Clan which he didn't know since the children from that kind of Clan usually had different education than the norm.

"Oh, is it "Lost in Translation"? I've also watched that movie."

Utaha is a fan of Sofia Koppola, who is Nicolas Cake's cousin.

Both of them are also part of the Koppola family, a family from the famous director Francis Kord Koppola who has directed "The Devilfather".

"Yes, I'm surprised that you know about it."

Nicholas nodded and asked, "Mr. Kasugano, are they?" He could see three girls, but he had already guessed.

"My girlfriends."


Nicholas smiled with a knowing smile.

Both of them are guys and they know what each other is thinking.

"They're a bit curious about the entertainment world, can you answer some of their questions?" Haru asked.

"Sure, why not?"

Nicholas didn't mind since Haru had brought his house.

The price of the house which is bought by Haru is about 17 million USD and it is located in Los Angeles.

"He's going to enter the movie industry, do you have tips for him?" Utaha asked.

Nicholas was a bit surprised looking at Haru. "Mr. Kasugano, do you want to enter the movie industry?"

Haru nodded and didn't hide it. "I've bought a movie theatre and Shochiku, I will make one or two movies soon."

"What is your plan?"

"I only plan to become a scriptwriter, and leave the rest to the professional."

Haru didn't plan to become a director or actor since it would take a lot of time and he didn't really want to become more famous since it was quite troublesome.

Nicolas didn't seem surprised and told him his opinion.

In the past few years, the investment bank on Wall Street has invaded Hollywood with money. It is also the reason why there is a lot of movie production with a cost that is more than 100 million USD.

Today's movie industry is different from the past movie industry.

Everyone is more cornered about the box office of the movie and that is also the reason why a movie is being divided into commercial movies and art movies.

The commercial movie is a movie that can be enjoyed by everyone and usually has a very high box office.

If it is compared to a beverage then a commercial movie is similar to a beer. It is good and everyone loves it.

On the other hand, an art movie is similar to fine wine. Some people understand it and some people don't understand it, however, if it a good art movie then it isn't possible to create a huge box office.

Sora, Megumi, and Utaha nodded since it was a rare chance to learn from a famous actor. But at the same time, they also wanted to know what Haru's plan was for his movie company, as his wife-to-be, they didn't want him to lose his money on movie industry since even the actor in front of them had said that a movie's chance to become a huge hit was more difficult than gambling.

Of course, as a businessman, Haru wanted to create a commercial movie rather than an art movie since it would also increase the sales of popcorn in his movie theater and give him more money. Then they continued to talk about the experience of the actor, movie, Hollywood, etc. Lastly was about Kawaru Natari who was a famous Japanese actress in Hollywood.

'Kawaru Natari?' Haru had never heard about this artist before.

Nicolas said that this girl might have an academy award soon.

The Academy Awards, more popularly known as the Oscars, are awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry.

It is also the biggest award for every director, actor, or actress to win this award.

Haru knew that the reality was darker than what Nicolas Cake had said to them, but it was alright since he didn't really want them to know about it.

They only talked for a few hours, before Nicolas Cake decided to go back.

Haru decided to give him some cheap booze and cigar which he had gotten from the world of Toriko, but even though it was cheap in that world, it was very rare in this world.

Nicolas Cake was grateful and told him if everyone went to Los Angeles, they could come to his house and he would prepare a party for them.

Looking at Nicolas Cake who had gone back, Sora looked at Haru.

"Haru, have you thought about what kind of movie you want to create?"

Sora liked movies that were very enjoyable in her eyes such as Harry Butter, Lord of The Necklece, Pirate Pacific, Jurassic Park, Twilight, etc. She didn't really like it very hard to understand such an art movie, and it was very rare for her to watch it since for her...

"The movie is being watched to enjoy, not to abuse the people who watch with a strange message, complicated plot, etc."

It is also one of the reasons why an art movie is very hard gathering at the box office on the market. Unless it has some awards, the chance of an art movie creating a big box office is very small.

"But don't you think that the movie that is being created by Akira Kurosawa is very good?" Utaha refuted Sora's opinion.

(Note: Akira Kurosawa was a Japanese film director and screenwriter who directed 30 films in a career spanning 57 years. He is regarded as one of the most important and influential filmmakers in the history of cinema).

Utaha also talked about the advantage of an art movie which was very good and also had a lot of moral and intriguing plot rather than a commercial movie which was popular because of the visual effect, handsome and beautiful actor and actress, s.e.xy scene, etc.

"I think that a commercial movie is too brainless! Its plot is very cheap!"

"But it has created a lot of box office!"

Sora felt that the most important thing was to gather the box office on the movie rather than focussed on art.

"There are also a lot of art movies which are able to gather a lot of box office!"

Sora and Utaha started to argue with each other.

"Haru, what do you think?"

Megumi who had been silent asked Haru who was the owner of the company. She also wanted to know what kind of movie Haru was about to make.

"Haru, what do you think?!"

"Which is better commercial or art?!"

Sora and Utaha stopped to argue with each other and decided to ask for Haru's opinion.

Haru was speechless looking at both of them who were arguing with each other because of stupid things, but from his perspective, he was more supportive of Sora since he was a businessman, but he also understood a brainless movie wouldn't able to be sold to the market at the same time.

"It's simple. I'm going to combine both of them."

"Combine both of them?"

They were stunned when they heard it.

"Movies need to be enjoyed, I agree with that point, and if the people who watch the movie are confused or can't even enjoy the movie then what is the point of going to the movie theatre?"

Sora seemed to be smug when she heard that Haru was supportive of her.

"But the plot of the movie can't be cheap and it is better to give a message or moral value since there are a lot of examples of a commercial movie which has become a failure even though it has been made using a budget of around a hundred or more million USD."

Utaha also raised her b.r.e.a.s.ts, showing how big they were.


Sora was annoyed and slapped Utaha's b.r.e.a.s.ts.


"Ouch!" Utaha caressed her b.r.e.a.s.ts and pouted. "Don't be jealous of my b.r.e.a.s.ts!"


Sora jumped and was ready to fight, but she was stopped by Haru.

"Let go of me, Haru!"

"Calm down, don't be too excited."

Haru kneaded Sora's cute butt to calm her down.


Sora blushed and looked at Haru while sulking. "Pervert..."

"Let's go back inside first."


Haru looked at Utaha and kept staring at her.

Utaha pouted but sighed. "Sorry, Sora, for saying something rude to you."


Sora looked away, but she glanced at her. "B - But I'll forgive you this time."


Utaha thought and felt that this smile was very lethal for everyone.

Megumi only smiled and walked alongside with everyone while thinking that it was wonderful to stay like this.


5 February.

It was the day of the announcement of the result of their high school acceptance exam, and everyone was very nervous about it.