Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 759

Volume 1 Chapter 759 Test Result

It was possible to see the result of the test on the internet, but it might have become a tradition for every student in this country to go to their respective targeted high school to see the result of their exam.

It was the same which Sora, Megumi, Yuri, Iwasawa, and Shiina had done.

Haru, Kosaka, and Utaha also came with them to see the result of their exam.

Ritsu and Seri didn't come since they were busy settling the transaction of Haru's business. They were working very hard and Haru thought to give them a gift after they had done with the business.

Haru yawned since it was quite early in the morning. He could see a lot of students along with their parents came to this place to see the result of their exam.

But as expected, his location attracted a lot of attention since he was surrounded by a lot of beautiful girls.

"You should be happy to have a harem in reality."

Utaha looked at Haru with a very sweet smile hugging his arm.


Haru was speechless, but he didn't say anything.

"Oh, I can see that a lot of people are dying of jealousy looking at you because you are surrounded by a lot of beautiful girls."

Kosaka also smiled, and also hugged Haru's arm. "It's warm."

Utaha stared at Haru with a cold gaze looking after Kosaka who also hugged him. Then she looked at Kosaka while asking, "Kosaka-san, why did you also hug his arm?"

"It's alright, isn't it? It's a bit cold, and he has two arms after all."

"Three to be exact, but you can't touch the last arm."

Utaha had a smug smile when she had said those words since she really wanted to say it sometimes that Haru had three legs and that leg felt very wonderful. She snuggled into him and hugged him tighter.


Haru was speechless, and sighed, especially when he saw Kosaka's jealous expression.

'Why did you get jealous?'

Haru didn't understand and didn't really want to understand.


"They're so noisy...."

Yuri looked at Haru, Utaha, and Kosaka who were talking to each other. Here she was very nervous, but the three of them were flirting with each other.

"It's alright. The result is going to be announced soon." Megumi tried to calm down Yuri.

"Tch... they're late!" Sora was annoyed and wanted to go back in a hurry. She thought that it was better to check it on the internet rather than stand up here stupidly.


Megumi sighed at Sora's foul mouth.

Iwawasawa and Shiina didn't say anything since they were very nervous since they knew that their minds weren't bright. If they were able to enter this high school, then it would be a miracle, or Haru would have paid the school money and let them enter using a backdoor.

The five of them went to the nearby board waiting for the staff of the Shuucin Academy to place down the result of the test.

It was quite crowded, but the spot where the five of them were standing was fairly quiet.

They waited for a while until the staff came and started to place down the result of the exam.

Sora, Megumi, and Yuri sighed in relief when they saw the result.

Sora nodded, but she was quite surprised since she was only rank two on the entrance exam.

Megumi was quite good and also entered the top 10, but she didn't attract a lot of attention since her name was in the middle making it very hard for people to notice. Even when she was standing with Sora, Yuri, Iwasawa, and Shiina, no one had noticed her and she had turned into "Kato the Invisible".


"What's wrong, Megumi?" Sora asked.

"Nothing, I just feel that someone is thinking rudely about me."

Megumi shrugged her shoulders and searched for Yuri's result.

Yuri was around rank 20, but somehow she was quite dissatisfied with the result.

"Who is ranked 1?" Megumi was quite surprised when Sora didn't get the first rank out of all the students.

Sora squinted her eyes while reading the name of the person who had taken the first rank on the entrance exam.

"Shinomiya Kaguya?"

Sora looked around and wondered whether she could see this person.

"Do you know this Shinomiya Kaguya?" Yuri asked.

"No, I don't know, but I don't care much actually."

Sora thought as long as she was accepted it would be alright. She wanted to enter Hyakkou Academy, but Haru rejected her decision since Hyakkou was a very cruel place and Haru didn't want her to be polluted because she stayed in the Hyakkou academy.

Sora continued to see rank three and it was a name right under her.

"Jabami Yumeko?"

Sora felt that she had heard this name somewhere, but she had forgotten where she had heard it.

However, suddenly Iwasawa and Shiina had a pale expression on their faces.

"What's wrong?"

"O - Our name... we can't find our name there...."

Iwasawa bit her lips in frustration.

Shiina stood still and seemed to lose her life.


Megumi, Sora, and Yuri who had been accepted weren't sure what to say for a while since they didn't expect both of them to not be accepted.

Yuri had taught them every night, but the result was unacceptable. Haru also often came to teach both of them from time to time telling them about tips and a lot of things, but...


They wanted to console them, but they didn't know what to do.

"What's wrong?"

Suddenly Haru, Utaha, and Kosaka also walked toward them since they noticed something wrong.

"Both of you are not accepted?"

Iwasawa and Shiina flinched when they were being asked by Haru since they were afraid to disappoint him.

Haru didn't need to guess what had happened and only consoled them.

"You don't need to worry, even if you're not accepted at this school, the Otonogizaka is also quite a good school."

Haru told them that it was alright for them to enter another school since he also knew that their ability wasn't in education, and even though they weren't smart, they had another ability which would make anyone feel jealous.

"B - But....."

"We have worked really hard....."

Iwasawa and Shiina cried since they had really worked hard to be accepted in the same school as everyone else, but the result...

They've failed.

They're not being accepted at this high school.

Haru could pay the school with money letting them enter the school, but he also knew that both of them would have a hard time studying in this place if he forced them.

"I've heard that there is a llama on Otonogizaka, you can play with it later."

"Llama?" Shiina seemed to be interested.

"It's a fluffy animal and its appearance is quite cute."

"C - Cute...."

Shiina suddenly thought that it was good to stay at Otonogizaka.

"Iwasawa, your dream is to become a singer, right? Since when was your dream to enter a prestigious school? As long as you can become a famous singer then education is crap...

"Or are you saying that it is more important to enter this school?"

Haru didn't think that education was important for Iwasawa as long as he was with her then no one would bother her.

Iwasawa thought for a while and nodded.

"I know, but somehow I have worked hard to enter this school .... the result...."

Iwasawa felt that she had disappointed Haru since he had given her a lot of things from place to stay, a chance to sing, friends, and the warmth which she had never gotten in her life.

(It is also one of the reasons why a lot of Iwasawa's songs sound quite depressed).

"Let's eat something good before we go back to calm your down."

At first, they thought to have a party with everyone since they thought all of them would be accepted, but they didn't expect that two of them would fail to enter this high school.

They nodded and thought to eat something good before going back to make their mood better.

But when they were about to go back, suddenly someone called them.

"Oi! Wait! Haru!"

Haru turned and saw his aunt. "Aunt?"

"Don't call me an aunt, you bastard!"

Hiratsuka was at the age where she was very sensitive and being called aunt by Haru undoubtedly made her angry and made her knock his head.

Haru grimaced and looked at this woman with a speechless expression.

"What's wrong?"

"Wait, what are you doing here, Shizuka-nee?" Sora asked.

"I'm a teacher in this high school, remember?" Hiratsuka was speechless looking at Sora and shook her head.

"Anyway, for the matter of Iwasawa and Shiina, there is something that I want to announce that both of them are being accepted on Shuchi'in Academy."



They were stunned then shouted.


Shiina and Iwasawa were surprised.

"At the last moment, there are two students who are going to change their minds and enter Hyakko and give two free spots."

Hiratsuka smiled at Iwasawa and Shiina.

"Congratulations, you're going to be accepted into this school this April."


Shiina and Iwasawa were stunned.


Haru was very happy, but also shocked at this dramatic development.

"Thank you!"

Shiina and Iwasawa hugged Haru at the same time.

"I did nothing and this is your ability and luck."


It is one of the most important things in this life without luck they won't be able to get anything and meeting him is one of the luckiest things which have happened in their life.

"Now, let's have a party!"


Now, they didn't need to have a sad sob party and had a happier party.

"Wait! Party? Invite me, bastard!"

Hiratsuka complained and told them to wait to make them speechless.


They sighed and reluctantly waited for this woman to end her work.


6 February.

After the happy party which happened yesterday, Haru was wearing a black suit waiting for Sora in the living room.

The door of Sora's room was opened showing her figure which wore a black dress. Her appearance was very beautiful, but somehow, her face showed a trace of sadness.

"You're ready?"

"Hmm, let's go."