Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 76

Volume 1 Chapter 76 Red Hair Pirates

Haru is still running away right now. He could see everyone was angry when they saw their leaders were attacked restlessly by the group of Blackbeard Pirates.

"TEACH!!!!!!!" Ace was in a rage but he was held by a lot of people, "HURRY UP AND LET GO OF ME!!!!"

"NO!!!!" Everyone who stopped him was crying and they also wanted to kill the Blackbeard Pirates.

"DAD!!!!" Ace was screaming while crying.

"Don't go, Ace," Marco also stopped him.

"MARCO!!!!" Ace looked at him in anger.

Marco punched him while crying, "Stop this, I also want to save him but not now, we don't have the power to do that."

"UWAAAAAAAHH!!!!" Ace was crying really hard, at this moment, he had started to grow.

Haru really wanted a cigarette at this moment.

"Ace...." Luffy said weakly at him.

Haru knew that it would be useless for him to say something. He could only leave time to heal the wound in their hearts or have their revenge later: "We need to go."

Ivankov and Jimbei nodded and went with him.

Ace was together with the Whitebeard Pirates.

Haru knew that they would be fine at the same time, he was also waiting for someone to stop this war.


"Zehahahaha, let's see my new power," Teach said and hit the space beside him.


The world started to shake and they were shocked by this power.

"B - boss, don't do that," Burgess almost lost his footing.

"Zehahaha, I can't control this power well," Teach laughed.

"Congratulations boss." His crew congratulated him.

"Zehahaha, but that zipper kid is really awesome," Teach had seen the scene earlier.

"Hmm, can you get him into our crew boss?" Devon said. She still remembered that he told her someone would help her in the Impel Down. She thought he was joking but it was indeed the truth.

"Hmm, let's see whether we can contact him," Teach was also interested in him since he had heard him telling interesting news to the only female members in his crew. At the same time, he was also interested in his zipper power, he thought it was interesting to have him in his crew.


Haru shuddered all of a sudden and turned his head. He saw someone was looking at him. He saw that it was Teach who smiled at him from far away. He only nodded and continued to run.

The Marines were focused on killing both Ace and Luffy.

Ace was fine since he had been protected by the Whitebeard Pirates and his strength also wasn't that bad either.

Luffy was a bit different since a hormone injection was too dangerous for him and he was dead tired.

Haru, Ivankov, and Jimbei were running away from the Marines headquarters toward a group of Whitebeard Pirates. They could only fight together and it was their only option for them to be able to get out of this place.

They fought together against the marines.

Sengoku was fighting against the Blackbeard Pirates and wanted to kill them since they were still small.

Kizaru and Aokiji were working together to kill the pirates.

Akainu coughed in blood but he still wanted to kill more pirates. He wanted to move only stopped by a young marine in front of him.

Coby wanted to stop him but he made Akainu angry.

"Die," Akainu turned his hand into a magma toward him but he was stopped by someone. He looked at him and surprised, "You!!!"

Everyone was shocked by his appearance. They also saw a ship that sailed toward the Marines Headquarters.


"I came to the end of the war," Shanks told everyone.

Luffy was shocked when he saw him, "Shanks...."

"Do you want to see him?" Haru asked.

Luffy nodded, "Of course."

The Red Hair Pirates also noticed the boy that they had met a few years before, "Luffy!!!" They laughed and also started to enter the battle. They would gladly fight with someone who still wanted to continue fighting.

Buggy, who had been hiding and recording the war from the start, suddenly came out and went to him. He was beyond angry when he saw this red hair, "SHANKS!!!!!"

"Hahahaha, buggy," Shanks laughed at him.

Both of them talked to each other until Buggy decided to stay with him since he believed that his chance to live was greater to be with him.

The people who had been following Buggy looking at him with fanatism when he saw him could talk freely with Shanks, one of the four great pirates.

Shanks looked at everyone and told them that he wanted to stop the war. He didn't want a useless casualty of both parties, ".....Bring it on!!! We'll be your opponents!!!" He looked in one direction and glared, "How about it, Teach? No, Blackbeard?"

Blackbeard laughed, "Zehahaha, I'll stop now, I got what I came for, it's still a little too early to be fighting you guys!!!" He looked at him and asked, "Oi, Zipper Boy, do you want to come with me?" His words startled everyone.

"Me?" Haru was shocked and pointed his finger at himself.

"Of course, I'll scout you here and become part of my crew, let's go, I'll take you to One Piece," Blackbeard laughed.

Everyone was looking at him.

Haru wondered whether it was deliberate.

"NO, HE IS MY CREW!!!" Luffy suddenly screamed.

Haru sighed in relief, "I'm sorry, I've become part of his crew."

"Zehahaha, what a shame, let's meet in the sea," Blackbeard laughed and left with everyone.

Haru didn't think much about him but it was different from the people around him. He could see them trying to stop him and told him that it wasn't good to join them. He told them that he wouldn't join the Blackbeard Pirates.

Sengoku, who saw this situation, agreed to stop the war and declared that he would take responsibility to stop his decision.


Haru was glad that it was over and he looked at the sky. He thought that he wouldn't forget about this experience and started to grow from this battle.