Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 760

Volume 1 Chapter 760 6 February

6 February.

It was a day that they would never forget in their life.

Haru who had been reincarnated in this life had thought his two parents were his own parents. He loved them, but sadly they had left him early. He wanted to show them their grandchildren later and also showed them their daughter-in-law. He had planned to do a lot of things, but he knew that it was impossible to do all of them right now.

Sometimes someone only realizes the worth of something or someone they have lost that person or that thing.

Sora also felt the same and she was full of tears remembering the thing which she had done with her parents. Even though she knew that they weren't her real parents, after being told by Hiratsuka Shizuka, but for her, they were her parents.

6 February.

It was a day that they could have never forgotten.

It was the day when they lost their parents.

Haru and Sora went to visit their parents' grave to clean up their parents' grave.

They didn't bring either Megumi or Utaha since they didn't want to feel the same sadness.

Hiratsuka also would join them later, but they weren't so sure since she was quite busy with her job.

That was why they decided to go with only just the two of them.

Parking his car, Haru brought a tool that was used to clean up his parents' grave.

Sora walked beside Haru while holding his hand in silence and started to cry when she was about to arrive.

"Don't cry, father and mother will punish me if I make you cry."

Sora snorted and looked at Haru with a smile.

"You've made her cry many times! You've also brought a lot of girls home! I'll report this to father and mother later!"


Haru sighed, but somehow he was glad that Sora's mood turned better.

Tightly holding his hand, Sora looked at Haru.



"You won't leave me, right?"

"I won't."

Haru stopped and looked at Sora who was also looking at him.

"We've been together for a year without our parents and I've always loved you more than a little sister."

One thing that I've never done in this life is to leave you."


Her eyes were red and she hugged him tightly.

"I also love you, more than an older brother...."

Haru caressed her hair and smiled softly at her.

It was good that no one heard their conversation or they might misunderstand them.

They hugged each other for a while before continuing to walk to their parents' grave. The moment they arrived, they were suddenly hit by a lot of emotions which they couldn't contain.

There were a lot of things which happened in the past year after they had lost their parents such as Group Chat, business, girls, and a lot more.

But the most important thing was the relationship between Haru and Sora.

Both of them weren't brothers and sisters again, but rather lovers who loved each other.

If they were a sister and brother which connected by blood, then their relationship might be weird, but they weren't, and Sora was a child from different parents.

They didn't know who Sora's parents were, but they didn't care since what was important was that they were together and from now on that fact wouldn't change.

Cleaning their parents' grave, suddenly they heard a voice.

"There they are!"

Sora and Haru turned and saw Utaha and Megumi, who also wore the same black dress, walking toward them in a hurry.

"Bastard! How come you leave us without saying anything!"

Utaha ran toward them and complained about a lot of things such as why they didn't call her? Why didn't they ask her help to clean up the grave too? Why didn't they invite her? She complained about a lot of things and made the quiet cemetery quite loud by her outburst.

Megumi walked calmly toward them, but her expression was very angry and her eyes were full of tears.

"I - I can forgive you this time, but please don't do this next time."

Megumi bit her lips and cried while saying, "Why don't you tell us? Have you not thought of us as your family?"


It was their first time seeing Megumi was so emotional, and it surprised them.

Megumi looked at Haru while crying and complained. "You've decided to marry the three of us, right? Are you telling me that a lie?"

"No, of course not."

"Then, why are you not telling us about it?"

Haru felt a bit complex and sighed. "It's because I don't want the two of you to feel sad too..."

"I've decided to have a relationship with you, and I've also prepared my mind for a long time...." Megumi looked at Haru and somehow also understood what Haru meant, but she couldn't accept it.

"I - I have thought to date you with an intention to marry, and of course, I'll think of your parents as my parents..."

Haru wiped the tears on her cheek and knew that he had done wrong on this matter.

"I'm sorry...."


Sora was crying and also hugged Megumi.

"I'm sorry."

Haru and Sora had thought wrong, Utaha and Megumi really thought the four of them as a family, and during the storm, sadness, and everything they were ready to help them since it was what it meant to be a family.

"I'm sorry, Utaha."

Haru also hugged Utaha closely.

"Hmm... as long as you understand...."

Utaha turned quiet and snuggled.

The four of them snuggled together, and it was really lucky that no one had seen them since they would be embarrassed if someone saw them since this scene was a bit similar to a TV drama which they usually watched on the television.

However, Haru knew that there was one person who peeked at them, but he didn't say anything.


"This kid...."

Hiratsuka was shocked when she found out that Haru had three girlfriends, and he had even laid his hands on his little sister too. Even though she knew that both of them weren't siblings which were connected by blood, it made her complicated since she had seen them when they were born from this world.

Hiratsuka didn't worry too much about Sora, but she was more worried about Haru since she knew very well that this boy was very naughty from a child, but at the same time, she was also glad when she knew that he had three girlfriends who really cared for him this much, but at the same time, she was wondering how the hell this boy was able to create a harem.


However, at the same time, Hiratsuka had realized that Haru and Sora had grown up and somehow she started to feel old.


'I'm not old!'

Hiratsuka screamed inwardly.

"Aunt, what are you doing over there?"

"Don't call me aunt, you bastard!"

Hiratsuka was angry, but then she realized that her hiding place had been known by Haru. She snorted and walked toward Haru to give him some lesson to not play with a woman's hurt since she knew pretty well this guy could make a lot of girls heartbroken.

"Wait, what are you doing?"

"Don't get too close to me!"

"Don't you dare to run or I'll give you more punishment!"



7 February.

Haru had entered the school once again, but nothing had changed since no one knew that he had made 10 billion USD on his hunt before. He was writing a script for a movie which he was about to make later.

It was fairly quiet, but then suddenly the door of his private room was opened.

"KSG, I challenge you!"


Haru's quiet break was being broken by someone.