Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 761

Volume 1 Chapter 761 Life Plan

Haru looked at the girl who had just entered his room.


"Hyaha~~, Haru...." Runa smiled and sat down on Haru's desk.

"Why you've never told me that you're KSG?"

Runa was a gamer and of course, she was excited when she knew that Haru was a KSG, especially when she saw his video playing "Dancing Rush" in a very awesome way on "NicoNico".

Haru only smiled and asked, "You're not only here because of that, right?" He didn't delete his video on "NicoNico" since it also helped him gather more users on his website.

Runa pouted and peeked at his laptop while saying, "Kirari is calling all of us to go to the student council room."


"What are you writing?"


"Script? Are you going to make a game again?"

Runa knew that Haru owned a game company since she was the one who introduced him to the company which he had bought in the past. She was wondering whether he would make a new game once again since Fruit Ninja, Plant Versus Zombie, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga, and Angry Bird were very exciting games.

Runa had also bought a doll of Angry Birds at her home along with various things which she thought were cute from his game, manga, etc.

"Are you going to make the Pokemon game?"

"I'll make it, but not now."

Haru smiled and knew the popularity of his game had exploded and it gave him a lot of money.

"I plan to make a movie since I've just bought a movie company."

"M - Movie?!"

Runa was surprised and asked, "What? Really? What company?!"


"S - Shochiku?!"

Runa was shocked.

Haru felt a bit funny looking at Runa's reaction.

"Don't be so surprised."

"Of course, I'm surprised! That company is worth around 400 billion yen, yet..."

"You've said that you've bought it?"

Runa was filled with disbelief. She knew that Haru was very smart and was a very genius trader. She also knew that he had gone for 15 days to rob someone's money, but she didn't expect him to be able to gather enough money to buy such a legendary movie production company in this country.

Shochiku is one of the four members of the Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan (MPPAJ) and the oldest of Japan's "Big Four" film studios.

Of course, Runa was filled with shock when Haru bought the oldest movie company in Japan. Her family was coming from media family from the newspaper, tabloid, radio, and television, but she didn't expect that the guy who sat next to her would become a mogul so suddenly filled her feeling with shock, but at the same time, she was very excited when she learned it.

"Yes, I've bought it."

Haru closed his laptop and stood up.

"Let's go, Kirari is waiting."

"Wait! What movie are you going to make?"

Runa was filled with curiosity about what kind of movie Haru was going to make since she knew that Haru was a genius writer.

For someone who was able to write all of the stories on "Viking Weekly Manga Magazine" creating a record of the fastest-selling magazine in the world.

If he isn't a genius, then what is genius?

"It's a secret."

Haru only smiled and walked to the student council room.

"You're stingy!!!!"


Student council room.

Every member of the student council had gathered inside while looking at Kirari who was quietly sitting in the center of the room with Igarashi Sayaka by her side.

Igarashi Sayaka is Secretary of the Student Council and the Personal Assistant of the current Student Council President, Kirari Momobami.

Even though she was only in her 3rd-year middle school, she had already done her exam and she had been accepted into the high school side from Hyakko Academy. She had also always ranked one on the entire year and made her very smart.

Everyone already knew about her and no one said anything since the rules of Kirari Momobami were absolute and she was free to do whatever she wanted since she was the Empress of this place.

After Haru had gone for the past 15 days, Kirari also wasn't silent and she also did everything to control this school along with gathering all of the connection from the alumni, but of course, the progress was quite slow, however, after Haru suddenly gave her a surprise and made the progress of her plan faster.

When everything is going well, someone will be working very hard ignoring the tired feeling on their body.

However, Kirari really needed Haru's energy and she needed to cuddle with him later.

They wanted to ask what Kirari was waiting for since the meeting hadn't started, but then the door was opened.

"Sorry, we're late."

Haru and Runa entered the room together.

Some of them showed a displeased expression when they saw Haru.

"You've made us wait because of him?!"

"Yes, is there something wrong?" Kirari asked calmly.


"Kasugano-kun, I've heard that you're interested in buying a sports club, do you need my help?"

Sachiko Juraku who was part of the student council asked Haru with a smile.

"It's alright, Juraku-senpai. You don't need to do that."

Haru politely declined since he could see Kirari staring at Haru.

"You can ask me anytime if you are interested."

Sachiko Juraku seemed to show interest in Haru.

But when Haru was about to reply, Kirari interrupted their conversation.

"Let's start the meeting right away."

Haru and Runa also sat down in their seats.

Runa looked at Haru and snickered when he was being stared at by Kirari earlier.

The content of the meeting was quite simple and they were talking about the report of the total gambling and money which had been gathered from the gambling dent and gambling activity in this school.

But there was another thing which was about the 3rd year of high school.

It was almost time for graduation and in March, all of them would graduate, but some of them hadn't paid their debt.

As long as they hadn't paid the debt on the school, they would be branded as "housepet" of this school even if they had graduated.

It was Kirari's first year as a school president, and in the past, the school had been very lax and gave a chance for those students to redeem themselves when they had graduated, but Kirari wouldn't give them a chance to redeem themselves as long as they hadn't paid their money.

Kirari didn't care about their life and it was their consequence to lose on a gamble.

As long as they hadn't paid the money, they would be a slave of the Hyakko Academy.

"But what if they don't pay? When people don't have money, what can they pay? You can't tell them to sell their organs since it is a crime."

Even though the "housepet" needed to pay, they didn't have money to pay for the school, and there was nothing that they could do.

"They can pay with something."



Kirari smiled when she answered that question.


"Sayaka, can you show them the "Life Plan"?"

"Yes, Kaichou."

Sayaka nodded and brought a copy of "Life Plan" for everyone in the student council.

They looked at the cover of the "Life Plan" and saw the name of a "housepet" in this school, then started to open the book.


Some of them seemed a bit shocked when they saw a list of plans from 20 years to death. Even though this plan had been implemented before, it was only being done on some "housepet", but this time it would be implemented for everyone who had become a "housepet" in this school.

The plan was pretty simple and it was told the "housepet" in this book needed to marry a politician then have a child, and also helped the career of that politician while also paying their debt.

There were a lot of "Life Plans" which Kirari had prepared, but she only showed one of them.


"What do you think?"

Kirari smiled and waited for their answer.

"It's interesting."

Sachiko nodded and seemed to support Kirari.

Everyone on the student council felt that this idea was feasible to control the life of the "housepet" until they die or until they had paid their debt.

If they can't pay their debt, then they can only slave until they pay their debts.

But one thing is for sure that the "housepet" won't live a miserable life since her husband was a rich person, but one thing for sure is the "housepet" unable to fight back their owner.

"Then, I'll give all of the "housepets" in this school a "Life Plan"."

Kirari didn't ask for their confirmation since she only showed them so they wouldn't be surprised when she implemented the "Life Plan" for all of the "housepets".

They didn't have an opinion since it had already been settled, but one thing for sure is that everyone knew the life of the "housepet" in this school had turned from worse to miserable.

They have lost their right as a human and can only live as a pet until they either die or pay their debt.

Then the meeting was over and all of the student council members except Haru, Runa, Kirari, Ririka, and Sayaka decided to go out since they also needed to tell their people about this matter.

(all of the members of the student council own subordinates).

Sachiko wanted to go to Haru to ask him something, but then Kirari said something that surprised everyone.

"Can all of you go outside first?"


"Everyone?" Runa asked.

Kirari nodded at Runa's question.

"Everyone including both Sayaka and Ririka."


Haru was about to stand up, but he was stopped.

"Haru, you stay here."


Everyone was looking at both Haru and Kirari, but they couldn't say anything.


Sachiko walked out and uttered that word in a low voice.

Haru was surprised by Sachiko's words, but it seemed that no one heard her beside him.

Runa, Ririka, and Igarashi also went out and felt a bit reluctant, but who made Kirari the president of the student council?

Everyone left only Haru and Kirari on the inside, then the door was closed.



"What are they doing inside, Yomozuki-senpai?" Igarashi asked.

Runa licked her candy and only smiled. "I'm not sure, you can ask them later." Her mood was very pretty bad and she decided to play with Yuriko since she was sure this girl was very busy. She thought that it was pretty good to cause trouble for Yuriko which made her mood better.


Igarashi was in silence and wasn't sure since Ririka, who stood up beside her, also didn't do anything, only stood up.


Igarashi and Ririka decided not to do anything, only stood up in front of the student council room without saying anything waiting for Haru and Ririka to finish their conversation.