Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 762

Volume 1 Chapter 762 Yandere? Little Enjoyment..

"It seems that you haven't been resting for a while."

Haru caressed Kirari's cheek slowly and sighed looking at this workaholic girl.

After everyone had left the student council room, Kirari pulled him to the sofa and sat down on his lap letting him pamper her.

"Yes, but it seems that you're having fun outside, right, KSG?"

Kirari looked at Haru with a speechless expression since this guy had gone out playing in an arcade after he had taken a break from the school from 1 February to 7 February. She missed him and wanted to meet him as soon as possible yet this guy went out to play around in the arcade.

Haru only laughed at her and let her use his lap as a pillow.

Caressing her head, Haru was wondering why this girl was so intriguing, but it might be because the though of this girl was so different.

"Is it alright for you to give me that much?"

Kirari had always wanted to ask this question, but she knew that it was inappropriate to ask that question on the phone and she needed to ask him directly.

"It's alright. I've made a lot."

Haru thought as long as this girl was happy then everything was alright. He didn't say anything about her plan earlier. Even though it might seem inhuman, in society, it was even crueler. It was good that the female could marry a politician rather than selling their bodies to random people like the what had happened to the people in this country.

(There are a lot of girls who are being forced to work as to pay their debts in this country).

For males, it was even better since they weren't forced to sell their organs or rather became slaves at fishing sh.i.p.s.

Some people might think that Kirari was inhuman, but her way of implementing the "Life Plan" was several times better at how debt collectors collected their money.

Kirari nodded and looked at him with a smile. She didn't doubt Haru's ability and knew that he had made much more than her entire family in a year.

Her family was rich, but it wasn't being owned only by one person, but it was rather being owned by an entire family. If combined then their net worth might hit a dozen billion USD, but of course, as the clan head of Momobami Clan, her family's net worth was more than the branch clan around her since her family was focussed on the banking industry.

The banking industry is a very good business since it can use the money of their customers for their business but at the same time, it is also the same industry which caused the Japanese asset price bubble from 1986 to 1991.

But let's discuss about that matter on the different matters.....

"I've heard that you're going to buy a movie theatre, are you going to create the largest movie theatre chain in the world?"



Kirari was surprised when her joke hit the mark.


Haru didn't think that he needed to hide his intention to create the largest movie theatre chain in the world. Even though it seemed to be a grand plan, movie theatre wasn't a business that affected human life such as oil, gas, banks and any primary business which humans need in life.

"Let's not talk about business right now. It has been a while since I met you..."

Kirari smiled looking at him with a mischievous smile.

"What do you want? There are no people here and if you really want to...."

Kirari was at the age where she was interested in that kind of thing, and she especially wanted to do it with him.

Haru wanted to play with Kirari's hair since her long beautiful gray hair was very tempting and it might be because he had a fetish of grey hair too.

Kirari was crazy for excitement and looking at Haru who was looking at her with a hot gaze, it also made her body excited and he also wanted her too.

They said nothing and moved their lips closer before devouring each other's lips.

Kirari straddled Haru's lap hugging his neck tightly. Her mind was clouded in excitement the more she kissed him and she also understood more about his ability in that area.

Then it was at this moment, something huge from bottom's Kirari trying to lift her up. She was surprised by the sheer size of it and understood why a lot of his ex-girlfriend praised him. Even though she hadn't seen it, she could feel it and she understood that it was also the reason why this guy had conquered a number of girls.

But at the same time, it also made her want to conquer him and made him into her own.

It might have turned into a match whether Haru was the one who conquered Kirari, or Kirari was the one who conquered Haru.

In this fight, they were only using their tongues, but as expected Kirari who didn't have experience besides the last time they were kissing each other in his private room started to lose against him, however, Kirari didn't realize that Haru hadn't even gotten serious.

But at the same time, even though Kirari was at her losing end, a woman's ability to charm a guy wasn't only the ability to make their man happy on the bed.

Haru had to admit after he had gotten a "Tongue of God", he could taste that the lips of each girl were different.

*Knock!* *Knock!*

"Kirari-sama, what takes you so long?"


Parting each other's lips, Kirari was full of blush and wanted to continue.

Haru was quite speechless when Igarashi was waiting in front of the room. He wasn't in a hurry and decided to stop their activity.

"Let's end here."

"End here?"

Kirari sighed and somehow her mood was very bad when she was disturbed, but she also understood that they were inside the school. She looked at him with a serious expression and even a bit crazy.

The distance between the two of them was very close, Kirari hugged Haru's neck as if a snake had constricted its prey.

"How long are you going to make me wait?"


Haru blinked his eyes since this girl was a bit scary for him. He didn't know what kind of relationship he should have with her since he didn't think that she was okay to share him with someone considering how possessive this girl was. Even if he had decided to play with her, the cost to play with her was one billion USD.

Haru didn't care much about that amount of money since he could get it again in the future, and for him, one billion USD was a small amount of money since he could get it anytime.

Kirari chuckled and smiled looking at Haru's reaction. Her clear blue eyes stared deeply into Haru's soul and her beautiful lips shaded in blue moved in a s.e.x.u.a.l manner. Her hands grabbed Haru's face with her thumbs were right just right beside his eyes as if trying to possess him.

"I know that you have a girlfriend, but I'll make you mine, Haru..."

Kirari kissed his lips again deep with her tongue and parted her lips creating a string of crystal saliva. She stood up and tidied up her skirt before going out.



The door was opened and Sayaka and Ririka were surprised.

"Let's go, we need to meet with the Ministry of Education."


Sayaka and Ririka followed her, but they also peeked at Haru who was inside the student council room.

Haru thought for a while and wondered whether it was the right decision to date her seriously considering her personality, however, when he thought her with another guy made him really uncomfortable. He sighed and thought that he really needed to think using his head rather than his lower body in the future.


Erina was drying her wet hair while looking at Haru who was typing on the laptop. She was happy that he was coming when she had asked him to come before. She had told her secretary to rest early and told her to go back, but she knew that it was very hard for them to have time together, especially when she had a stupid cousin.



Alice screamed loudly several times from outside Erina's mansion.

"You're not going to answer her?"

Haru stopped and looked at Erina curiously.

"Ignore her."

Erina wanted to spend her time together with Haru and didn't want to be disturbed by an annoying cousin.


"This idiotic cousin!"

Erina was mad and walked out to her balcony looking at Alice who tried to climb her room using a ladder.


Alice was stunned, but hurriedly smiled looking at Erina.

"Erina, let's play."

"If you don't shut up then I'll push this ladder away."

"No, no, no, please don't!!!!"


Haru somehow had his mood better when he saw the interaction of both sisters made his mood became good, but at the same time, he realized that Alice was trying to c.o.c.kblock him.