Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 763

Volume 1 Chapter 763 You're Going To Make Movie?

"Haru, Erina is bullying me!"

Alice who had entered Erina's room through ladder ran toward Haru and hugged him.

"Alice! Get away from him!"

Erina was annoyed and pulled her apart.


Alice snorted and complained.

"Erina, just because you've dated him, you're going throw me out?! Y - You're a bully!"

Alice made a fake cry while looking at the reaction of both Haru and Erina.


"That's a fake cry, right?"


Haru and Erina calmly discussed with each other.


Alice was speechless and pouted while complaining in a low voice.

"Jeez... what is this? You're very much matched to each other..."

Alice somehow felt very jealous at this moment when she saw them quite close to each other somehow she lost her place or something. She was also somehow jealous of Erina who had gotten a boyfriend too.

"So? What are you doing here?"

Erina folded her arms arrogantly while asking that question.

"I'm going to play!"

Alice seemed to be spirited when she said those words.


Haru closed his laptop and knew that it was impossible to throw Alice out at this moment.

"Then, let's play together, Erina."

Erina frowned while looking at Haru.

"You always treat Alice better...."

"I'm not..."

Haru was speechless and took out an Uno Card.

"How about we play Uno? I've brought an Uno Card with me."


Erina and Alice seemed to be very interested in playing Uno Card.

Haru knew that even though Erina always acted arrogantly, she was quite childish on some part.

It was also the reason why she was also acting very excitedly when she played in the arcade before.

Haru moved closer to Erina and whispered.

"We can play together in an arcade in the future."

Erina blushed but nodded since she also wanted to play in the arcade again. There were a lot of games which she hadn't tried and it was hard to go alone, but if she came together with her boyfriend then it was different.

"Jeez! Jeez! Don't flirt in front of me! Let's hurry up and play Uno!"

Alice complained when she saw both of them flirt with each other.

"Hmph! You're going to lose, Alice."

Erina was also quite excited to play Uno Card.

"Erina, even though you might win against me on the cooking, you would have never won against me in Uno!"

"Let's see whether your mouth can match your skill."

"Kukuku, Erina, it seems that your vocabulary has increased and the way you mock me is also quite cool too."

Haru was wondering whether Alice was trying to praise or mock Erina at this time.

"Haru, take out the Uno Card, I'll teach Alice a lesson now!"

"Hmph! I'll be the one who teaches you a lesson, Erina!"

*Rumble!* *Rumble!* *Rumble!*

Erina and Alice stared at each other with a very serious expression and somehow with a weird pose too.

'Is this JoJo?'

Haru thought, but he honestly took out the Uno Card from his bag to Erina's bed.

When the Uno Card had been taken out, the three of them sat down on Erina's bed and started to play to each other to decide who was the winner of this battle.




"Jeez, Haru, don't bully us!"

Alice complained.


Erina didn't say anything, but her eyes started to be in tears.

The three of them played together, but they had always lost to Haru on Uno Card.

"I'm sorry. Don't cry, alright?"

Haru caressed Erina's head calming her down since he didn't expect her to start to sob.

"I - I'm not crying!"

Erina snorted and wiped her eyes, but then she used Haru's chest to calm herself since it was her privilege as her girlfriend.

"Jeez! Don't flirt in front of me!"

Alice was mad once again.

Erina who heard Alice's scream somehow felt better and suddenly remembered something.

"What have you been writing since earlier? Are you going to prepare for that magazine?"

"Eh? What magazine?"

Erina and Alice looked at Haru with a curious puppy expression waiting for him to answer their question.


Haru closed his eyes while thinking.

'What the heck is this cute creature?'

Haru sighed and wondering whether he would get diabetes looking at both of them.

"I'm sorry, but the magazine is in the preparation stage since the "Viking Shounen Weekly Manga" needs to be stabilized at least three months."

"W - Well, I'm not forcing you to make it as soon as possible..."

Erina was somewhat disappointed since she wanted to read the Shoujo manga which was being made by Haru.


Haru felt quite guilty and hugged her while caressing her hair.

Alice wanted to scream once again when both of them started to flirt with each other again.

Erina also started to feel better and asked, "So what are you making?" She knew that Haru had a lot of business and all of them were quite interesting and very novel for her. She wanted to know what he was about to make since he seemed to be very intently typing on the laptop earlier.

"I'm making a movie."


Erina and Alice started to get interested again.

"What kind of movie?"

"Is it romance?"

"Are you going to play in that movie too?"

"Yes, can I play in that movie"

The two of them asked him a lot of questions in a single breath.

"Wait, wait, ask me one by one, I can't answer you at the same time."

The two of them became quiet, but they were waiting for him to say something.

"I'm not going to play the movie, but only write the script."

"Did you buy a movie company?" Alice asked.

"Yes, and I've thought about creating a movie."

Haru nodded and didn't hide it from both of them.

"So what kind of movie is it?"

Erina really hoped for it to be a romance movie so both of them could watch it at the same time.

"It's a comedy."

"What's the title?"

"Goodbye, Mr. Loser."

Unlike Runa, neither Erina nor Alice were anyone from the media industry, Erina was his girlfriend, while Alice was Erina's cousin.

It was alright for him to tell them about his plan to make a movie.

"Goodbye, Mr. Loser?"

Erina and Alice seemed to be interested in the title.

"Can I read the script?" Erina asked.


Haru gave his laptop to both sisters and let them read the script of his movie. This movie was one of the most popular Chinese movies in his past life.

This movie has a small budget, but it has around 200 million USD box office.

It is also a very interesting movie with both comedy and moral messages having a lot of praise from the people who watch this movie.

Reading Haru's script, somehow Erina and Alice could imagine the scene in the movie, and it made them couldn't wait to watch it. Even though the MC of the story was quite bad, the moral of the story was quite good from the script that they were reading, and at the same time, it seemed that it would become a very funny movie.

"When are you going to make it?" Alice asked.

"Hmm, the preparation should have started before 10 February."

Haru had thought about visiting his movie company soon after the transaction had been solved and started to make a movie right away.

Erina seemed to be intrigued by the romance plot in this comedy movie, and her eyes stared closely at the screen of the laptop.

Haru felt that Erina was a bit funny and he was going to ask whether Erina wanted to go with him to London and the US, but suddenly his smartphone vibrated. He took his phone and checked that it was from Group Chat.