Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 764

Volume 1 Chapter 764 Rare Case

Group Chat.

Everyone was surprised when suddenly there was a quest once again.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1: Enter BABEL]

[Quest 2: Defeat Phil Barnett]

[Quest 3: Defeat Zahark]

[Quest 4: Get an Arms Device]

[Quest 4: Invite one person]

[Participant: four people]

[Reward: 2000 points and a random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world]

[Countdown: Before the attack of Zaharak]

Gintoki: "Who the heck is Phill Barett?"

Sumire: "BABEL? The legendary tower?"

Charlotte: "Fighting, huh? I can't help much in this kind of quest."

Tsunade: "But it is rare to send four people on a quest."

Four people.

Usually, they only need to send out one or two people on the quest, or it was more often to send everyone on the Group Chat rather than send four people.

The only quest which sent four people would be a quest where Haru, Kouha, and Teppei needed to go to Korosensei's world.

Kouha: "@Kuroneko, do you know anything about this quest?"

Kuroneko: "Sorry, the quest is just too abstract, and there is a lot of work in my world which uses BABEL as a location name."

Kuroneko: "For Phill Barnett and Zahark, I'm not even sure who those two people are?" She didn't think that it was a very famous work when she didn't even know the two antagonists which they needed to defeat.

Even though she was an otaku, it didn't mean that she had read every novel, game, anime, or manga in her world since she only liked to read something with gothic style or a romance since she was a girl.

Kuroneko: "However, from what I can tell this might be a battle school or something."

Battle school.

It isn't an uncommon setting, rather it is a very common setting for light novels to start at the school where everyone is having a battle.

Esdeath: "It doesn't matter what the story is, the problem is who is going for the quest?"

Everyone agreed with Esdeath at this moment.

Yajima: "Since it is a battle school, only a member under the age of 20 can enter."

Korosensei: "Or someone who has a loli appearance."


Charlotte: "So I can go?"


Esdeath: "Tch."

Esdeath knew that she couldn't go since she was in her 20s and she had just gone on a quest before. Even though she didn't want to admit it, it would be very hard for her to wear a school uniform to go the school, especially after she had observed the school life in the world of Black Bullet.

Korosensei: "Sorry, Tsunade, you can't go."

Tsunade: "Ha? What do you mean by that?! I'm still very young!"


No one said anything. No one refuted anything. Everyone pretended that they didn't see anything.

Tsunade: "Say something."

Kuroneko: "Anyway, we need to send out four people."

Teppei didn't say anything since he felt that training in his own world made him stronger much faster, and there were a lot of people on the Group Chat who were quite weak. He thought that they needed a chance to go on a quest with one strong guy who would accompany them when there was something wrong.

Esdeath was wondering where Haru was, and she was wondering whether she would go on the quest.

Gintoki: "I'm not going."

Yajima: "Me too."

Tsunade: "Same."

Korosensei: "I'm an octopus."


The four famous lazy people on the group chat had declared that they wouldn't go on this quest, but it wasn't something surprising.

Shinobu: "I'm going."

Kouha: "Then, I'm also going."

Sumire: "Who are the next two people?" She didn't really want to go when she thought that the quest was dangerous, especially when she heard the content of the quest which was being done by both Haru and Esdeath.

Unify Japan.

If Sumire was being told to unify Japan in her world, then it was impossible since she was a doctor and scientist. She didn't even know crap about politics and fighting, if she was given such a quest then it was simply asking her to die.

Kouha: "It's Haru."

Kouha: "I'm not going to say anything bad, but he's the only one who can make money very quickly and get us a very comfortable place to live with comfort as good as a king."

If they went on a quest, they would have always brought Haru since for them Haru was similar to Doraemon. He could bring anything and made their life on a quest more comfortable.

Luffy: "I'm going!"

Kuroneko: "I'm going!"

Suddenly two people asked at the same time.

Luffy: "Kuroneko, I want to go."

Kuroneko: "Luffy, I also want to go!"

Kuroneko: "I'm not saying something bad, but if you shout out that you want to become One Piece crap then you can't enter this quest."

Luffy: "I want to become One Piece!"

Luffy: "I won't stop shouting it!"


They suddenly felt worried when they thought to send Luffy on the quest.

Luffy is an oddball.

Luffy is very hard to predict.

If they knew the information about the world, then it would be alright, but if they didn't know anything then Luffy would also become a hidden danger since Luffy didn't want to be controlled and would do whatever he wanted on the quest.

If the quest was about fighting then it was good to send Luffy, but if the quest was using a mind or something then it wasn't good since Luffy was an idiot and it was also hard to erase Luffy's habit who often stretched his body everywhere.

Gintoki: "Luffy, how about you give up? I'll bring you to play at my house later."

Luffy: "Gin-chan? You're inviting me to your home?"

Gintoki: "Yeah, go to my world!"

Luffy: "Good! I'll go there!"


Gintoki smiled mischievously since he was about to make Luffy part of the circus.

Yajima: "Then, the one who is going is Shinobu, Kouha, Kuroneko, and Haru, is that right?"

Kouha: "Good."

Shinobu: "Yes."

Kuroneko: "Kukuku, the blood on my body is boiling."


Somehow, they were worried when Kuroneko was going to join the quest.

Charlotte: "Where is Haru?"


Where is Haru?


Haru didn't care much about the quest since he had just come back from the quest on Black Bullet and he didn't want to do any quest again, but he didn't know that he had been chosen for another quest.

"Erina, I'm going to London and the US in two weeks on 12 February, do you want to go with me?"

Erina was a bit surprised and asked, "What are you going to do there? Don't you have school?"

"I'm going to skip the school since I have some matters that I need to solve in both countries, we can also have a holiday too."

Erina was tempted, but she shook her head since she was very busy.

"I'm quite busy since I've officially become an Elite 10 and I've also needed to do my testing food work on the various restaurants."

As the owner of "God of Tongue", Erina also needed to taste various dishes in the restaurant as her job to make the dish which the restaurant created to turn better.

"Then, if Erina doesn't go, I'll go with you."

Alice raised her hand with a smile.

"What? No! You can't go with him!"

Erina hurriedly stopped Alice.

"Why? I also want to go to London and the US!"

Alice pouted and complained.

"If I say no, then no!"

Erina couldn't go with Haru, and of course, she wouldn't let Alice go with him.

Both of them started to argue with each other, but Alice decided to give up when she saw Erina's serious expression.

"Still, what are you going to do in London?" Alice was very curious as a curious puppy.

"You can see the newspaper and you should know what I'm going to do in that place."

Erina was also curious and waited for his answer.

Haru didn't tell them since he wanted to give them a surprise.

Erina and Alice pouted, but somehow it made her become even more curious and tried to force him, however, he didn't say anything.

"Just wait for my face in the newspaper and you'll know."

Erina and Alice became even more curious, but it was almost too late and Haru decided to go back.

Erina wanted him to stay, but with Alice in her home, it was impossible to do it.

Both of them sent him outside.

"Be careful along the way."

Erina folded her arms and seemed a bit annoyed waiting for him to do something.

Haru shook his head and kissed her forehead.

"Good night."


Erina blushed and nodded, but she looked at him since she felt that it wasn't enough.

Haru only chuckled and kissed her lips.


Alice on the side could only feel annoyed and wanted to say something but stopped when she saw them kissing each other. Looking at both of them kissing each other, she was wondering whether it tasted good.

At the same time, she felt jealous of Erina who had gotten him as a boyfriend.

Going back, Haru checked his phone and looked at the chat log of the Group Chat, but the moment he saw the chat.


Haru couldn't help but facepalm himself.


The world Hagure Yuusha no Estetika or Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero.