Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 765

Volume 1 Chapter 765 There's Nothing Weird


This time, it was the location where they were teleported for the quest.

Haru did what he usually did in every world in his previous quests. Taking out his laptop, connecting to the network, and started to research the information about this world.

Everyone stayed together in the car which Haru had kept on his zipper storage before.

Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko played the Uno card together while waiting for Haru to finish his research about this world while also forging a fake identity, stealing money from the bank accounts of random people, and also buying a good house in the peaceful neighborhood.

It took him a day to do all of those things and drove his car to the house where he had bought previously.

Coming out from the car, Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko were surprised by Haru's efficiency.

"This house is bigger than my house..."

Kuroneko grumbled looking at the two story house with a contemporary design with mostly white color. Her house was quite small and also quite old, but she didn't have a complaint since she knew that her parents worked very hard for her and her sisters but looking at Haru who could buy such a large house in just a day...

Kuroneko started to wonder whether it was worth it for her parents to work that long, especially when she saw him could have such a large amount of money easily without trouble.

"Really? It can't be even compared to the stable in my home."

Kouha refuted Kuroneko's words, but from his expression, everyone could tell that he was quite satisfied with this house.

Kuroneko twitched her lips, but didn't say anything since Kouha was prince of large kingdom. She was only a daughter from normal family after all.

Shinobu didn't say anything since she didn't care much about the housing, even though she knew that it was good to have a place to stay, but she could even stay in the forest, street, or anything as long since she knew that it was part of mission.

"Do you know anything about this world?"

Shinobu knew that Haru had researched a lot of things, even though this guy was quite sleazy, but he was very dependable.

Haru nodded hearing Shinobu's question and answered, "I know the gist of it and tomorrow we'll enroll in Babel."

"Tomorrow? So fast?!"

Kuroneko was surprised since she had just come to this world, yet Haru had registered them to Babel.

"The faster the better."

Shinobu agreed with Haru's decision.

"So what is Babel? And, do you know anything about this world?"

Kouha was curious about what was the difference between this world and another world.

"Let's go inside first and I'll explain while we're having dinner."

They agreed with Haru's decision and entered their house for the first time.


Of course, Haru was in charge of cooking since from the four of them he was the one with the ability to cook the dish.

"Cooking, cleaning..."

Kuroneko grumbled and complained. "This guy has more girl power than me."


Shinobu and Kouha weren't sure what to say when they heard Kuroneko's complaint, but they had to admit that if they married Haru then it would be wonderful.

"I guess Kuroneko doesn't want dinner tonight."

Haru, who was cooking, decided not to give Kuroneko dinner.

"What?! NO!"

Kuroneko jumped from her seat and apologized to Haru with great sincerity since she also wanted to eat. Smelling the delicious smell of curry from the kitchen, if he told her that she couldn't eat the curry then it was simply torturing her.


Kuroneko suddenly thought that Haru might learn this torture method from Esdeath after they had married to each other.

Haru only shook his head at Kuroneko's plea and served the food to the table.

"Let's eat first when it is still hot."

Shinobu raised her eyebrow and asked, "You're not going to explain about this world?"

"I'll explain while we're eating."

Haru looked at Kouha and Kuroneko who weren't even waiting for them to eat and gorged the food into their mouths as soon as possible, but at the same time, he was satisfied with their reaction. Calmly eating his food, he started with his explanation about this world.

Samon Syndrome.

"Samon Syndrome?"

"Yes, Samon Syndrome is a paranormal phenomenon that was first discovered 30 years ago. A few thousand boys and girls throughout history have been summoned to other dimensions. And all the traces of them are gone from this world.

In this other dimension, there exists the Transport Gate.

Only half of the summoned children make it back through this Gate. And, even more surprisingly, we have recently learned that the travelers who return back home still retain the fighting abilities they pick up in the other world.

Naturally, magic is no exception."

Kuroneko who was eating her curry raised her eyebrow and asked, "So it doesn't really matter whether we don't have an identity?"

"It doesn't really matter since we can say that we're a group of orphans which has been teleported to another world together. It'll also be our setting later when we're being asked about our origin."

Kouha put a spoon in his mouth and smiled.

"I'll follow the settings and you should do the explanation."

"Yes, don't worry. I've prepared everything."

They nodded and really felt that Haru was very dependable.

For Haru, this quest was simply very easy compared to the quest that he had done for the past few months.

"Then, what is Babel?"

Shinobu waited for Haru to explain about the Babel.

"Babel is the school for those children who have just come back from another world and it is being made to guide everyone."

"So like a brainwash?" Kuroneko thought that the setting of this world should be quite dark.


They were speechless with Kuroneko's question.

Haru only shook his head at Kuroneko's question.

"Kuroneko, you don't need to think too much about Babel and their purpose."


Kuroneko frowned.

"It's because that's the job of the main character of this story to solve the problem in this world."

Haru didn't want to be too tired on this quest and would only do the quest which had been given. He only needed to go to school then also needed to defeat both Phil Barnett and Zahark who he was sure would come to Babel later.


Kuroneko couldn't refute Haru's words. "But we should do something to help those people."

"How?" Haru looked at Kuroneko.


Being asked that question, Kuroneko wasn't sure what to say for a moment.

"I'm not sure, maybe we can make another organization?"


Shinobu and Kouha didn't say anything, only they knew that Kuroneko was a naive girl who loved to play a hero. Both of them knew the cruelty of the world, and they weren't heroes. They were thinking more about their friends rather than a stranger who they didn't even know.

"Then, you don't need to worry since there's also a terrorist organization who is fighting against Babel so you can focus on the entrance exam for our school tomorrow since if you don't do well our class might be separated."

Kureneko twitched her lips, but nodded when she heard Haru's explanation, and at the same time she also knew the organization who fought against the order of the world would be labeled as a terrorist.

However, Kuroneko couldn't help but feel that the terrorist organization was very cool. She thought of joining that group, but when she saw Haru's expression, she knew that it was impossible to do it. She knew that it was better to think about their quest beforehand. Putting her fist on her flat chest, she smiled confidently.

"Don't worry, we'll have the same class tomorrow."


Somehow they felt worried when they saw Kuroneko.

"Well, let's sleep early since I'm a bit tired."

Haru yawned and put his plate on the sink.

"I'll sleep too."

Kouha followed Haru.

Both of them entered the same room, and it surprised both Kuroneko and Shinobu.

"Huh? Are both of you going to sleep together?"

Haru and Kouha looked at them with a weird expression.

"Is that weird?"

"I'm going to sleep in the same room as him so he can wake me up later in the morning. I'm very weak in the morning."

Kouha yawned while giving them his reasoning since during his stay in the world of Assassination Classroom, it was quite often for both of them to sleep together (with Teppei too, of course).

"We're both guys, there's nothing weird."

Haru also felt weird by their reaction since in the army or a dorm a lot of guys were also sleeping together.


Shinobu and Kuroneko weren't sure what to say, but Kuroneko had a large amount of nosebleeds on her nose.

"Good night."

In the end, Haru and Kouha decided to ignore both of them and went to sleep, but when they entered the room and left both Shinobu and Kuroneko in the dining room.

"A - Amazing....."

Kuroneko forgot about the thing which she had thought before and was more cornered about the thing which was about to happen in that room.


Shinobu, who had been corrupted by Kuroneko, also felt strange at this moment and wasn't sure what to say, but she knew that Kuroneko would go berserk because of this. At the same time, when she thought that she had a chance suddenly Kouha tried to c.o.c.kblock her making her complicated. She sighed and in the end, she could only give up.

"Both of them are guys, nothing weird is going to happen, right?"