Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 766

Volume 1 Chapter 766 True Hero Supreme King And Four Ignored Transfer Students

Inside the luxurious black sedan, Haru and Kouha sat next to each other with Shinobu and Kuroneko sitting right in front of them after being picked by the staff of the Babel.

Haru was looking at the black sedan car in front of them which also moved at the same time as them. He knew that the house next to their house was empty, but last night two people entered that house. He could see that the people inside that black car were both a young man and a girl as teenagers.

It might be because he had seen a lot of protagonists in a lot of worlds, that he had a feeling that the young man and the girl who was inside the car right in front of them was the protagonist and the heroine.

"What's wrong?"

Kouha noticed that Haru was looking at the car in front of them.

"Let's talk about this when we have arrived at home."

Haru could see that the driver from Babel was listening to their conversation.

Kouha also noticed it and nodded.

However, their conversation didn't really matter for both Kuroneko and Shinobu since they were speechless when they saw the appearance of both Haru and Kouha.


"What's wrong?"

Haru noticed that both Kuroneko and Shinobu wanted to ask them something.

"I know that it feels weird, but at the same time it feels normal."

Shinobu sighed and looked at Kouha. "Why did you wear a female uniform of Babel?"

Kuroneko tried to hold her nosebleed since Kouha was really hot in the female uniform.

Kouha, who had a feminine appearance, appeared very cute and might even be more beautiful than most girls in this world.

Kuroneko sighed since she felt that she had lost Kouha on the girl's power, even though Kouha was a male.


Kuroneko felt that her chest was hurt when she thought about this.

"What's wrong? don't you think this uniform is very suitable for me?"

Kouha smiled with an elegant smile.


Kuroneko and Shinobu couldn't say anything since the female uniform really suited Kouha.

"I didn't expect them to really send me a girl uniform, but when I've worn it... it strangely suits me, right?"

Kouha looked at Haru's male uniform and felt that it was better to wear a female uniform.

"It suits him, just let him wear whatever he wants."

Haru didn't think much since they were in another world and no one knew about them. He could let them wear anything as long as it wasn't something too perverted.


Shinobu and Kuroneko decided to not say anything about Kouha's female uniform, but now, they were more curious about Haru's appearance.

"What's wrong? Is there something on my face?" Haru asked.

"There is..."


"Why did you wear such strange glasses?"

There was a mole under his right eye which had become his charming point and even though he didn't even activate his "Love Spot", for a girl, his appearance was very lethal for them. If he walked on the street, it wouldn't be surprising if someone stopped him for a scout of idol, actor, model, asking for his phone number or even bringing him to the hotel directly.

But this time, Haru wore swirling eye-glasses which covered his eyes, however, it couldn't hide his harem protagonist aura since his body was very fit and his complexion was very good.

However, he tried really hard. He also parted his hair on to the right. If he wore normal glasses then he would be quite similar to the appearance of Sakamoto from "Sakamoto Desu Ga!", but of course, he gave more attraction to women.

"I want to give an image of a bookworm and nerd."

Haru didn't hide his intention to wear these glasses since he also wanted to change his character in this world. He had enough of the identity as harem protagonist character, governor, emperor, con-artist, etc. He had tried a lot of roles from the quest, but he had never tried a nerd or low-key character, even though it was impossible to be low-key with his power.

Haru wanted to try to be a character similar to Aya Toujo from Ichigo 100%, who was very plain when she wore strange glasses, but when she took off her glasses she became a very beautiful girl. It was on a whim, but he was surprised when he saw that there were anime glasses which were usually worn by a lot of people on the anime, and he bought them directly since the price was very cheap.

Haru suddenly thought that he had bought a lot of useless things, but he didn't think too much since it was one of his ways to have fun on each quest since the last quest really took a toll on him (playing a governor character). He wanted to be low-key playing the role of nerd smart student at the school.

When everyone heard why Haru decided to wear those dumb glasses, they couldn't say anything for a while, but in the end, they really knew that Haru's previous quest might really tire him out. At the same time, they felt a bit bad to bring him to this quest.

Kouha didn't think too much and thought something fun. "Haru, don't you think that we should be your harem members in this world?"

"Ha?!" 2x

Shinobu and Kuroneko were startled.

"What do you mean?"

Haru was a bit startled by Kouha's words.

"The three of us are great beauties and I'm sure that there are a lot of guys who are going to hit us in the school.

That's why we should be Haru's harem members so no one is going to bother us."

Kouha thought that it was a great idea. Even though he had said that he was a beautiful girl, no one refuted it since he was really beautiful in the female uniform.


"Great idea."

"I don't mind."

Shinobu and Kuroneko thought that it was really fun idea.


Haru thought that his dream as a low-key student would be destroyed by the three of them.


Ousawa Akatsuki rested his head with both of his hands relaxed on the car's chair while glancing at the car behind him.

"What's wrong? You've been looking at the car behind us?"

The one who had asked this question was Ousawa Myuu, Ousawa Akatsuki's little sister according to the setting. Her real identity was the daughter of the demon king from another world who had been brought by Akatsuki after he had come back to his original world.

"Nothing." Akatsuki shook his head and said, It seems that our new neighbor is also a student on Babel." He smiled quite relaxed and even if his neighbor was a spy or something he didn't care since he could blast them away with his fists. He didn't see them as a threat since in this world, he didn't think that anyone could threaten him. He didn't see their appearance before, but he only knew that there were four of them.

The three of them were girls and the last one was a young man.

'Let's see what they've got....'

Akatsuki smiled with a confident smile.

"Eh? Is that alright?"

Myuu seemed surprised and didn't know what to do.

"It's alright. I'm going to protect you here."


Myuu didn't say anything, only looked at the killer of her father in front with a complex gaze, then looked at the car behind her. She didn't know why, but she was somehow quite curious about the people behind her car. From her observation, she could tell that they went in the same direction as her and it meant that they would enter BABEL at the same time as her and Akatsuki which made her wonder what kind of people they were.


In one of the rooms in Babel.

There were four people who were discussing with each other about six new students who were about to have a test.

Those four people were members of the student councils and they were in charge of taking care of the school.

Six students!

It was a very large number of students, and it really surprised them that they had so many students who would enter their school so suddenly.

However, the most important thing was the prophecy that they had gotten about one of those six students.

"The true Hero and Supreme King..."

For the prophecy of the true Hero and Supreme King to appear because one of the transfer students, the four of them thought that it was quite surprising, but it didn't really make them scared, or rather they were thinking that this guy might cause trouble to the Babel.

Every person, who was being teleported back from another world to this world, would be instantly identified. They would receive information about what they did in another world and a lot more, and it was the first time for someone to have an identity as a true Hero and Supreme King.

For the five other transfer students, they didn't think much about them since their threat was very low.

They only guarded against Ousawa Akatsuki after hearing such a prophecy which they had heard before.

Kasugano Haruka, Kouha Ren, Shinobu Kocho, Ruri Gokou (Kuroneko), and Ousawa Myuu.

The identities of the five were being left on the table while the members of the student council discussed both Ousawa Akatsuki.