Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 767

Volume 1 Chapter 767 Test In Babel 1

The cars of Akatsuki and Myuu stopped and they came out from the car, but when Myuu was about to go to the school, she saw that Akatasuki stopped and didn't move.

"What are you doing? Let's go!"

Myuu was very nervous since this guy was trying to do something strange.

"Don't be in a hurry."

Akatsuki smiled and put his hands in his pockets. He seemed lazy, but also confident at the same time.

"Let's wait for our neighbor first."

Myuu frowned and really couldn't handle his antics. "Don't do anything stupid! You know that is something more important than that, right?" She walked toward him and pulled him. "Let's go!" It was dangerous for someone to know about her identity, but this guy was trying to do something stupid such as provoking their neighbor. She hurriedly pulled him, but she couldn't move him.

"Don't be in a hurry."

Akatsuki didn't move and looked at the car behind earlier also had arrived in their location.

The car stopped and the door was opened, Kouha went out from char first.

*Whistle!* *Whistle!*

Akatsuki had to admit that Kouha was very beautiful, even Myuu who was pulling Akatsuki's hand also stopped since Kouha's beauty really mesmerised them.

Then, Shinobu and Kuroneko also went out at the same time.

The three of them were beautiful girls and would attract a lot of attention no matter where they go. They also gave an elegant aura around them, but all of their chests were very flat which somehow made Akatsuki feel a bit disappointed.

"They're really beautiful...."

Myuu couldn't look away from them.

Akatsuki thought that no one was perfect, but he thought to greet them since they were his neighbor and it would be a crime to not know such a group of beautiful girls but stopped when he saw one guy get out of the car.

Myuu and Akatsuki couldn't ignore the appearance of this guy.

This guy was wearing strange glasses with twirling lenses, however, at the same time, they didn't think that this guy was ugly rather they thought of him as a proper student who would receive a 100 score on every exam and his aura made people somehow pleased to the eyes.

This guy is Haru who has worn strange anime glasses which he bought before he went out on the quest.

Haru knew that it was impossible to have a low-key high school life, but he didn't expect that it would be this difficult. He was surprised when Kouha and Kuroneko hugged his arms together at the same time while Shinobu seemed to be embarrassed, but she kept moving closer at him.

The four of them walked together, and Haru nodded at Akatsuki and Myuu. He didn't know the names of the two people, but he had a feeling that they were the protagonists and heroines in this world. He didn't intend to get close to them now or not depending on their personality. Well, he got to know them slowly later.

Even so, the appearance of the protagonist is very necessary since without a protagonist it is very hard for the trouble to appear and plot to move.

Haru didn't want to blindly search for both Zahark and Phil Barnett, and it was better to wait for both of them to appear right in front of the main character.

"Yo, are they your harem members?"

Akatsuki felt quite jealous when he saw Haru was being surrounded by three beautiful girls at the same time. He was known as the "Rogue Hero" in another world and even though there were a lot of girls around him before, they weren't in a relationship. That's why he decided to tease them to see their reaction. He felt that it would be fun to see the reaction of this v.i.r.g.i.n (Haru).

"Don't be so rude!"

Myuu hurriedly scolded Akatsuki who was being rude to Haru and his group.

"Yes, do you have a problem?"

Haru had a deadpan expression and continued to walk with the three of them.


Akatsuki and Myuu didn't expect Haru to answer them with such an answer. They thought that Haru would have ignored them, or even be embarrassed since Haru's appearance was similar to a nerd, but this guy was so confident telling them that the three girls were his harem members.

Myuu didn't think too much, but Akatsuki thought to provoke Haru since he didn't like when someone had a better life than him.

However Myuu's reaction was very fast and hurriedly stopped Akatsuki from provoking Haru's group.

"What are you doing? We have a test that we need to do!"

Myuu knew that this guy loved to cause trouble and she wouldn't be surprised if he caused a fight on the first day which somehow made her sigh and tired at the same time.

Akatsuki only smiled and didn't say anything, but he knew that he could provoke Haru again later.


"Is that the protagonist of this world?" Kuroneko whispered.

Haru nodded, confirming Kuroneko's question. "Yes, I have a feeling that it is him."

"I have a feeling that he'll cause a lot of trouble."

Kouha had seen a lot of guys with this type of personality who were overconfident with their strength. If their strength was really powerful then it was good, but they were very weak.

"Don't think too much, it's better to think about the quest."

Haru didn't think too much about Akatsuki, but he knew very well that this type of guy would cause him no end of trouble, especially he could see that this guy was very overconfident and reckless. He sighed and wondered why a protagonist of each world couldn't be like Hayato Kisaragi in the world of Hundred. He suddenly missed Hayato since that guy was very nice and he also loved to befriend him.

"I guess not all of the stories have a dense harem protagonist, huh?"

Kuroneko glanced at Haru when she uttered those sentences.

"Yeah, some harem protagonist even does his own sister."

Kouha smiled while looking at Haru.



Haru wanted to say something, but he sighed since he really dated his own sister.

Shinobu nodded and noted in her heart that Haru had an interest in a petite girl (based on Haru's sister).


They entered the Babel and started with the test. They didn't meet with the Myuu nor Akatsuki who they had met before. Though, they didn't even know their names.

The test was quite simple since they only needed to answer some questions about where they were being teleported and what they had been doing in that world.

Haru had made up a script for all of them so it was very easy for them to answer the quest of the staff of Babel.

The next test was about their health and physical condition which required their blood, x-ray photo, being sized from weight, height, and size of any part of the body to see whether there was some strangeness or not.

Even though Haru had gotten the physical of Aquaman, his appearance was similar to normal human and he didn't have a strange fin or something on his ears. Anyone who saw him would think that he was 100% human.


However, the examiner was quite surprised when they saw the size of the thing between Haru's legs since it really shocked them.

The female examiners became crazy when they saw him taking off his glasses, adding to the size of the thing between his legs, he was perfect lover for every woman in this world.

On Kouha's side, they were also very surprised when they found out that Kouha was a guy who dressed as a female.

For Kuroneko and Shinobu, nothing changed, and there was nothing special.

But there was one thing which surprised the examiners that was about the relationship between the four of them.

They looked at Haru and looked at the thing between his legs. The female examiners nodded and understood, but the male examiners sighed. However, all of them understood why he could become a harem protagonist.

Haru didn't think too much since it was quite normal for people to look at him.

After the body test, they were told to go to the arena to test their fighting ability.

When they were talking they also met two people who they had met before.


There was a guy who greeted them with his laid-back attitude.

Haru also nodded at the guy and politely greeted the girl.

"We meet again."

"Y - Yes!"

Myuu wasn't sure, but somehow she wanted to know how his appearance was when he took off his glasses.