Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 768

Volume 1 Chapter 768 Test In Babel 2

"Yo, harem protagonist, are you also going to make my little sister part of your harem?"

The guy seemed amused when he saw Haru greet Myuu and ignored him.

"Y - You!!"

The girl seemed embarrassed.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka, how about you Onii-san?" Haru ignored the guy's remark and asked.

"Oh? You have started to call me older brother now, but it doesn't mean that I'll accept you as a little brother yet.

"However, my name is Ousawa Akatsuki. You can call me Akatsuki."

Akatsuki seemed to be interested in Haru and his group since they were a very uncommon group. He had never seen someone who was wearing such a getup to have harem members.

"You can call me Haru."

Haru nodded and looked at the girl. "How about you?"

"Myuu. My name is Ousawa Myuu." Myuu who had been nervous for a while suddenly felt calm when Haru asked her that question.

"Hee...." Akatsuki smiled and asked, "You're not going to introduce your harem members?"

Haru looked at Shinobu, Kuroneko, and Kouha. He knew that the three of them were very quiet and even though they were often talking to each other cheerfully, in front of a stranger they had never talked too much, no, they often ignored them.

"From the left side are Kocho Shinobu, Kuroneko, and Kouha Ren."

"Kouha Ren?"

Akatsuki and Myuu were startled when they heard Kouha, who was very beautiful, had such a male name.

"I'm a guy." Kouha didn't hide it.


Myuu and Akatsuki seemed to be shocked, but then Akatsuki laughed. "Hahaha, interesting." He smiled and asked, "So why have the three of you become Haru's harem members?"

"Because his thing is much bigger than the little worm on your pants." Shinobu had a sharp expression on her face and said, "Now, can you shut up?" She was annoyed by someone who was chattering and only wanted to end the test as soon as possible.



Everyone was stunned when they heard it, even the staff of Babel who brought them to the arena for the fighting ability test was also stunned.

They wanted to clap their hands when they heard Shinobu's remark.

Even Myuu who seemed to be pure seemed to be curious by Shinobu's remark and wanted to know what was this "thing" which Shinobu talked about before.

"Stop talking and follow me! I'll explain to you about the test while we're walking."

The staff decided to change the topic of the conversation since he didn't want them to fight each other.

Kouha and Kuroneko gave Shinobu a thumbs up.

Shinobu ignored them, but she also knew that Haru's anaconda was very big.


Myuu looked at the staff and Haru along with his group who started to walk, then looked at Akatasuki who stood on a place.

"What's wrong? We're not going to go?"

"I need to uncover how big his thing is....." Akatsuki mumbled in low voice and he also felt very hurt when Shinobu gave him such a sharp remark. 'Little worm....' He knew that some people hated his laid-back attitude, but it was his first time being mocked with such a thing and somehow it made him uncomfortable since no guy loved being mocked that their thing was small.

However, at the same time, Akatsuki thought that he needed to change his opinion about Haru since it seemed that Haru had hidden a beast within his pants.

"Hey, can I ask you a question?" Myuu suddenly asked.

"What's wrong?" Akatsuki looked at Myuu.

"What is the "thing" which they have talked about? What is the big and little worm?" Myuu looked at Akatsuki with a curious expression.


Akatsuki turned into a smile and started to explain what it was. He thought to tease this pure girl with a perverted joke to make his mood better.

Myuu blushed, but at the same time realized something. "So your size is as big as a little worm?"


Akatsuki needed to fix this misunderstanding or else he would lose his manly identity.


"Babel is equipped with many forcefields.

Physics, magic, or either sort of attack only affects the receiver's brain - the body remains unharmed."

The staff explained this matter so they didn't need to worry about the fighting ability test later.

Haru was a bit curious about this forcefield and wondering whether he could bring it back later at home.

"Though the pain is still very real and many people do faint. There is a concern of students going into shock... So many safety measures are in place."

Walking together, they had arrived in front of the steel door with a futuristic design.

The staff pressed some buttons and the door was opened automatically showing a vast fighting arena.

Haru thought that this place wasn't that much different from Colosseum in the world of Hundred, however, when he saw a group of weapons that were placed on the display and could only wonder why they were using such a historical weapon.

Kuroneko seemed to be interested and walked directly to the display while wondering whether she could bring one of them back. She could keep it as a collection on her house in the future.

Myuu also walked toward Kuroneko to see various weapons.

Haru followed Kuroneko to see the quality of the weapon.

"You're going to use a weapon?" Looking at Haru who walked toward Kuroneko, Kouha asked with a strange expression.

"I'm just looking around." Haru didn't think too much and kept looking at the weapons.

The four of them didn't bring a weapon, no, they brought it, but they kept it on the small space storage which they had bought on the Group Chat. Almost all of the members of the Group Chat had brought small space storage on the Group Chat since this ability was very useful to travel and quest.

"Now, I would like to see what you kids are made of." The staff smiled and folded his arms looking at all of them.

"Use whichever weapon you fancy."

Haru took a knife and thought that the quality of the knife was quite good for cooking.

Shinobu and Kouha also touched various weapons since it was quite boring to wait for the test.

"You're going to use a sword?" Haru asked Myuu.

"No, I'm just looking at it." Myuu held a western sword and swung it down. She could feel the sharpness of the sword and asked, "You're going to use a knife?"

"No, I'm just looking at the quality of the knife."

"Quality of the knife?"

"I'm a chef after all." Haru didn't hide it and looked at various weapons again.

Myuu wasn't sure why she didn't feel nervous when she talked with Haru, but at the same time, she was curious about his job. 'Chef?'

Out of the six of them, only Akatsuki didn't go to the weapon display.

The staff who noticed this looked at Akatsuki.

"You can also choose...."

"I don't need a weapon."

Before the staff finished his words, Akatsuki answered him and showed his fist. "I only need this."

The staff only shook his head with a smile. "So you're the type who gets over his powers after he comes.... Well, not that I mind. Now, let us begin."

The staff looked around and focussed on Myuu. "First, we'll start on you, dear."

Myuu seemed a bit surprised, but she nodded. "Umm... thank you for this opportunity!

"Not so fast."

Akatsuki stopped Myuu and walked toward her before whispering something to her.


Myuu seemed a bit surprised.

"It's alright. It's alright."

Akatsuki reassured Myuu then looked at Haru, Kouha, Shinobu, and Kuroneko wondering what their power was.

Haru, Kouha, Shinobu, and Kuroneko looked at the staff and Myuu who walked into the ring to see the first battle. They were wondering about the strength of the people in this world since it was their first time came to this world.


Myuu and the staff had stood in the arena a few meters distance between the two of them.

Myuu created a green barrier in front of her.

"As expected, you're a magician type, but..."

The staff charged toward Myuu and decided to rush over her, but suddenly Myuu created a magic circle and sent out a blast of water.


The staff was blown away and hit the wall on the arena.


His body was stuck on the wall with an expression of disbelief.

"Impossible! This much seconds..."

The staff dropped on the ground and sat down on the ground. It seemed that the endurance of his body was quite good that he could still talk in this situation.

"And she kept her defense while attacking? can't be..."

Suddenly he noticed something on the top of him.

A magic circle appeared on the top of the staff and sent out a bolt of lightning.



The staff passed out directly after being shot by that magic.

Akatsuki smiled looking at Haru, Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko to see their reaction, but he was surprised when they saw that they didn't have that much change in their expressions.


Akatsuki thought that the four of them might be quite strong and he had become curious about them, but he could do that later.

"Now, who will be my opponent?"

After seeing Myuu's fight, Akatsuki started to get fired up and wanted to fight someone.

"Allow me to take you on."

Suddenly there was a voice of footsteps inside the hall, they turned their attention toward that hall and saw a male student with light blue hair walking from the hall looking at them with a smile.

Looking at this person, Haru was wondering whether this guy was the antagonist of this story, but this antagonist made him frown.


It was his impression of the antagonist of this world.