Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 769

Volume 1 Chapter 769 Test In Babel 3

After mastering "Kenbunshoku Haki", Haru could generally measure the strength of the people whose presence he had sensed.

Haki is a very useful skill and it is also the reason why he has recommended it to everyone on the Group Chat.

Haru, Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko seemed to be very calm in front of this person who suddenly came to the arena, but Akatsuki showed hostility right away.

"Who are you?"

"Nice to meet you, Ousawa Akatsuki-kun."

The young man looked at Akatsuki and started to introduce himself. "I'm JPN's Babel High School Sector's Student Council President, Hikami Kyouya." He then turned into a group of four.

"You too, Kasugano Haruka-kun, Kocho Shinobu-san, Godo Ruri-san, and Kouha Ren-kun."

Kyouya wasn't sure, but he could feel that the strength of the four of them might not be underestimated.

"President, we're very humbled that you came here on your day off."

The staff who came to help the examiner who had been knocked out by Myuu politely greeted Kyouya.

"It's okay. More importantly, take that man to the infirmary, quickly."

Kyouya looked at the five of them and smiled. "Well then, allow me to take all of you on."

"The five of us?"

Kuroneko frowned when she heard Kyouya's words.

"You sure love to underestimate us, huh? Prez?" Akatsuki started to get agitated and wanted to show his strength.

"Whoa, all of you start to scare me, but I've never said that I'll fight all of you."

Kyouya felt that both Shinobu and Kouha were very dangerous.

"Let's start the quest."

Kouha got bored waiting in this place.

"Then, let's start the quest, right away."

Then suddenly five pillars of ice appeared below them.

Akatsuki was surprised and tried to save Myuu, but someone was faster than him.

Haru had taken Myuu away from her spot earlier.

Myuu was a bit surprised when she was being carried by Haru, but calmed herself quickly since she knew that he was trying to save her. Being carried on his thick and hard arms, she could see half of Haru's eyes from below and it made her very curious about his appearance even more.

'Oh, he has a mole under his right eye.'

It was the first thing that came into her head.

Kuroneko, Shinobu, and Kouha were speechless when they saw Haru's response to save a girl.

'This harem protagonist!'

"Yo, you sure move fast." Akatsuki smiled, but he thought that Haru, who was unnoticeable, was very fast. "You really want to become my little brother, huh?" His mood was very bad actually.

"You alright?" Haru asked Myuu and ignored Akatsuki. Even though he had a good personality, it didn't mean that he was alright being teased by a man.

"Y - Yes."

Myuu nodded with a blush.

"Stay outside the ring. It'll get dangerous."

Myuu nodded, but suddenly she saw Haru's head was knocked by Kuroneko.

"What the hell are you doing?! How can you flirt with someone on the first day! Hurry up and come back!"


Kuroneko and Shinobu pulled Haru away from Myuu.

Haru was silent and could only sigh.

"This guy....."

Akatsuki was annoyed when he was being ignored.

However, Kyouya was different, for Akatsuki, he might see that this guy as a rough diamond, and whether Akatsuki would turn into a diamond or not only time could answer that question, but Shinobu, Haru, Kouha, and Kuroneko were different. From his observation, the four of them were as bright as a sun, especially Kouha who had shattered his ice pillar right away.

"You sure are very strong, Kouha Ren-kun."

Kouha yawned ignoring the guy.

"The test is destroying the ice pillar, right?" Kuroneko asked.

"Yes, Godou Ruri-san. The test is only destroying the pillar of ice." Kyouya didn't mind Kouha's response and answered Kuroneko's question.

Akatsuki didn't do anything and waited for the four of them to finish their test, but his eyes were focussed on Haru.

Kuroneko smiled and raised both of her palms in the sky. "Oh, sky, be change, and call forth of lightning for me!"

Then a black cloud gathered together creating a rumbling sound.

*Rumble!* *Rumble!* *Rumble!*

"Lightning Guillotine!"


The pillar of ice was struck by thunder and shattered into small pieces.

*Bzzt!* *Bzzt!* *Bzzt!*

The lightning didn't disappear and moved wildly on the ground.

Kouha's action was too fast when he destroyed the pillar of ice that no one had noticed beside Kyoya, but Kuroneko was different since her magic's power was so exaggerated.

Kuroneko's lightning magic was and the noise created by it almost made their eardrums burst.

"S - Strong..."

Myuu was surprised by Kuroneko's strength.

"It seems that you've grown." Kouha looked at Kuroneko.

"Hehehe." Kuroneko was happy when she was praised.

"But you don't need to say such exaggerated words every time you've sent out your magic." Shinobu didn't understand why Kuroneko needed to utter such embarrassing words.

"S - Shut up! You don't understand the beauty of these words, right, Haru?" Kuroneko looked at Haru asking for his support.

"70 points."


"You should be able to create more simple words to send out your magic." Haru really felt that Kuroneko's mantra was a bit embarrassing.

Kuroneko twitched her lips and looked at Shinobu.

"Shinobu, it's your time!"


Shinobu stood up in front of the ice pillar and started to use her power.

Everyone was surprised by their conversation since they thought that their tone was very laid-back as if playing in the game center or something.

Kyouya frowned looking at the ice pillar which he had created could be easily destroyed, but then he looked at both Shinobu and Haru to see what their powers were. He thought that he should focus on Ousawa Akatsuki, but it seemed he should focus on the four of them.

"Pink Poison."

Suddenly Shinobu created beautiful butterfly wings on her back.

"So beautiful...."

Myuu was amazed.


Akatsuki frowned since his instinct told him that butterfly wings were very dangerous.

The butterfly wings molded into something different and enveloped the pillar of ice starting to melt the pillar of ice.

Shinobu had bought the ability of Vinsmoke Reiju from One Piece on the Group Chat. After discussing it with Haru, she wouldn't change her style of fighting and would use poison on her fight. She didn't want to be similar to Coco on Toriko since his body was full of poison and it was impossible for him to have children in the future. But she didn't want that since she still wanted to have children in the future. She thought that the ability from Vinsmoke Reiju was quite good to strengthen her strength and it was the reason why she had bought it.

The pink poison quickly melted the ice pillar.


Shinobu kept her wings back and looked at Haru. "It's your time."

Haru nodded and walked to the pillar of ice.

Everyone looked at Haru to see what Haru's power was. They knew that from the four of them Haru would be their group leader, and he might be the strongest one among them.

'Invisible force, lightning, and poison...'

Kyouya looked at Haru and wondered what Haru's power was.

Even Akatsuki and Myuu were curious and looked at Haru curiously.

However, Haru didn't disappoint them since he had taken out a lip-design sticker from his palm.


They twitched their lips and didn't understand Haru's power.

Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko looked at Haru's new ability with an interest.

Haru placed the sticker on the pillar of ice then suddenly the pillar of ice turned into two pillars of ice.


Everyone was surprised.


Kyouya let out his voice since he was quite surprised by Haru's ability.

Akatsuki was also amazed, but he couldn't help but mock. "Haru, the test is telling you to destroy it, not to duplicate it."

Haru shook his head pulled out the sticker on the pillar of ice, then two pillars of ice were fused together with a very destructive force.


The pillar of ice was shattered the moment it fused back.

"Prez, we have done our test, can we go back?" Haru asked.

Kyouya nodded and smiled. "Yes, but please don't forget to enter the school."


"Goodbye, Myuu."

"Y - Yes!"

Myuu didn't stop them since she knew that their test was over.

The four of them were ready to go back, but Akatsuki suddenly stopped them.

"Oi, you're going to go back before looking at me?"

Akatsuki smiled smugly since he couldn't let them go back before they saw his power.

They only shook their heads at Akatsuki.

Akatsuki was annoyed and his right hand started to glow in the blue light.

"Let me destroy this pillar of ice into dust with my bare fist."

"Wait! You can't do that! This pillar of ice is being made full of magic! If you use your bare fist then your hand...." Myuu wanted to stop this guy.

"You don't need to worry. It'll be a piece of cake for me to destroy this thing."

Akatsuki smiled and seemed very confident. "After I destroy this thing, let's have a fight Mr. President." He then looked at Haru and said, "You too, Haru."

Kyouya only smiled and nodded. "I understand."

Haru only shrugged his shoulders.

Akatsuki closed his eyes and started to focus all of his power into his right fist.


Pulling his fist, he punched it right into the pillar of ice.



The ground cracked, but the pillar of ice seemed to be alright.


"Let's go back, Haru." Kouha yawned.


Haru nodded and thought that the protagonist needed time to grow, but in his mind, he felt that this guy needed to fix his attitude or else he really didn't have an interest in talking to him. It might be alright in front of people who were weaker than him, but if Akatsuki had met someone who was stronger than him, then his action was similar to a clown.

Though secretly; Kouha, Haru, and Shinobu knew that Akatsuki had shattered the pillar of ice.

"Hmph, what a loudmouth."

Only Kuroneko seemed very clueless.

Akatsuki gritted his teeth and wanted to say something back, but he couldn't say anything.

"Well, it is magnificent."

Kyouya nodded, and he knew the result of Akatsuki was very amazing compared to normal students in this school but compared to the four of them, Akatsuki was nothing right now, but at least, he needed to praise him, right?