Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 770

Volume 1 Chapter 770 It'll Be Fun Right?

Haru who had come back started to cook for dinner once again, but he frowned when he knew that someone was about to enter his house by force.

"There's an annoying fly here."

Kouha was wondering how that guy could become a protagonist in this world.

Pervert. Overconfident. Sore loser. etc.

If there weren't any of the four of them then it was alright, the protagonist might be able to have such a laid-back attitude to fight various people in this world, but it was different when the protagonist tried to provoke them.

"Let me handle this. You can continue to cook."

Shinobu thought to use one of the poisons on her power.

"Don't kill him."

Haru thought that without a protagonist, this world might be destroyed. He didn't want that to happen since he didn't have a plan to stay in this place for a long time.


Shinobu went out to the courtyard and saw Akatsuki who tried to enter their house from the wall.

Haru thought that he should cook Hainanese chicken rice which Eiyan Eizan had cooked for him before since it was a very delicious dish.

Taking out the chicken, Haru put it into boiling water and started to create the sauce along with the rice.


Myuu and Akatsuki had gone back from school, but Akatsuki's mood was very bad. He tried to search for Haru, Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko, but it seemed that they had gone back. He thought to challenge them since they lived right next to him.

"What are you going to do?"

Myuu, who saw Akatsuki's expression, knew that this guy was planning something bad.

"Don't worry, I'm going to greet our neighbor."

Akatsuki smiled after hearing Myuu's question.

"Y - You're not going for a fight, right? Can you stop doing such a thing? They're all very strong!"

Remembering the power which had been shown by the four of them, Myuu knew that Akatsuki wasn't their opponent, and if Akatsuki tried to challenge them right away he might be destroyed by the four of them.

"No, just don't do something stupid! Just go and sleep at home! I'm very sleepy!"

Myuu couldn't let that happen since she didn't have anyone in this world. Her father had died, and the strangest thing was that her father entrusted her to the killer of her own father. She didn't understand it nor did she want to understand it. She hated Akatsuki, but she knew without him she couldn't do anything and she had nothing left in this world.

"You don't need to worry too much. I'm going to win."

Akatsuki had a confident smile and when the car stopped he went out right away to greet his neighbors.

"Wait! Don't go!"

Akatsuki climbed the wall of Haru's house which was located right beside his house, and when he was about to jump on the courtyard. He saw Shinobu who had just come out from the courtyard. He smiled confidently and cracked his fists.

"Yo, where is---"

However, suddenly Akatsuki felt weak and dropped to the ground.

"T - This is...."

Akatsuki felt that his entire body was numb and couldn't move his body, however, he could hear the footsteps of Shinobu on the grass.

"This is poison."

Akatsuki could hear Shinobu's voice and even though he couldn't move his body, he could move his head. He stared at Shinobu and still had his smug smile thinking that this girl was definitely trying to prank him.

"It will only make your body weak and pass out until tomorrow, but if you dare to come again in this place."

Akatsuki saw Shinobu's face which showed a very kind smile.

"I'll put a poison which castrates your reproductive ability, do you understand?"


Akatsuki felt very cold for a moment and wanted to say something, but he couldn't since this time, he couldn't even talk.

"If you understand then give me a nod and I'll give you three seconds to answer because I don't want to waste my time on you.

If you don't answer before that then I'll castrate you.



Akatsuki nodded hurriedly. Losing his reproductive ability or losing his chance to fight, without a doubt, he would choose the second since without his reproductive ability he would lose his future.

"Good. If you step into this house once again remember my words, don't annoy us."

"A - Ak- No, Onii-chan!"

Myuu also tried to climb the wall, but her b.r.e.a.s.ts were too heavy and it was very hard for her to climb.


Shinobu was annoyed when she saw a big b.r.e.a.s.t, and she even thought big b.r.e.a.s.ts were her nemesis, but she didn't hate that girl since she could see the helplessness in the eyes of this girl.

"Myuu-san, can you take your brother out?"

"U - Uh..."

Myuu didn't know what had happened, but she knew that Akatsuki had lost against Shinobu.

"You don't need to climb the wall, I'll open the gate for you."

"U - Uh... thank you..."

Myuu nodded and stepped down from the wall, but it was quite hard since her b.r.e.a.s.ts were very heavy.


Veins appeared on Shinobu's forehead. Even though she didn't hate Myuu, she felt jealous of Myuu's b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Oh-ho, her b.r.e.a.s.ts are very big, huh?"

Kouha smiled looking at Shinobu's expression.

Shinobu snorted but didn't say anything. She walked to the gate and opened it for Myuu.

"Take out your older brother, tell him not to bother us."

"I - I've tried, but he didn't listen to me...."

Myuu knew that Akatsuki was at fault, but she could do nothing since this guy's mind couldn't be changed that easily.

"Don't worry, he'll listen to you from now on, and if he doesn't listen to you then tell me... I'll make him listen to you."

Shinobu smiled kindly at Myuu.

"Thank you very much!"

Myuu didn't know what Shinobu had done, but when she knew that Akatsuki would listen to her then it was very good.

"Shinobu, the dinner is ready."

Haru looked outside and saw Akatsuki who had passed out on the ground, but he didn't say anything, only looked at both Shinobu and Myuu.

Then both Myuu and Shinobu were hit by a delicious smell so suddenly.

Shinobu smiled, but then she heard a noise from Myuu's stomach.


"You want to eat too?"

"W - Well...."

Myuu remembered that Haru was a chef and she was wondering about his food.

"Well, come on."

Shinobu turned and walked inside.

"W - Wait!"

Myuu followed Shinobu's back.


Only Akatsuki laid on the ground without being able to do anything and could only smell a delicious smell. His body was very strong, but Shinobu's poison made him unable to move. However, he really wanted to pass out since it was torture when he could smell a delicious smell yet he couldn't even eat that food.


Akatsuki wanted revenge, but somehow Shinobu's smile really scared him.


Inside the dining room, Haru placed five plates of Hainanese Chicken Rice along with the sauce plate which had three different sauces.

The white rice which had turned slightly brown and yellow gave a garlicky aroma with a delicious chicken smell, the meat which seemed very juicy and lascivious making them gulped, and the garnish around the plate made this dish seem very beautiful.

Haru also prepared a clear warm soup to clean out their stomach later.

"W - What is this?"

It was Myuu's first time seeing such a dish.

"Hainanese Chicken Rice. You should try it while it is hot."

Shinobu and Kouha couldn't handle it anymore and took their spoons eating the food right away.

"Let's eat." Shinobu looked at Myuu.

Myuu nodded and scooped the rice along with the chicken.


As if an explosion, Myuu's tongue was being hit by pleasure.


Myuu couldn't control her m.o.a.n and her face was flushed with excitement since it was very delicious.

The meat was very soft, and the rice blended very well together with the meat.

"Try it with the sauce."

Myuu nodded, but she couldn't handle it and kept m.o.a.ning for the entire dinner.

But no one said anything since everyone's reaction was similar and before long their plate was emptied in just a second.


Haru smiled and asked, "Do you want a second?"


Without hesitation, they asked for more food.


Akatsuki, who was laying on the courtyard, was wondering when Myuu would bring him back to his house.