Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 771

Volume 1 Chapter 771 Don't Provoke Him

Entering the school, Haru, Kouha, Kuroneko, and Shinobu became the center of attention.

Myuu and Akatski who came slightly late also attracted the attention of a lot of students.

But it was different from the four of them since everyone had heard about the deeds which they had done yesterday.


However, it was quite weird when they saw Haru who was wearing twirling lens glasses was very strong.

However, one thing which made them very jealous of Haru was when they heard that there was a rumor that the three girls beside him were his harem members.

There was a lot of novel about someone who was teleported to another world, and they had built a harem, but in reality, even though they had been teleported to another world, they didn't have time to create a harem since they were busy to stay alive.

There was also a rumor that the most beautiful girl among the three of them (Kouha Ren) was a guy, but they didn't mind when they saw him very beautiful.

Kouha only laughed looking at their reactions and hugged Haru's arms creating a wave of heartbroken's reaction.


Everyone had a broken heart when they saw Kouha hugging Haru's arm. They thought it was only a rumor and they wanted to try their chance, especially after they saw Haru's appearance who was similar to a nerd, but when they both of them hugged together.....


They knew that they had lost their chance and looked at Haru with a hateful expression, but no one dared to do anything since they weren't sure whether they could win or not.


Haru ignored them since they could only gaze from afar and no one dared to get close to them which somehow made him a bit disappointed at the power of the people in this world.

In truth, Esdeath had asked Kuroneko, Shinobu, and Kouha to report to her when there was a girl who was very close to him in this world telling them to report to her after they had gone back later.

Of course, Haru knew about that matter, but he didn't have the interest to add another girl to this world.

Myuu, who saw both Kouha who hugged Haru's arm, was a bit surprised.

"Both of them are guys, right?"

"Myuu, remember, there are a lot of kinds of people in this world."

Akatsuki didn't dare to do anything when Shinobu was beside them since he didn't want to lose his reproductive ability. He knew that Shinobu told him the truth and if he really tried to bother or annoy them then she would do it for real making him quite scared. He looked at Haru and wondered how Haru could make such a scary girl fall for him.

"B-1. It's our class."

Kuroneko looked at the classroom and entered the room. She felt uncomfortable being stared at by a lot of people, but because she was with everyone which made her feel better. She maintained her cold expression without caring about anyone in her surroundings since she usually acted this way at her her original world.

"Let's enter."

The door was automatically opened, Shinobu entered the class first and saw that a lot of people stared at them, but she ignored them.

The four of them walked together and sat down on the empty seat on the back.

Haru was wondering how long that enemy would come and he was also wondering when he would get the Arms Device.

Akatsuki and Myuu also sat down on empty seats.

Myuu seemed to be very nervous when she saw them sitting as they please.

"I - Is this alright to sit here?"

"Well, yeah. It's a privilege of a transfer student to sit everywhere."

Akatsuki rested on his chair with a smile in a relaxed way.

"Hahaha, what a funny thing to say."

They turned and saw a brown short-haired girl who came toward their seat.

"Well, that's a relief. Our new transfer students are just as attractive and interesting as the rumor claimed."

She looked at the six of them and smiled. "You six are the talk of the school.

"After all, one of you is a beautiful girl who passed the entrance test using the magic of all things. Then there is a boy who used his own bare hands to fight against President Hikami.

But the most popular transfer students would be the four of you since the four of you are able to destroy the ice which had been created by President Hikami easily."

She looked at Shinobu, Kuroneko, Haru, then Kouha with a smile seeming harmless.

Haru looked at this girl and wondered whether this girl was a lesbian.

"You six might not be aware, but the hurdle is to get you here."

"I had no idea..." Myuu seemed to be surprised by this information.

"You probably don't understand this either, but being suddenly placed in B-Class is also quite impressive. Even good students such as myself usually have to work their way up from E-Class."

"So you seem to know a lot about us. Do you have any plans to tell us about yourself?"

Akatsuki opened one of his eyes while asking.

"I'm Izumi Chikage."

The girl smiled and introduced herself. "I just became your classmate - that's all you need to know for now."

"Nice to meet you."

"I'm Ousawa Akatsuki, and this is my little sister Ousawa Myuu."

"N - Nice to meet you."

Then Izumi looked at Haru and his group.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka."

"Gokou Ruri, but you can call me Kuroneko." Kuroneko was quite cold.

"Kocho Shinobu." Shinobu was very calm.

"Kouha Ren." Kouha yawned.


Haru sighed and the communication ability of the three of them toward the stranger. "I'm sorry that they're a bit rude."

Izumi smiled and shook her head. "No problem. You don't need to apologize, but I need to remind you of something, Kasugano-kun."


"As Ousawa-kun had said earlier, I agree that transfer students are free to sit wherever they want but---"

However, Izumi didn't finish her words since someone suddenly screamed at Haru.

"Hey, you bitch over there!

Haru turned and saw a red-haired young man pointed his finger at himself angrily.


Kouha tried to hold his laugh when someone suddenly provoked Haru.

"You Nerd! Why the hell are you sitting on my seat!"

The red-haired young man was very angry and started to walk toward Haru.

"I've never seen you before, are you new?"

Izumi sighed when she saw this person.

"I guess, I'm late...."

Izumi looked at Haru and wondered what was about to happen.

"So what are you going to do?" Haru asked.

"Ha? How dare you ask me that, you nerd! You're just a lowly Class-B! You're nothing to--"

The young man was about to grab Haru's collar, but he was being slapped by Haru and thrown to the wall in front of the class.



The young man slammed and the impact of that force made him stuck on the wall. The pain made him almost pass out, but he forced himself to stay awake.


No one expected Haru to be this aggressive and this strong.

Haru walked toward the red-haired young man calmly and everyone gulped at him.

"Y - You...!"

The young man was angry, but his entire body was very hurt being slapped by Haru.

Haru didn't give him mercy and kicked down the young man's head and stomach several times, but he didn't use all of his power only used part of them slowly torturing him. He suddenly thought that he might be affected by Esdeath.



"I'll ki--"


"I've heard that physics, magic, or either sort of attack only affects the receiver's brain - the body remains unharmed in this school, isn't that good? Don't worry, you won't see any bruises or wounds on your body after I've kicked you."

Haru stomped this guy's mouth several times and kicked his stomach and balls several times. He was very kind, but when someone provoked him, he would give them 10 times revenge.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

Haru stopped and asked the guy who had a bang covering his face. "Who is his name?"

"O - Onizuka!"

The guy seemed to be scared.

Haru nodded and patted the guy's shoulder. "He seems to know you, can you bring him to the infirmary? Tell the teacher that he is falling down from the floor and he passed out because of that."

"U - Uh..."

"He's falling down from the floor, right?" Haru said this to everyone in the class.



They nodded in response stupidly.

"I can't hear you," Haru asked.

"Onizuka is falling down on the floor and passed out by accident!"

Everyone shouted loudly.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Haru clapped his hands and smiled.

"That's good!"



It was everyone who thought at that moment.

Haru thought since he couldn't be low-key then he should become in a very high profile.