Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 772

Volume 1 Chapter 772 First Day At School

No one mentioned this matter and everyone had agreed that Onizuka had passed out because he fell down on his own on the floor.

Why do they agree so easily?

The first reason was that Onizuka's attitude was very bad and everyone wanted to have revenge on him, but they were too weak to fight back against him. That's why they were very happy when someone decided to punish Onizuka by giving him a lesson to not be

The second reason was that Haru was scary.

Haru, who was wearing strange glasses that made his appearance similar to a nerd, in reality was very strong and he was also very sadistic at beating Onizuka very hard until Onizuka had passed out directly. And even after Onizuka had passed out, Haru kept beating him until he was satisfied

Haru didn't need to worry about someone who would try to report him since no one would find evidence on him since there was no wound on Onizuka's body.

Myuu was surprised by this side of Haru, but she didn't care much since Onizuka was the one who had caused trouble.

'Since that guy has provoked him then it's his fault.' Myuu thought at that moment.

Akatsuki was quite surprised when he saw Haru was quite brutal, but he only laughed since he might do worse than Haru.

Izumi was stunned, but she only shook her head. She felt that she didn't need to remind Haru and somehow she wanted to see how his appearance was when he had taken off his glasses.

Kuroneko was a bit surprised, but she didn't say much since she thought that Haru had his own plan.

Shinobu and Kouha directly ignored the clown who had tried to provoke Haru.

Haru sat down once again and asked, "Izumi-san, what did you want to say earlier?"


Izumi was stunned, but she shook her head with a laugh.

"Nothing. It seems that you can handle the problem yourself."

Haru nodded at Izumi's words.

"But thank you for reminding me earlier."

"No, no, I don't expect you to bea--" Izumi stopped when Haru glanced at her. "I mean he fell down by herself."

"Yes, he is falling down by himself." Haru sighed and shook his head. "I wonder whether he has a sickness or something."


Akatsuki laughed cheerfully when he heard Haru's words, but hurriedly shut up when Shinobu glanced at him.


'This group of people....'

Akatsuki was wondering who the four of them were.

"What happened?"

The door was opened showing a figure of a young girl around 11 years old with long green hair and blue eyes. She looked around and wondered what had happened since she had heard there was a commotion earlier. She also saw Onizuka who had passed out being brought out earlier and knew that something had happened.

"Onizuka from Class-A had fallen on the floor earlier."

Everyone had decided to say the same thing and agreed to tell this girl that Onizuka had fallen to the floor then passed out.

The little girl frowned, but when she saw no one was going to say anything she knew that she couldn't force them. She looked at the group of six people who were sitting on the back and knew that they were a group of transfer students. She walked toward them and introduced herself. "My name is Doumoto Kuzuha. I'm the class rep of this class."

"This little girl is?" Shinobu was surprised.


Everyone wanted to say that Shinobu was also small, but they decided to shut their mouth.

"She has skipped a grade. That's why she is in the same class as us."

Izumi decided to explain to all of them.

"Skipping a grade, huh? You're very smart." Akatsuki smiled at Kuzuha.

Kuzuha didn't say anything and asked, "So do you know any of you what is happening on Onizuka?" She knew that Onizuka had passed out might be because of them.

"Didn't they say that he has passed out because he has fallen to the floor? You didn't need to doubt them."

Izumi replied to Kuzuha's question.


Kuzuha looked at Izumi and nodded. "Then, I won't bother to ask about this problem anymore." After that, she walked in the direction of her seat on the front side.

"What an uptight girl." Izumi shook her head looking at Kuzuha.

"Your relationship is very good," Haru said after looking at their interaction.

"Good, my ass!" Izumi replied.


The lesson continued and after the class, they went to the arena to have a physical class, but one thing that he really hated was the uniform of this lesson. He didn't understand why he needed to wear tights when he was doing a workout lesson.

It wasn't his first time wearing a tight uniform, and somehow the attention which he had gotten was quite normal for him, but he didn't like it when he was being stared at by everyone.


It was everyone's impression when they saw Haru who was in the workout uniform. They had to admit that Haru's body was really good, even if he wore strange glasses, but his body could make any women wet.

However, their focus was on something really big which showing through his workout uniform.

Izumi was surprised and asked, "Kocho-san."

"Just Shinobu."

"Shinobu, is that real?" Izumi asked.

Shinobu nodded.

"I know that you're surprised, but it is real." Shinobu had seen him without any clothes in the world of Fairy Tail when he was under the effect of his magic and had to admit that it was very big.

"H - Have you tried that?" Izumi asked in a low voice.


Shinobu blushed. "Just shut up!"


"That guy...."

Akatsuki had to admit that he had lost to Haru in terms of size, but during the fight, the size wasn't the only factor in a fight. He believed that his technique was better than Haru, though, he didn't know in terms of technique, he had already lost to Haru.

"What is that?" Myuu asked curiously at Haru's nether region.


In the arena, everyone was looking at Haru, especially the girls, and some guys were attracted to Myuu's large b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Kasugano-kun, what did you hide on your pants?"

Suddenly Kuzuha who was the class rep in Haru's class came with a strict expression. Her voice was so loud that it was being heard by a lot of people.


Everyone was speechless at Kuzuhua who was very naive.

"I didn't hide anything." Haru didn't hide anything and he had nothing to hide in his pants.

"Don't lie to me! What is that big bulge on your pants! Take it out!" Kuzuha was very strict folding her arms telling him to take out the big bulge on his pants.


Haru wasn't sure what to say and his opponent was an 11-year-old girl who had skipped the class. He knew that no one was going to help him since he could see Kouha, Kuroneko, Izumi, Shinobu, and Akatsku trying to hold themselves to not laugh.

"Class Rep, have you learned about the reproductive system of humans?"

"Hmm? Of course, what's wrong?" Kuzuha asked.

"The big bulge on my pants is my reproductive system."

Haru really hoped for Kuzuha to not ask him another question after this, but it seemed that he knew that it was impossible.

"What? Impossible! How can it be so big?" Kuzuha was suspicious. "Hurry up and take out the thing on your pants!"

"Yeah, hurry up and take out the thing on your pants!"

Akatsuki poured oil on fire since he wanted to see Haru's weapon even though he could see it later in the shower room.

They also wanted to shout, but they saw Haru glared at them and made them shut up in a second.

Akatsuki seemed to underestimate the impact of Haru's glare on everyone and no one was going to follow him making him shut his mouth since it wasn't fun.

"Class Rep, I can't take it out in this place, how about we change it to another place?" Haru thought that he somehow needed to show Akatsuki a lesson.

"Well, as long as you take it out."

Kuzuha nodded and told him to follow her.

"Kasugano-kun, wait for me! I need to go with the Class Rep too!" Izumi chased after them.

Kuroneko looked at Haru, Izumi, and Kuzuha then asked Kouha who was beside her. "Is that alright?"

"It's alright. You don't need to worry since they'll come back in five minutes." Kouha was wondering about their reaction since he was also surprised at first.


Five minutes later.

Kuzuha and Izumi walked in a weird manner and also seemed very embarrassed. Though, their faces were flushed and they felt very hot at this moment.

Haru was walking beside him and also felt quite uncomfortable when his thing was being asked whether it was real or not.



No one knew who asked this question, but everyone was curious.

Kuzuha blushed and couldn't answer.

Izumi took a deep breath and nodded with a solemn expression. "It's real."


Everyone cheered loudly in disbelief.


Haru was really uncomfortable at this moment and thought that it was really hard to be low-key.