Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 773

Volume 1 Chapter 773 I Need To Confiscate It

"You're not going back first?" Kuroneko asked.

"Go home first, I want to look around the school."

Haru wanted to see the technology in this place and wanted to research it.

They also knew about this matter since Haru had told them yesterday and frankly they didn't have as much interest as Haru.

Haru, who was a technology nerd, felt this school was quite interesting and wanted to look around this place.

"When are you going back?" Kouha asked.

"What's wrong?" Haru felt strange when Kouha asked about this matter.

"Who is going to cook the dinner beside you?"

Food had always been something which they had been anticipating in these days. The foods which were being made by Haru were very superb and they couldn't be satisfied with normal food anymore.

Kouha was the same and he also felt that Haru's cooking skill had increased from the last time he ate it during his quest on Korosensei's world.

"Yeah, I've also wanted to ask you a lot of questions."

Kuroneko also wanted to become a tycoon, especially when she heard Haru's story and became a billionaire and media tycoon in a few months. It had always become a very interesting story and he also often gave her tips to manage the interpersonal relationship among her surroundings and also thinking about her future.

"I'll go back in two hours."

Haru wasn't in a hurry and thought that two hours should be enough to tour around some part of this school.

They nodded and decided to go back first without waiting for him.

Haru also started with his observation of looking around this school.

Kuroneko looked at Haru's back and asked, "Do you think that he'll bring a girl or two?"


Kouha and Shinobu had a feeling that Haru might meet one or two girls during his observation on this school.

"Ah, everyone! Let's go back together!"

Myuu was very happy when she saw Kouha, Shinobu, and Kuroneko.

"Huh? Where's Haru?" Akatsuki asked.

"He's going to observe the school," Kuroneko answered.

"Damn, I want to try his food."

Akatsuki was really jealous when he thought about those who had eaten the dinner which was being made by Haru along with the lunch which he had seen earlier. He still remembered the smell of the lunch which Haru made earlier and could only feel amazed at Haru's cooking skill.

"Don't worry, he's going to cook."

Kuroneko treasured them, but her words didn't end there.

"But whether he'll cook for you or not then it is something different."


Akatsuki really thought that he shouldn't provoke his neighbor.


Haru, who was looking around the school, looked at the scenery of this place curiously. He was wondering what it would cost to build such a large building. He thought that he should also build his own building in his original world.

"Cobra Tower."

Haru decided to shake his head and focussed on what he was doing. He was in the middle of his observation and knew that a lot of people were looking at him, especially after the incident on the physical lesson which made his anaconda known to everyone in this school. He really hoped for this school to change their uniform so such a thing wouldn't happen once again.

"That student is over there! What are you doing moving around this school so suspiciously"

Haru stopped and turned to see a beautiful girl with long green hair and green eyes.

Her expression seemed a bit impatient looking at him.


Haru didn't know who this girl was. "This is my first day at the school, and I've thought about observing the school."

"How suspicious."


Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "Who are you? Do you have a right to prohibit me from observing the school?"

The girl seemed to be waiting for this moment and nodded. "Yes, I have a right to probit you since I'm the Vice-President of this school!

My name is Haruka Nanase. You should remember that name and put that name into your thick skull, Kasugano Haruka!"

Haruka folded her arms making her fit b.r.e.a.s.ts seem bigger than normal.


Haru was wondering how many times he had met a tsundere-type girl, and somehow it made him tired.

"It's surprising for the Vice-President to know my name."

"Of course! Don't underestimate the influence of the Student Council! We're the ones who protect the order and punish bad students like you!" Haruka looked at Haru with a strict expression.

"Bad student? Me?" Haru was surprised.

"Yes, don't pretend that you don't know! On the first day of your school, you've done a lot of things which caused the Student Council to keep an eye on you!"

"What have I done?" Haru seemed a bit confused.

Haruka seemed quite proud and explained, "Even though you've tried to hide your beastly nature with those glasses, you can't fool me!

"First, you've put your claws on three female students on the first day!

"Second, you've beaten up Onizuka from Class-A!

"Lastly, you've brought a hidden weapon on your pants during the physical class!

"Now, I've uncovered your crime! Do you want to pretend that you don't know anything?!"


Haru was speechless, really speechless at this girl. He understood the second, but he didn't understand the first and the last reason since he hadn't put his claws on the three female students, and he also didn't bring a weapon during physical class.

"What you don't have anything to say to me?" Haruka seemed quite proud when she uncovered Haru's crime.

Haru had a headache and sighed. "Vice-President, before you accuse me of such a crime, do you have proof that I'm the one who has done all of that?"

"Yes, there are a lot of students who have seen you walking with three female students before, what are you going to say about that?" Haruka asked.

"They're my friends, is it weird for a friend to go together?" Haru asked.


"Then what about the second when you've beaten Onizuka from Class-A? I've heard from him that you've beaten him up before." Haruka didn't give up and thought that Haru was guilty somehow.

"He has fallen on the ground by an accident and passed out if you don't believe you can ask about that matter to everyone in my class since everyone has seen that Onizuka has fallen by himself before," Haru answered in a calm manner.


Haruka started to lose, but she didn't give up. "So what about the weapons you've brought to physical class? I've heard from a student that your weapon is very dangerous! As the Vice-President of Babel, I need to confiscate that weapon!"


Haru was speechless once again and apologized. "I'm sorry, Vice-President. You can't confiscate that."

"No, as the Vice-President, I can confiscate that weapon from you!" Haruka seemed quite proud and walked toward him. "Hurry up and take out your weapon!"


Haru sighed and wondered how he needed to explain this matter.

"What's wrong? Hurry up!"

"This isn't the place, can we go to another place? Let me show you what is the weapon which everyone is talking about."

Haru was too lazy to explain and decided to show it directly to this girl.

"Good, let's go to that empty room! So you can't run away!"


Haru thought that Haruka's words were somehow quite ambiguous, but he didn't intend to say anything about it.