Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 774

Volume 1 Chapter 774 Sleipnir 1

Haru is innocent.

That's the result after Haruka tried to confiscate the weapon on Haru's pants. She was wondering why she didn't believe Haru's words before. She felt that she shouldn't trust rumors and should do her investigation first since because of that, she felt that she couldn't marry after she had the beast which was hiding on Haru's pants. However, at the same time, she realized how dangerous this boy was since she was afraid this boy might make every girl in this school become pregnant.

Even though his appearance seemed to be proper or similar to a bookworm, she couldn't be fooled since she knew that Haru was a lewd beast in disguise. She knew that and she would protect everyone on the Babel so they wouldn't get pregnant by him, especially with that dangerous weapon on his pants.

"Why are you following me?" Haru asked with a speechless expression.

"So you won't do any misconduct in this school!" Haruka looked at Haru with a strict expression.

'You can't fool me Kasugano Haruka! Even though you've tried to hide your fangs with those glasses, I won't be fooled by you!' Haruka thought inwardly.

"But our first name is similar, Vice President." Haru smiled looking at Haruka.


"I'm Kasugano Haruka and you're Nanase Haruka. It's quite a coincidence really."

Haruka was a bit embarrassed and tried to hide her embarrassment.

"Enough of that! I'll observe you so you won't do anything to every girl on Babel!"

Haru shook his head and suddenly asked. "Right, Vice-President, can you guide me to this school?"

"Huh? Why should I do that?"

"Well, you're free, right? You've been following me for a while."

"I'm not free! I'm doing my job observing you, right now!"


Haru knew that it was troublesome to talk with tsundere-type of girl, but it wasn't his first time to have a conversation with such a girl.

"Then, how about you guide me so I won't make any mistakes."

"Guide you?"

"Yes, I might have entered the girl's toilet by accident. You don't want that to happen, right?" Haru smiled while looking at Haruka.


Haruka was surprised, but she thought that it might be possible. "Good, I'll guide you through this school so you won't make any mistakes!"

"Thank you, Vice-President." Haru smiled when he heard Haruka's answer.

Haruka who saw Haru's smile suddenly felt a bit entranced, but she hurriedly shook her head and thought that this guy was dangerous. She remembered from the words of Kyouya President before that they needed to put their eyes on the transfer student since one of them was the "True Hero" and "Supreme King" by a prophecy and the other four could destroy the ice pillar which was being made by the President.

However, for Haruka, she felt that she needed to watch on Haru rather than Akatsuki and the other three transfer students, though, she didn't know that she had been trapped by Haru.


Haru started the their trip with a light question then threw some joke along with praised Haruka to make her ease beside him.

Haruka also started to lower her guard and answered his questions regarding Babel and COCOON. She told him that the intention of Babel was good and that was to guide everyone who had been teleported to another world while COCOON was the organization which was the parent organization of Babel.

"Children of Cross Over Other Nations" or COCOON for short. Simply put, COCOON members help run the world now. Each member is more powerful than the entire nation's military.

"As the top leaders of BABEL, they strive for the ideal of world peace and supervise and educate children who've returned from other worlds. Partly to prevent their special abilities from being misused, and partly so that BABEL can intervene and send these children to the battlefield should any wars or regional conflicts break out."

Haruka explained to Haru patiently about the greatness of COCOON and Babel.

Haru, who listened to Haruka's explanation, thought that Babel and COCOON weren't that much different from a mercenary organization, however, its size was much larger since it covered the entire world.

"Do you understand?" Haruka asked. She held her beautiful green hair since the wind on the rooftop was quite strong.

Haru was a bit entranced by Haruka, but he hurriedly shook his head.

"What's wrong?" Haruka asked.

"Nothing." Haru had decided to not add any harem members or whatever in this world and decided to become brand new Haru, but he felt that the prospect was quite low when his guard against the beautiful woman was simply very low.

"Do you have anywhere you want to visit?"

Haruka's impression on Haru had turned better after both of them had talked to each other for quite a while. She had to admit even though Haru wore strange glasses that hid his eyes, he was very pleasing to her eyes.


Haru looked around the scenery from the rooftop of Babel's building and saw a racetrack around the ground of Babel.

"How about that place? Can we visit that place?"

Following the direction of Haru's finger, Haruka saw a racetrack and nodded. "It's a workshop."


"Yes, there's various kinds of machinery in that place, but it is research about the vehicle or something."

"Can we visit that place?"

"Sure, but can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, what is it, Vice-President?"

"Is your eyes bad?" Haruka asked.


"Then, why did you wear glasses?"

Haru thought for a while and thought of a reason on the spot. "These glasses are from one of the most important people in my life, I've thought about wearing them to remember him." His bullshitting skill was top-notch and he also added a hint of sadness on his expression.

Haruka thought that there might be something happening during his teleportation to another world.

"Can you take it off?"

The more Haruka looked at Haru's glasses, the more she was curious about Haru's eyes which were covered in these strange glasses.

"Sure, but let's go to the workshop first."

Haru was curious about what kind of vehicle was being developed in this world.

"Let's go."


Arrive at the workshop, they could see a racetrack right in front of it.

"There's nothing but vehicles in this place." Haruka folded her arms and was more cornered about Haru than this workshop.


Haru had a feeling that there was something interesting in this place. He looked at this empty workshop and could only see an old type of car similar to the "Muscle Car" of the American type.


Haru didn't know who the owner of this place was, but he had to admit that this guy had a good taste in cars.

"Is it alright to enter?" Haru asked.

Haruka nodded upon hearing Haru's question.

"I'm the Vice-President of this school! You can enter everywhere with me around!"

Haru nodded and entered the workshop then he noticed something which was being closed with large clothes. He could tell that something was interesting and was about to reach it, but a voice made him stop.

"Don't touch it if you don't want to get hurt!"

Haru and Haruka turned to see a rough middle age man with a ponytail hairstyle.

"How dare you to say such a thing to a member of the Student Council!" Haruka was annoyed.

Haru was somehow really glad to bring Haruka with him since he had a shield that could protect him.

The middle-aged man knew that this situation was a bit troublesome.

"I've reminded you, that vehicle is dangerous and it is better to not touch it."

"Why?" Haru asked.

The middle-aged man sighed and explained.

"The name of that vehicle is Sleipnir and it has 16,770,000 horsepower." His eyes turned seriously toward them and said, "Only the worthy people can ride it and if this vehicle deems that person is unworthy then it won't let that person ride it."

"How stupid!"

Haruka was annoyed and reached out to the clothes which covered the vehicle but suddenly...


Lightning charged from the vehicle and burnt out the clothes that covered the vehicle along with a stripped Haruka who tried to reach the vehicle.


Haruka screamed and covered her important part.

Haru hurriedly took off his blazer and covered her body hurriedly before the middle age man saw her body.

"You alright?"

Haruka was blushing a bit when she saw him hurriedly covering her body with a blazer. "U - Umm..." She could see his face from below and somehow forgot about the matter of her striped clothes.

"I've said before that this vehicle is dangerous! I don't care whether you're Student Council or not, but if you don't want to get hurt just leave that vehicle alone!"

Haru ignored the middle-aged man's words and decided to take this vehicle since he felt that this thing was very interesting.