Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 775

Volume 1 Chapter 775 Sleipnir 2

The middle-aged man had reminded them, but Haru tried to touch it.

"Hey, I've told---"

However, the words which were about to come out from his mouth stuck.

Haru touched the vehicle without trouble and sat on the top of it right away. He smiled looking at the middle-aged man and asked, "Old man, can I have this?"


The middle-aged man was still surprised since he didn't expect Haru to be able to ride on Sleipnir right away.

"Old man?"

Haru looked at the old man who didn't answer him. He looked at this vehicle, no, to be exact a motorcycle with a futuristic design and blue color on the outer part giving an image of bad boy from the future.

"How can you ride this?"

Haruka didn't accept it and tried to touch Sleipnir, but electricity charged once again and destroyed the blazer which Haru had given to her.


Haruka once again tried to hide her private place with both of her hands while sitting on the ground.

"This damn motorcycle!"

Haru sighed at this girl and took out his white shirt giving it again to Haruka.

"This time, don't touch it."


Haruka opened her mouth slightly looking at Haru's body which would describe the perfect muscle which made Goddeness in Heaven fall for Adonis.


"Y - Yes!"

Haruka woke up and took Haru's shirt while slightly sniffing it making her quite comfortable. She looked at him again and really wanted to see him take out his glasses.

"Hey, what's your name?" The old man asked Haru.

"Kasugano Haruka."

"Interesting, you can have a motorcycle." The middle man nodded and asked, "Do you want to try it on the racetrack?"

"Why not?"

Haru also wanted to try his new motorcycle but looked at Haruka first. "Vice-President, can you give me permission to ride this motorcycle on the racetrack?"

Haruka nodded after wearing Haru's white shirt. Haru's shirt was quite big for her, but somehow it made her cuter.

Looking at Haruka, Haru remembered Utaha who often wore his shirt and somehow he missed her. He shook his head and gave Utaha a lot of love when he returned after the quest. He started to focus on the Sleipnir and drove it on the racetrack.

With 16,770,000 horsepower, it was almost impossible to ride it with slow speed, but Haru who was an old driver who had often ridden on various things it was very easy. He moved so naturally on the racetrack then started to ride this bad boy using its full potential.


The roar of the motorcycle turned into an explosion and its speed had broken the sound barrier.

Haru's glasses almost dropped on the ground, but he caught it using his gravity magic and put it on his zipper storage.


Explosion after explosion could be heard from the racetrack, Haru had become one with wind and truly enjoyed the meaning of becoming wild with his vehicle. He thought that he should put a BGM of Initial D in this situation.

Haruka, who was wearing Haru's shirt, was surprised by the speed of this motorcycle.

The middle-aged man nodded and seemed to be satisfied that Haru had ridden this motorcycle skillfully.


Outside of the racetrack, there was a young man with blonde hair surprised when he heard the sound of an explosion. He had a feeling, but he didn't expect it but someone was really riding Sleipnir which was impossible to ride. He became curious who was the one who had ridden that motorcycle and went to the racetrack.


Haru didn't test it for too long and stopped the motorcycle after he was satisfied.

"It's good."

The middle-aged man nodded. "I'll tweak it a bit, you can wait with your girlfriend for a bit."

"I - I'm not his girlfriend!" Haruka refuted with a blush on her face.

"Thank you, Old man."

Haru smiled and didn't expect that he would get a motorcycle the moment he had just teleported in this world. He stepped down from Sleipnir and also wanted to see the middle-aged man tweak the motorcycle.

"Kasugano Haruka, you're going too overboard on riding that motorcycle!" Haruka reprimanded Haru.

"I'm sorry, Vice-Prez, but didn't you give me your permission before?" Haru asked.

"W - Well.... but you need to be careful next time!" Haruka looked at Haru and felt a bit surprised when she took his glasses. "Y - Your glasses?"

"Oh, it's in my pocket." Haru decided to wear it again, but he stopped.

"Don't wear it!"

Haruka thought that Haru's appearance was nice and it was such a wasteful to wear such glasses, but suddenly she thought that he should wear it during a normal class.

"You can't wear it now, but you need to wear them when you have a class!"


Haru didn't understand what this girl wanted to do and only nodded since he was too lazy to argue.

"So what are you doing after this, Vice-Prez?"

"I'll wait for you, of course, such a powerful motorcycle, I need to see that you're not going to do something inappropriate with it!"

"Something inappropriate?"

"W - Well, like making the skirt of the girl blown from the wind of the motorcycle...."


Haru and the middle-aged man who heard it almost coughed in blood since they would have never thought to use a motorcycle with 16,770,000 horsepower to blow the skirt of the female students.

"Your girlfriend is funny."

"I'm not his girlfriend!" Haruka blushed and refuted once again.

Haru shook his head and looked at the blonde guy who was staring at them. He noticed this guy for a while and waited for him to come out. "Not going to come out?"

"Hey, you've noticed me?"

The blonde guy was surprised and walked out of his hiding place. "Wow, I'm surprised to see the Vice-President have an illicit relationship with another student."

"I - Illicit relationship?!" Haruka blushed.

"Well, who are you?" Haru asked.

"My name is Kaidou Motoharu. Nice to meet you, Kasugano Haruka."

Kaoidou introduced himself with a smile.

"What is the 'Eternal Clown of Class A' doing here?" Haruka snorted looking at this guy.

"Don't be so uptight, Vice President." Kaidou looked at Haru and said, "I've only wanted to meet the guy who has successfully ridden on Sleipnir." He walked toward Haru and gave his hand to Haru. "Let's have a handshake."

Haru shook his head and knew what this guy was planning. He didn't ask where this guy had learned his name since his name was already very famous and the only guys who had been transferred to this school at this time were both Haru and Akatsuki. It was very easy to know about his identity.

Kouha's appearance was similar to a girl's, unless they had checked the information from the school. Everyone at the school would think that he was a girl.

However, the moment Haru was about to reach Kaidou's hand, Kaidou punched Haru's face.

'I've caught you!'

Kaidou smiled, but then a powerful force hit his cheek.


Kaidou was blown away by Haru's punch first.

"Clown, huh? Fitting name for you." Haru shook his head at this guy who tried to provoke him.

Haruka also saw that Kaidou was about to punch Haru, but it was unsuccessful. She wasn't angry at Haru who punched Kaidou, but angry at Kaidou who was about to punch Haru.

"Kaidou! If you do something like that again, then I'm going to put you in the punishment room!"

"Ouch! Ouch!"

Kaidou held his cheek and wanted to cry, but he still cheekily teased them. He also had a nosebleed on his nose and sucked a deep breath since it seemed that Haru didn't have mercy on him. His cheek was so painful and he felt that his teeth were almost broken, but he needed to act as if nothing happened or else he would lose his face.

"You're amazing to be able to seduce the Vice-President on the first day."


Haruka was blushing in embarrassment and to hide that she needed to beat up this guy.

Haru didn't stop Haruka since he was too lazy to take care of this guy and talked with the middle-aged man about this Sleipnir.

The middle-aged man told him that this motorcycle was being made from Orichalc.u.m which gave it powerful durability and toughness that was able to break the sound barrier.

Haru nodded and wondered what would happen if he combined this motorcycle with a Busoshoku Haki.

Haruka was satisfied after beating up Kaidou and went back to Haru. She also looked curiously at this motorcycle since it had stripped her twice and made her a bit resentful toward it.

Kaidou had been unrecognizable after being beaten by Haruka, but this guy slowly got up and sighed. He wanted to give this thing to Akatsuki, but it seemed that he couldn't do it.


After the middle-aged man had tweaked it, Haru decided to ride it back home.

"Vice-Prez, you're going back?"

Haruka nodded and said, "The matter is over. I'll go back."

"Do you want to go with me?" Haru asked.

"With this bike?" Haruka had her trauma since she didn't want her clothes to be stripped once again.

"It's alright. It won't hurt you. Believe me."

Hearing Haru's words, Haruka nodded and tried to sit down on the back position of this motorcycle. She sat down naturally and her clothes weren't being stripped once again.

"Hold my waist."

Haruka was a bit embarrassed but nodded.

Haru looked at the middle-aged man and felt very thankful to give him this motorcycle for free before leaving the workshop together with Haruka.



"Ouch! Ouch!

Kaidou stood up once again and sighed.

"Kaidou, do you know him?" The middle-aged man asked.


However, Kaidou only knew that Haru was a mysterious student, but he didn't put his focus on him, but this time, he decided to observe him since he didn't think the normal student was able to ride Sleipnir.


Everyone was waiting for Haru, but suddenly they heard the sound of an explosion.


They were startled, then they saw him riding a motorcycle with a smile.

"I'm back."

They were about to complain but stopped since they were wondering how Haru was able to get a motorcycle just when he had just come back, and at the same time, they realized how great his luck was. Little did they know that he also knew one of the most beautiful girls at school too which would make them realize that a word of 'great" wasn't enough to describe his luck.