Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 776

Volume 1 Chapter 776 Class 1

The next day, the physical class started once again, and this time the topic was fighting.

However, before the start of the class, there were two people who had entered the control room of the fighting class and did something to the monster which would become their opponent later.

"Hehehe, I'll make you regret doing what you've done to me!"


Haru was once again wearing a tight workout uniform and sighed.

"What's wrong?" Kouha asked.

"I wonder whether they can change our uniforms." Haru suddenly thought about the feeling of a woman who had very large b.r.e.a.s.ts. He was wondering whether it was Tsunade feeling when she walked on the crowd.

Kouha, Shinobu, and Kuroneko looked at Haru and somehow they understood his feelings.

The teacher clapped his hands to gather everyone's attention and he also gave each of them an Arm Device or "AD", for a short.

"Arm Device is a device that conforms your natural powers and abilities, and transforms into the weapon most suitable for you.

Incidentally, you can also command your weapon to disappear."

Haru, Kouha, Shinobu, Kuroneko, Myuu, and Akatsuki heard the explanation of the teacher and nodded while also wearing the AD on their wrist.

Shinobu, Kuroneko, and Myuu could successfully create their own weapons using AD.

Shinobu created a rapier and frowned. She had a thin katana, but she had never tried a rapier before. She tried to use this rapier stabbing it in the air.

*Swosh!* *Swosh!* *Swosh!*

The force from the stabbing's movement caused each of Shinobu's attacks creating a noise similar to a small explosion in the air.

Kuroneko and Myuu created a magician staff. If Myuu's staff was a white in color making her cuter, but Kuroneko's staff was pure black giving her an image of evil.


Kuroneko laughed happily with a creepy laugh.

Haru, Shinobu, and Shinobu thought that Kuroneko was really happy at that moment.

"Why can't I use it?" Akatsuki sighed, but it was luck that he wasn't the only one who wasn't able to transform the AD into a weapon.

"How about you two?"

Kouha shook his head and asked, "Is this thing broken?"

"No, that AD is new." The teacher shook his head and also felt weird when three students couldn't use their AD.

Haru thought for a while and asked, "Can I ask for more AD?"


The teacher shook his head.


Haru was speechless.

"Then, the three of you can only use a normal weapon first during the class." The teacher left them since he needed to prepare for the lesson.

"Why do you want more AD?" Kouha asked.

"If one AD can't transform, then we need more AD." Haru's logic was pretty simple since he was very strong, he felt that he needed more than one.

Kouha nodded. "Interesting, I'll get it from other's students later."

Akatsuki, who heard Haru's words, nodded and also would grab it from other's students later.

However, the teacher had gathered them first before they were able to grab the AD from other's students.

"Now, we will split the class into two and practice dueling. Those who wish to duel as a party, form a group of more than two and head to the First Gymnasium.

Everyone else, please find a partner and practice one by one dueling here."

Akatsuki smiled and looked at Haru.

"Haru, have a duel with me!"


Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko thought that Akatsuki asked for death.

"Why not?" Haru nodded and didn't mind having a duel with Akatsuki.

"Good, I have a chance to beat you up now."

Akatsuki was excited and couldn't wait for the duel with Haru.

"Wha - What are you planning to do?!" Myuu asked. She knew that Akatsuki was very strong and she didn't want him to beat up Haru.

"Of course, we're just dueling, right?" Akatsuki asked while looking at Haru with a confident smile.

Kuzuha and Izumi were going to create a party with Myuu to head to the First Gymnasium, but they stopped when both Akatsuki and Haru were going to have a duel.

"Is Akatsuki strong?" Izumi asked Myuu since she hadn't seen Akatsuki fight someone.

"Well, he is strong...." Myuu nodded.

"What about Haru?" Kuzuha asked.

"Let's just head to the First Gymnasium." Shinobu brought both Kouha and Kuroneko.

Kouha and Kuroneko nodded and didn't need to guess who would be the winner of the duel.

Myuu, Izumi, and Kuzuha looked at Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko who seemed to not be unperturbed by the duel between Haru and Akatsuki wondering whether they weren't worried about Haru.

"Uh... I've only seen his attack using a sticker," Myuu answered Kuzuha's question.


"Yes, he can duplicate something with that sticker, and when that thing fuses back, it'll create a very big impact that is able to destroy a lot of things."

Myuu told both Kuzuha and Izumi about Haru's power when he showed it to destroy the President's ice pillar.

Izumi and Kuzuha were more curious about this duel since they were curious at how Haru was going to use a sticker to fight against Akatsuki.

"And, he is also a chef."


Myuu nodded and said, "Haru is very good at using a knife."

"So that's why his weapon is a dagger."

Everyone understood why Haru was using a dagger which he had gotten from the display before.

Most of the students also didn't go to the First Gymnasium since they wanted to see the fight between Haru and Akatsuki.

Both of them were very famous transfer students who had fought against the President of Babel.

The fight between the two of them will be very interesting to see.

Everyone cleared the area so both Haru and Akatsuki could fight each other quickly.

"I've been waiting for this chance to duel with you."

Akatsuki was brimming with confidence and he also wanted to teach Haru a lesson since Shinobu had given him trauma before. He also thought about teaching him not to hide behind a woman.

Haru shook his head and didn't talk too much since the result of the duel would create a louder reaction rather than talking using a mouth.


The First Gymnasium.

There was only Kouha, Shinobu, Kuroneko, and some of the students who would fight in the team battle, but the number of those students wasn't much since the majority of them wanted to see the fight between Haru and Akatsuki.

The teacher was also curious about the fight between Akatsuki and Haru, but he could watch it later after he had finished his job.

"The monster we're practicing fighting today is the C.o.c.katrice."

"Not C.o.c.ka-chan again...."

"We're sick of fighting these things!"

Everyone seemed to have enough about C.o.c.katrice since they had defeated it a lot of times.

"Are they that weak?" Kuroneko asked.

Kuzuha ,who was the class rep, decided to follow Shinobu's group since as a class rep she needed to be the one who gave an example for everyone.

"The teacher has made sure to seal off most of the power of this monster. And, as long as you avoid his fangs and talons, you'll be fine."

Kouha patted Kuzuha's head. "You don't need to be that serious all the time."


Kuzuha looked at Kouha, but didn't say anything nor nod. She was only 11 years old, but she had entered high school and for her to adapt to this situation was only to act like an a.d.u.l.t.