Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 777

Volume 1 Chapter 777 Class 2

Haruka was in her student council room doing her work, but it seemed that she was distracted by something.

The other members of the Student Council, Kyouya Hikami, Ryouhei Uesaki, and Minami Aihara also noticed the problem of Haruka.

"Haruka, what's wrong?" Minami asked her friend.

"H - Huh?! What's wrong?"

Haruka seemed to have just woken up from something.

"You've been in a weird state since this morning, what's wrong?" Ryouhei asked.

"N - Nothing!"

Haruka couldn't tell them what she was thinking about the thing which happened yesterday. She was hugging Haru's waist when he sent her back home yesterday. She thought that it was a very nice feeling and wanted to try it again, but she didn't want to admit it.

Ryouhei and Minami thought that it might have something to do with Haru since they knew that Haruka had met with Haru yesterday. They only knew that Haruka guided Haru and told him to follow the rules while also telling him to not cause trouble.

Kyouya didn't think much about the matter of Haruka, but he somehow noticed something interesting.

"President, what's wrong?"

Everyone was curious when they saw Kyouya smiling since it was a very rare chance.

"I've just gotten a notice that Ousawa Akatsuki and Kasugano Haruka are going to have a duel." Kyouya smiled and said, "I'm going to watch it, what about all of you?"

"I'm going!" Haruka said without hesitation, especially when she heard Haru's name.

Minami and Ryouhei looked at Haruka weirdly, but they didn't say anything afterward since they were also going to follow Kyouya to watch the duel between Haru and Akatsuki.

Akatsuki who was known as the "True Hero" and "Supreme Ruler" would fight against Haru who had a mysterious background, however, Haru's strength was undoubtedly powerful and Haruka had also told them that Haru had gotten a special motorcycle from the workshop yesterday.

After creating that decision, they opened the screen on the student council room which connected to the arena to watch the duel of Akatsuki and Haru, but at the same time, Kyouya also opened one more screen which connected to the First Gymnasium that showed Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko.

Haruka, Ryouhei, and Minami didn't ask anything, only quietly watched the screen.


First Gymnasium.

Everyone was very relaxed waiting for the teacher to start the match.

"Now, I shall start the battle simulation!"

The teacher let out the C.o.c.katrice and told everyone to defeat it.

"Hahaha, C.o.c.ka-chan, let me defeat you!"

A lot of the students wanted to end this battle simulation quickly since they thought it was possible to watch the fight between Haru and Akatsuki.

They raised their weapons and swung them down at C.o.c.katrice at the same time.


"Hahaha, we've dated it! Let's go and watch---"

However, before he ended his words, he was blown away by C.o.c.katrice's slam then he started to turn into a stone.

"Cluck! Cluck!"

C.o.c.kratice screamed loudly and started to swing its wings to fly.


Everyone was startled by the sudden change of the monster.


They thought that the weak C.o.c.katrice which they had fought several times had turned very strong.

"It's dangerous!"

Kuzuha, who noticed everyone was stunned from the power of C.o.c.katrice, hurriedly ran in front of everyone to protect them.

The C.o.c.katrice who was flying in the air sent out a barrage of features that could turn everyone into stone as long as it touched someone.


Everyone screamed and started to run away.

Kuzuha, who tried to protect everyone, tried to be brave, but she was quite scared.

The barrage of feathers moved very fast and ready to strike down everyone, but suddenly all of it stopped in the midair.


The C.o.c.katrice thought that it had defeated everyone, but suddenly its feathers stopped moving.

"I wonder whether Haru can cook this C.o.c.katrice into fried chicken."

"This thing is a hologram, right? Then it is impossible."

Kuzuha turned and saw Kouha, Kuroneko, and Shinobu walking beside her.

"You guys...." Kuzuha thought that they were running.

Shinobu smiled and patted Kuzuha's head. "Don't worry."

It was only simple words, but somehow Kuzuha felt very reassured and believed that she would be protected by everyone.

"Who is going to fight it?" Kuroneko asked.

"I'll handle it."

Kouha thought to use his new power. He started to float and moved toward the C.o.c.katrice.


Kuzuha was a bit surprised.

"Kouha can control gravity." Kuroneko folded her arms as if she was a big boss behind the scenes or something.


"Cluck! Cluck!"

The C.o.c.katrice noticed Kouha who was charging toward it and it became angry since it could see that Kouha tried to provoke it. It opened its beak ready to kill Kouha.


Kouha dodged the beak then touched C.o.c.katrice.


Suddenly the C.o.c.katrice stopped midair and it started to scream loudly.


Everyone stopped moving and they could hear a loud breaking sound from the C.o.c.katrice.

*Break!* *Break!* *Break!*

Some of them wanted to puke since the scene in front of them was just too disgusting.

The C.o.c.katrice suddenly turned inside out, the feathers on the outside turned inside, and the bone, muscle, meat, blood, innards, etc from inside turned to the outside killing it instantly.

Surface Inversion.

It was Kouha's new ability which he had learned before. He landed on the ground in a relaxed way and said, "Let's go to Haru's match, I'm sure that he's playing with that guy."

Shinobu and Kuroneko nodded.

Kuzuha was stuck in her spot since she didn't expect Kouha to be that strong.

"Kuzuha-san, what's wrong?" Shinobu asked.

"You're not going with us?" Kuroneko asked.

"Y - Yes!" Kuzuha followed the three of them and somehow she felt relief that they were her friends.


C.o.c.katrice, which floated in midair, dropped to the ground dead without moving.


The four members of the Student Council were very surprised when they saw Kouha's ability.

"Gravity manipulation...."

After coming back to another world, a lot of boys and girls had gotten various powers such as strong physical ability, martial arts, magic, etc.

However, it might be the first time for them to see someone to have an ability of gravity manipulation.

Kyouya was surprised, but at the same time, he felt very jealous. His ability was ice manipulation but compared to gravity manipulation...

The moment the four members of the Student Council saw Kouha could inverse the body of something or someone with just a touch, it meant that as long as he touched them.....


They would die without being able to do anything.

"Strong...." Haruka didn't expect Haru's friends to be this strong.

"Yeah, the four of them might cause trouble to the order of Student Council." Minami who had an expressionless expression turned serious.

"They're really mysterious..."

Ryouhei thought that one of them was this strong, then what about the three of them?


"It's alright. They won't do anything weird."

Everyone looked at Haruka who had said those sentences so suddenly.

"How can you be so sure?" Minami asked.

"Because I've reprimanded Haru before and he won't do anything that is harming the school!" Haruka had confidence in Haru since she had talked with him before.


"Minami, you shouldn't talk with Haru," Ryouhei said.

"Why?" Minami asked.

"He might make you fall in love."


"I - I'm not falling in love!"

Haruka blushed and refuted.


However, at the same time, everyone sighed in relief since Haruka's mind wasn't being manipulated, but, they also realized Haru's high EQ which could make him easy to get close to anyone.

Then they looked at the duel between Haru and Akatsuki.

"He's playing him."

Everyone nodded and thought the same thing after watching the fight between Haru and Akatsuki.

Kyouya shook his head since the name of "True Hero" and "Supreme Ruler" didn't fit Akatsuki.