Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 778

Volume 1 Chapter 778 Harem Protagonist Vs Protagonist Of This World

The duel between Haru and Akatsuki had attracted the attention of a lot of people, even the teachers, who were supersiving the class, were also interested in this match.

Both Akatsuki and Haru were very famous, and everyone was curious about who would become the winner in this duel.

Clearing the arena, the match was about to begin.

Myuu was clearly nervous since she didn't expect there would be a fight between Haru and Akatsuki.

"Don't lose too fast, Haru."

Akatsuki cracked his fist and was ready to fight.

Haru only shook his head hearing Akatsuki's words.

"That should be my line."

Haru's eyes turned serious and said, "If you lose too fast then, it won't be fun." Even though he knew the power of Akatsuki was weak, he was wondering whether this guy would have a sudden power up which would make him several times more powerful since such a plot was usually possible.

"You sure have a big mouth."


Haru was speechless at the one who had a big mouth in this place.

The teacher looked at both of them and said, "Just to remind you, any damage from an AD or magic will be sent to your brains as feedback.

Worst case scenario, you'll lose consciousness.

So just relax and fight full force."


Akatsuki had a confident smile and he didn't think that he would lose this battle. He was holding a sword looking at Haru who was holding a dagger.

"Then, let the battle begin!"

Akatsuki and Haru didn't move and looked at each other.

"You're not going to move?" Akatsuki asked.

"You should go first since you'll lose very quickly if I move first." Haru didn't like it when someone taunted him, but he loved to taunt people. Fighting people while affecting the psychology of his opponent had always been his favorite.

"Then don't blame me if I do so!"

Charging directly Akatsuki moved very fast toward Haru and swung his sword down at Haru.


Haru dodged Akatsuki's attack easily and slammed the handle of the dagger at Akatsuki's head.


Haru's attack was very smooth as if he could see the future dodging Akatsuki's attack and did a counterattack.

Akatsuki was blown away and hit the wall behind him. He wasn't wounded, but the feedback of that attack caused him to frown. However, at the same time his expression turned serious. He erased all of the laid back attitudes which he often showed and decided to finish this battle quickly.


Blue light covered his hands along continued to envelop his sword, looking at Haru who was right in front of him. Akatsuki stood up once again while pointing his sword at Haru.

"This time, I won't show you mercy! You should be careful!"


Moving toward Haru once again, Akatsuki's speed had increased dramatically and it made everyone very surprised.

But at the same time, Haru threw out a dagger at Akatsuki.


Akatsuki dodged the dagger, but it grazed his cheek, however, he ignored it since he wasn't wounded because of it.


Akatsuki swung his sword with all of his power, but suddenly he felt something had stabbed into his left shoulder.


Haru also let go of another dagger in his hand and it moved automatically toward the dagger which had stabbed into Akatsuki's shoulder.


The impact of the two daggers which fused into each other was so strong that it destroyed two daggers while also injuring Akatsuki,

Akatsuki received powerful feedback on his brain that almost made him unconscious. He didn't have any wounds, but he was clearly weakened from Haru's attack. He knew that if there wasn't a system which would turn a wound into feedback into a brain then his shoulder would be chopped.

"Over already?" Haru asked.


Akatsuki was annoyed, especially when someone was looking down on him. He could look down on someone else, but someone couldn't look down on him. Blue light enveloped his entire body, increasing his physical prowess and slowly healing him.


Akatsuki charged once again with his sword, but this time a kick was right in front of his face.


Akatsuki, who was kicked, was blown away once again.

The impact of this kick was larger than before and created dust that covered Akatsuki.


"It's over, right?"

Haru felt that it was really boring. He really thought that Akatsuki would suddenly awaken or something, but it seemed that he had overstimated Akatsuki.

Everyone thought that it was over since Akatsuki couldn't do anything in front of Haru. They saw Haru could play Akatsuki easily without trouble as if an a.d.u.l.t stole a candy from the children.

It seemed to be more like bullying with Akatsuki as the target and Haru as the bully, but at the same time, they also thought that Akatsuki really had a loudmouth, especially when they remembered the talk before the fight.

They were wondering where Akatsuki had his confidence to fight against Haru, but when they thought the battle was over, suddenly they heard Akatsuki's voice.

"Haru, I have to admit that you're strong, but can you handle this?"

Akatsuki stood up using all of his power then created a large ball of energy on his palms.

"Ball of energy?" Haru asked.

"Yes, I'm a practitioner of Renkan Keikikou or Ultimate Martial Art. I can control the Ki in myself and around me. I've refined the Ki around me and use it to create an Energy Bomb!"

Akatsuki maintained his confidence in his face and thought with this attack, he should be able to defeat Haru.

"Take this!"

Akatsuki threw out that ball of energy at Haru.

"Watch out!"

Everyone shouted out in panic since they could feel the power of Akatsuki's ball of energy. If that attack really hit Haru then they were afraid that Haru might be hurt because of it.


The energy ball hit the ground and caused an explosion.

Everyone closed their eyes because of the shockwave which was caused by this energy bomb.

Akatsuki breathed very hard while trying to maintain his consciousness since he almost depleted his energy using that attack.

"Have I defeated him?"


Then suddenly Akatsuki was punched on the chin and blown away from the ground.


Akatsuki flew out a few meters into the air then dropped to the ground. He tried to maintain his consciousness, but in the end, he passed out and lost this battle.


Everyone was in shock when they saw Haru who was unscathed could only shake his head at Akatsuki, who had passed out.

"You're done with the duel?"

Haru turned and saw Kouha, Shinobu, Kuroneko, and Kuzuha who came toward him.

"Is the battle simulation over?"

Haru thought that their speed was quite fast.

"Yes, Kouha has defeated the chicken."

"C.o.c.katrice." Kuzuha corrected them and said, "Actually, something strange happened earlier."

"Something strange?"

Kuzuha nodded and told him what had happened on the First Gynmanisum. She felt weird that the strength of the C.o.c.katrice was more powerful than they usually fought, but since it had been defeated by Kouha, she didn't think too much about it.

However, Haru felt strange when he heard it and at the same time, he realized that someone had gone missing from this place. In school, he had always been wary since he didn't know when the target of the quest would come and that was why he had always activated his Kenbunshoku Haki so that he wouldn't miss anything.

If he didn't know about the C.o.c.katrice then he might think that there was nothing wrong, but after he heard the strangeness on C.o.c.katrice, he thought that Phil Barnett or Zahark had come to this place.

"What's wrong?"

Haru shook his head and didn't want to cause a panic in this place. "I need to go to the bathroom first."

"Big one or a small one?"



Kuzuha was speechless and asked, "Do you need to have that kind of conversation now?"