Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 779

Volume 1 Chapter 779 Mad..

The teacher asked the staff to bring Akatsuki to the infirmary since he had passed out.

Myuu sighed and had told Akatsuki not to fight, but this guy had never heard her advice.

'How many times?'

Myuu couldn't count how many times she had tried to stop him. She didn't know what to say when she thought that Akatsuki was the one who had killed her father.


Myuu didn't expect it, but it was the fact and somehow it made her mind complicated while wondering whether it was right to live with him.


"Is this really "True Hero" and the "Supreme Ruler"?" Haruka felt that it was too funny when she thought that she needed to focus on Ousawa Akatsuki.

"But Kasugano Haruka is very strong." Minami had a serious expression on her face.

"His speed is the key."

Ryouhei thought that it was the key for Haru to be able to defeat Akatsuki.

"However, he isn't our opponent."

Haruka had to agree that Haru was quite strong, but it didn't mean he had the power to challenge them.

Ryouhei and Minami nodded after hearing Haruka's words.

Kyouya didn't say anything but stood up from his seat.

"President, what's wrong?" Haruka asked.

"Nothing. I need to go to the toilet."

Kyouya didn't tell them the truth, but he knew that there was something wrong with the C.o.c.katrice before. If he wasn't wrong then there should be a spy from Scarlet Dusk (a terrorist organization) who had been lurking in this place.


*Step!* *Step!* *Step!*

A young man with a bang covering his eyes similar to the protagonist on the galge walked toward one of the most important parts on the Babel.

The name of this young man is Tanaka or the one who is being bullied by Onizuka (a guy who was being beaten by Haru).

Tanaka was a member of Scarlet Dusk and his intention to enter Babel was to destroy this place. He knew that there was a barrier that would transmit the damage on every person in this place to the brain, but that barrier would only protect someone from both magic and AD.

If someone was hurt by something else such as a converter or large debris from this building then they could die.

Tanaka was the one who had changed the level of C.o.c.katrice on the First Gymnasium, however, he didn't expect it to be killed that easily. He had thought to give up his plan and changed it to another day, but he didn't expect that the duel between Haru and Akatsuki would attract the attention of everyone.

Tanaka thought that was a chance and went out quietly to blow up this building to destroy Babel while also killing everyone in this place.

In his mind, Babel is evil.

Babel would send out their students to the war to stop the war, even if that student died on the battlefield.

Tanaka had been told that, but he believed it was the truth.

"When Babel disappears then no one is going to die again...."

Tanaka raised his hand up and was about to create powerful magic to blow up everything, but then.....

"Oh, Tanaka, what are you doing here?"


Tanaka turned and saw Haru who was leaning on the wall in a relaxed manner.

"K - Kasugano-kun!"

Tanaka's eyes, which were being hidden under his bangs, glared at Haru. From everyone in the class, he was warier than him since this guy was very smart.

"How scary... Tanaka, why are you glaring at me? Did I find you at an inappropriate time? Are you going to throw out your p.o.r.n magazine? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone since you won't have to come to the school again."

Haru joked at Tanaka, but Tanaka's response was quite unexpected.

Tanaka raised his palm and sent out a magic barrage of wind bullets at Haru.


However, Haru could dodge all of Tanaka's attacks easily. "How scary...."

Tanaka frowned and asked, "How did you know?"

"Your acting is very lousy." Haru smiled looking at Tanaka and said, "If you want to act as a student who was being bullied then you shouldn't make your eyes fierce. Just cover it with your bangs and someone will notice it sooner or later."


Tanaka snorted and said, "Whatever...." He raised his palm and sent out another barrage of wing attack.

"Let's see how long you are able to dodge my attack?!"

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Haru dodged all of Tanaka's attack and shook his head.

"That should be my question, how long can you send out your magic on me?"


Tanaka became annoyed at Haru since Haru's ability to dodge was too annoying. He moved faster and charged toward Haru directly intending to fight in close combat.

"Wrong choice."

Haru appeared right in front of Tanaka and slapped his neck.


Suddenly a zipper appeared on Tanaka's neck and his head dropped on the ground.


Tanaka, whose head was being separated from his body, didn't understand anything. His head hit the concrete, but at the same time, he was scared that he had died. He didn't expect Haru to be so merciless killing him directly. He started to regret attacking his actions when he thought about it.

"I don't mind if you want to blow up this place, but you need to do it when my friend and I are not here."

Tanaka blinked his eyes and the pain on his head woke him up. He felt that his hair was being pulled and he looked at Haru's face in surprise while asking, "I - I'm not dead?"

"You're not dead since someone is waiting for you...." Haru turned to see Kyouya who was right on the entrance door. "Right? President?"

Kyouya smiled and said, "It seems that you've found the mice first, Kasugano-kun."

Haru threw Tanaka's head at Kyouya.


Tanaka screamed when his head was being thrown by Haru.

Kyouya caught Tanaka's head with one of his hands and looked at the jagged metal part below Tanaka's neck.

"Interesting magic."

Haru smiled and said, "Zipper magic. This magic is nothing in front of your ice magic."

Kyouya smiled and said, "Don't be modest. That ability is quite dangerous." Especially when he thought about Haru's speed. Once he was touched by Haru then his body would be separated into several pieces and became a lamb which was ready to be slaughtered.

"I just want a peaceful school life. I'll handle this matter for you, President."

Haru walked calmly and wanted to go back.



Haru turned and looked at Kyouya.

Kyouya looked at Haru and asked, "Kasugano-kun, don't you want to fight me?"

"Prez, do you want to fight me?" Haru asked.

Kyouya didn't say anything, but his eyes clearly showed an intention for a battle.

Haru was wondering why this place was full of battle maniacs. "Let's not do it now, isn't there an event or something that we can have a fight about in the future?"

"Let's see...." Kyouya thought for a while and said, "There a ranking tournament in the future, let's have a fight there, is that alright with you?"

"Why not?"

Haru nodded and asked, "Do you want to separate this guy's body too? Since I can see it trying to do something?"

"Then, please do it, though, can I ask your help to bring him with me later?" Kyouya asked.

"I have a bag with me"

Haru took out a plastic bag and walked toward Tanaka's body. "Wait here." He separated Tanaka's body into several parts and put it into a plastic bag. "It's like I'm collecting trash."


Tanaka, whose head was mocked as trash by Haru, was angry, but his head started to feel cold before it was frozen entirely.

Haru also separated Tanaka's body into pieces and put it into a plastic bag before giving it to Kyouya. He gave the plastic bag to Kyouya and said, "If you want a fight, then Akatsuki should be happy to fight you."

Kyouya smiled and said, "It's more interesting to fight with you."


Haru really hoped for Kyouya to not swing that way. He suddenly remembered something and asked, "Prez, can I ask a request?"

"What?" Kyouya was a bit curious about his request.

"Can I ask for more AD?"

Since it was impossible to ask the teacher, Haru decided to ask the leader of Babel directly for more AD since he wanted to try it.

Kyouya nodded and said, "Sure, follow me. I'll give you as much as you want."


Both of them walked together while talking about random things that happened around the school.

If they didn't bring a Tanaka on the plastic bag then this scene would be very beautiful for Fujoshi girl.