Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 780

Volume 1 Chapter 780 Beach 1

They spent their days on the school in peace which made Kouha, Shinobu, and Kuroneko start to think that they weren't in a quest rather they were having a holiday.

Haru was also helpless since, after Tanaka wanted to bomb the Babel, he didn't see any enemy again whether Phil Barnet or Zahark, he found nothing and he couldn't do anything in that situation.

Akatsuki who had been beaten by Haru tried to challenge Haru every time they met each other.

Haru kept avoiding Akatsuki, and he started to understand the feeling of Gildartz who was being kept asking by Natsu for a fight. He really had a headache thinking about how to handle this situation, at the same time, he thought that he needed to change the pace of the four of them.

"Let's go to the beach."

Haru thought since they were in another world, then a beach event was unavoidable. He decided to invite everyone to enjoy the beach since it was a rare chance.

"Kukuku, I guess it is time to enjoy the pleasure of this world...."

Kuroneko agreed without hesitation.

"Beach, huh? It has been a while since I've gone there." Kouha thought that it seemed quite interesting and agreed to go to the beach.

"I don't mind."

Shinobu nodded since she also started to learn how to relax. In her world, she had always been working, and it might be the first time she had time to have a vacation. She started to think about her days in this world.

Sleeping, working out, eating, school, talking, playing, and then repeat.

Shinobu thought that she had started to become lax, but she was in another world and not in her original world. She thought that it was a good change of pace to have a vacation and the enemy also hadn't appeared in front of her.

Haru had talked with everyone that the enemy might appear during the Ranking Tournament which was about to be held by Babel.

They nodded and were quite patient to wait for the enemy to come, but at the same time, they thought it was better to enjoy themselves in this world since the enemy wouldn't come at them.

Even if they came then it was good since they would give them an answer about why they shouldn't provoke the four of them.

Before going to the beach, they had also decided to invite Kuzuha, Izumi, Myuu, and Akatsuki together.


Because it might trigger an event such as an enemy came, someone kidnapped, terrorist, or a tentacle monster that suddenly appeared on the sea. Such a thing could happen as long as there was a protagonist in the surrounding area.

It was the special effect of the main character since they would always attract trouble.

Haru tried to invite Haruka, but it seemed that she had promised the member of the student council to go out. He also thought to invite Kyouya, but it seemed this guy was very busy with the matter of Babel and COCOON.

"I'm happy that you've invited me, but I'm quite busy that day."

Kyouya was a bit surprised when he was invited by Haru, but at the same time, it was his first time to be invited by someone to play and somehow that felt really good.

Haru felt Kyouya's gaze was a bit wrong, but he didn't think much and decided to enjoy the beach with everyone.



Haru, Kouha, and Akatsuki were done with changing to their short.

Kouha was wearing shorts with a t-shirt along with a jacket since he didn't want his skin to be damaged by the sun. He also asked Haru to make his hair into a side fishtail braid to make his overall appearance look very cute, attracting the attention of everyone on this beach.

Akatsuki who looked at Kouha wouldn't even think Kouha was a guy if he wasn't being told. Then he looked at Haru who was wearing shorts and couldn't help but sigh.

Both Akatsuki and Haru were a type of fighter that used their physical ability, and it was clearly shown on their body.

However, at the same time, their body type was different. If Akatsuki was a type who had a bulky type of muscle, then Haru was a type who had compact muscles.

Even though Haru's muscle wasn't that big, and his body was even lean type, when he had taken off his shirt, they would see a powerful muscle that wouldn't lose to anyone.

Akatsuki was clearly jealous, and it was hard to ask him how to create such a muscle since he wanted to defeat Haru by using his own power, but another thing which made him jealous was the thing which kept hidden on his shorts.




Akatsuki could hear the sound of people around him, especially a woman and girls who kept glancing at Haru, especially at Haru's lower body which was very hard to hide when Haru wore shorts. In his mind it was good to stay beside Haru and Kouha since girls kept coming toward them. Unfortunately, no girls came out to him.

Kouha and Haru had attracted the attention of a lot of people, and somehow they had become very popular.

Getting a phone number from a lot of people, Haru sighed and really hoped for Shinobu and Kuroneko to come out as soon as possible.

"Sorry to make you wait!"

Izumi smiled, but her eyes were attracted to both Haru and Kouha since both of them were very pleasing to her eyes.

"Both of you are very good...."

Izumi was bis.e.x.u.a.l and she could appreciate both guys and women at the same time. She liked Kouha since he was the description of the perfect combination of both guys and women at the same time, but she also loved Haru who could be a very fun companion, and the thing on his lower body was very destructive.

'And his body is so delicious...'

Izumi walked toward them in excitement and wanted to touch their bodies.

Haru and Kouha knew Izumi's personality and ignored her and focussed their attention on Kuzuha, Myuu, Shinobu, and Kuroneko.

Kuzuha wore a light green one-piece that made her look cuter.

Shinobu and Kuroneko decided to be bolder in this place and wore a bikini with Shinobu wearing a purple bikini and Kuroneko wearing a white bikini. Even though Kuroneko loved black color, she thought that it was too early for her to wear black color on her bikini.

If Haru, Kouha, and Akatsuki weren't there then the five of them would become the target of pick up by a lot of men on this beach since they were very beautiful.


"It's good...."

"I see angels descend upon us..."

Haru, Kouha, and Akatsuki praised their swimwear and the three of them weren't shy with their praise. The three of them were a group of bad men and all of the three of them had a share of experience in that area, though, one of them hadn't experienced that pleasure yet.

"Class Rep, I've brought you a dolphin buoy, do you want to play?" Haru asked.

Kuzuha pouted and complained. "Haru, don't treat me like a child!"

"My bad, my bad, but since we're at the beach... Let's have fun."

Haru patted Kuzuha's head, even though he didn't realize it, but his patting had a destructive power that was able to make every girl feel comfortable. It might have been years of training patting Sora's head that it had turned into a habit and creating lethal skill which gave him a nickname of "Patting God".


Kuzuha had a blissful expression on her face, even though she wanted to be treated as an a.d.u.l.t, but it wasn't bad to be treated as a child and play with him.




Kuzuha realized that her expression had been stared at by everyone and became embarrassed. She pulled Haru's hand and said, "L - Let's go and play!


Looking at Haru and Kuzuha who went to the beach, Kuroneko frowned and asked, "Is that alright?"

"Kuzuha is a child, what is going to happen? We also know that guy is a big b.r.e.a.s.t freak."


"That's true."

Kuroneko didn't feel worried anymore and started to play with everyone.


It was Kouha, Kuroneko, and Shinobu's first time playing on the beach in this world, and they were going to have a blast.