Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 782

Volume 1 Chapter 782 Beach 3

Minami and Ryouhei who were resting on the beach chair suddenly noticed Haru who was running from something. Both of them took out their sunglasses and looked at each other in confusion.

"What happened?"

"I'm not sure."

However they suddenly noticed a group of people who were running chasing after Haru, it was both a mix of both male and female, but they could notice the eyes of everyone who chased after Haru was a bit weird.

"What happened? Really?"

Ryouhei and Minami didn't know what had happened, but somehow, they felt quite sympathetic at Haru being chased by a lot of people.


Being chased by a lot of people, Haru thought that he shouldn't let this continue.

'One hour...'

Even though the prize of the event was quite tempting, and somehow he was also quite attracted by it, it was impossible to let him be violated by a lot of people, especially by some guys.

"Come here!"

"I won't let you go!"

Looking at the faces of the guys who tried to chase after him, Haru started to become annoyed and didn't hesitate to give him a powerful lesson.


Haru punched this guy's face then grabbed another guy and threw them out far away. He kept doing this to the group of men and didn't give them mercy. However more people kept coming toward him which made him speechless.

Haru became annoyed and moved faster to throw out the guys who tried to grab his shorts to the sea until their number decreased, but his trouble didn't end since the girls were also trying to grab his shorts too. He wasn't the type of guy who believed in gender equality and he couldn't give a girl a dropkick.

Haru could only dodge at the girls who kept coming at him, and at the same time, he also realized that the physical ability of the people who kept coming at him was better than normal people. He could see that their physical ability had the same quality as a professional athlete or better, but in front of him, they were nothing.


"Come here, boy! Let big sister take off your shorts!"

"Let me see the thing under your shorts!"

There wasn't a lack of a woman who had l.u.s.t on him, and frankly it was troublesome. He couldn't put his fists on a girl since this event was being broadcasted on the television.

Haru felt troubled, but he couldn't raise his fist again.

'It can't be helped.'

Haru didn't really want to use that technique, but it was the fastest way to handle the group of women. His left hand was enveloped by a pink aura, but it quickly turned invisible before he touched the girl who tried to grab his shorts.



"No, I - I'm c.u.m.m.i.n.g!!!!"

One by one the girls who kept coming at them dropped on the ground while m.o.a.ning loudly and reddish faces.


Akatsuki didn't move, rather he observed the situation since he knew that it was better to fight one by one rather than having a lot of people grab Haru's shorts together. He had fought against Haru and he knew that Haru's sense was very strong. It was as if there were a lot of eyes on Haru's body or Haru had placed a satellite on the top of his head.

It was simply impossible to do an attack from a blindspot since Haru could detect him right away so he decided to observe for a while before he started his attack.

Myuu, Izumi, Haruka, and Kuzuha decided to attack him together using a strategy which they had made before.

Everyone could see that the male participants kept decreasing since they were being thrown or passed out, leaving most of the female participants, but suddenly they heard a loud m.o.a.n from the beach.



"W - What is this?!"

Everyone was in shock, especially when they saw a lot of girls who had fallen on the ground with a flush and satisfying expression on their faces.

"W - What is this?"

They were surprised and even Akatsuki who had always maintained his confident expression was also in shock.

"It seems that he has decided to use that technique....."

Kuroneko sighed and thought that it would be very troublesome.

"What technique?"

Everyone was curious when they heard Kuroneko's explanation.

"I'd rather give up now. I'm sure that he'll win after using that technique."

Kuroneko didn't want to be attacked by Haru's special magic, and it was better to give up earlier since she didn't want to turn into the same state as the girls who had dropped on the ground.

"Me too."

Kouha didn't want his shameful face to be shown on the public and decided to give up earlier. Even if he had a gravity manipulation, that power was useless against Haru's ability.

Looking at both Kouha and Kuroneko who decided to give up, they were shocked, but also curious what kind of technique was used by Haru.

*Sniff!* *Sniff!*

"This smell is...."

Akatsuki who had become a guard on a courtesan guild in the past knew that it was a very familiar smell, but he didn't expect Haru to be able to make a lot of girls c.u.m in just a matter of seconds. Once again, his perception of Haru had transformed and felt that this guy was the guy who he should aim to surpass in the future.

"S - Shinobu, what is this?!"

Izumi was startled looking at the expression on the girls on the ground. She was bis.e.x.u.a.l and knew the expression from the girls who had dropped on the ground was an expression of ecstasy from pleasure. She didn't expect Haru, who usually talked and laughed with her during the class, would have such an ability.

Shinobu sighed, but looking at their expression she decided to tell them since it wouldn't harm Haru, and even if they knew they could do nothing about it, but at the same time, she wouldn't tell everything since she didn't want Haru's power to be known.

"You might not know, but Haru is very proficient at giving pleasure to someone."

"P - Pleasure?"

The four girls were blushing.

"I - I don't believe it!"

Izumi couldn't accept it since she always had confidence in her hands' technique since she had played with a lot of girls, but being suddenly told that someone was better than her...

Izumi couldn't accept that truth.

"I've also decided to give up and I don't care whether you believe it or not, however, in front of that technique..... I can't do anything about it, but if you're curious you can come to him since there are a lot of girls who keep coming at him."

Shinobu, at minute 35 decided to retire, even though there was another 25 minutes, she knew that it was simply impossible to fight Haru who had decided to use that perverted magic. She also embarrassed and blushed slightly when she thought of him using that magic on her before.

Akatsuki who looked at Shinobu's reaction couldn't help but feel jealous of Haru. 'Damn!' At first, he thought he had won against Haru in technique, but it seemed that he was also beaten in that area too.

"W - What should we do?!"

Myuu panicked when she thought that she was being hit by Haru's technique.

"Calm down, Myuu-san!"

Haruka folded her arms and had an arrogant expression. "It's just a bluff! I don't believe that Haru's technique is that good."

"Then, please go and try his technique, Vice-Prez."

Kuzuha thought that it would be a good chance to see the effect of Haru's ability on Haruka.

"Hmph! I'll take his short for sure!"

Haruka started to use her wind magic to increase her speed to steal Haru's shorts.

Myuu, Izumi, Kuzuha, and Akatsuki looked at each other before following her since they were curious about Haru's ability.


Following the trail, Haruka had arrived at one of the beach houses on the beach, but the scene in front of her shocked her since she could see a lot of girls laying weakly on the ground with a flush and satisfying expression on her face. She could even hear a m.o.a.n from the girls outside the beach house.

"W - What is this?!"

Myuu, Kuzuha, Izumi, and Akatsuki who had followed Haruka were also in shock.

They guled their salives and knew the source of this incident was inside this beach house.

"Vice-President, go inside."


Haruka turned and looked at Myuu, Izumi, and Kuzuha who had a hopeful expression. She was quite nervous, but she tried to be brave and nodded since she knew that Haru wouldn't hurt her.

"I'll go!"

Haruka moved inside the beach house leaving the four of them there.

"You're not going?" Akatsuki asked.

"W - We'll enter after the Vice-President."

They were a bit scared, but also curious to know about Haru's ability.

Akatsuki looked at the expression on the girls and wondered whether he could learn this technique from Haru.


Haruka who had entered the beach house saw a lot of girls gathered around Haru who was sitting in a relaxed way sipping a coconut water while wearing sunglasses and aloha shirts.

"Ha.. Ha... Ha..."

All of the girls flushed and her lower body was very wet as if they were just having a very fierce fight.

"T - This is...!" Haruka was surprised to see this situation.

"Huh? Haruka?" Haru was surprised to see Haruka come toward him.

Haruka was flushing in anger when she thought that Haru was having fun with those skunks.

"H - Haru, what are you doing?!"

"Sigh... they're trying to take my short, I'm just stopping them."

Haru didn't think that he had done anything wrong.

"I - I'll stop you now!"

A green magic circle appeared below Haruka and wind appeared around her surrounding increasing her speed.


Haruka knew that once she had taken Haru's short then she would able to stop him. Reaching out her hand, she tried to steal Haru's shorts, but when she was about to reach Haru's shorts, her wrist was grabbed by Haru. She blushed and tried to get away from him.

"L - Let go of me!"

"Haruka, I don't want to do this, but you force me."

"W - What are you doing?!"

Haruka knew that Haru was about to use his technique and she had made her preparation, but suddenly she didn't know what he had done. A pleasure could be felt on her entire body and her entire body became weak falling down at Haru's chest.

"Ha... Ha... Ha..."

Her eyes were confused, but she couldn't fight back the pleasure on her body. She looked at Haru with a drool dropped on the corner of her mouth, but tried to grit her teeth to fight back.

"W - What are you doing to me!"

Haruka's voice was so low and her breathing was so heavy.

"Don't think, just enjoy it," Haru whispered.

Haruka couldn't think anything and suddenly m.o.a.ned loudly.




Myuu, Izumi, and Kuzuha looked at each other.

"I'll go inside."

Akatsuki entered the beach house, but before long he was thrown and passed out directly.


The three of them looked at each other for a while again.

"I - I'll go inside."

Izumi started to walk, but Myuu stopped her.

"M - Me too!"

"W - Wait! You can't go! Let's just give up!"

Kuzuha didn't want both of them to have the same fate as everyone else.

"No, I can't go back unless I've fought him!"

"You're my friend, I'll follow you!"

Izumi nodded and looked at Kuzuha. "Class Rep, you stay here."


Kuzuha was startled

Myuu nodded and said, "Class rep, your age is a bit problematic and we don't know what he'll do to you."

"B - But...!"

Kuzuha was unwilling.

"Wait for our victory here!"

Izumi entered the beach house bravely together with Myuu.

"W - What to do?!"

Kuzuha was panicked, but before long she heard the m.o.a.ns of both Izumi and Myuu at the same time. She started to panic, but in the end she decided to enter and then she saw Haru walking out of the beach house.

"H - Haru...!"

Kuzuha was very nervous to see Haru here.

Haru walked toward Kuzuha and patted her head. "It has already been an hour, I've won the battle." He knew that it was a crime to use that technique on an 11-year-old girl so he didn't do that.


Kuzuha had a complex expression on her face, but at the same time, there was a trace of disappointment since she couldn't taste what Haru's technique truly was.

"Let's go back, I'll treat you with the prize."


Kuzuha nodded and held Haru's hand forgetting the thing which had just happened.

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