Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 783

Volume 1 Chapter 783 The Birth Of Harem King

After the beach event, Haru had become more popular with both males and females since the event which had happened on the beach had been broadcasted on the television and a lot of them knew about him who was known as the "Harem King".

His figure who sat down on the chair in a lazy way while being surrounded by a lot of girls who had fallen around his surrounding couldn't be forgotten by everyone.

Haru had to admit that he might have gone too wild last time, but he didn't expect that his name would turn viral.

For the male who saw him, they started to worship him hoping him able to share them with a little knowledge to be able to get every girl under their hands.

For the female, they were attracted by Haru and wanted to have one or two rounds with him since they could see the pleasure expression on every female participant on the event during the broadcasting.

Haru had a headache and started to regret what he had done. He didn't want to become stallion and only intended to prank them, but he didn't expect the effect would be this troublesome.

"Yo, Harem King!"

"You're going to go home, Harem King?"

"H - Harem King, please accept this love letter!"


Everyone was very kind to him, but he had a very complicated feeling.

"You sure are very popular Harem King."

Shinobu teased.

"It's good to become Harem King, right?" Kuroneko smiled.

"As expected of Harem King, your strength is undeniable....." Kouha gave Haru a thumbs up and looked at him in amazement.


Haru only looked at them in silence with the corner of his mouth twitching uncontrollably. Then, he also noticed the gaze of three girls who kept staring at him.

Myuu, Izumi, and Haruka couldn't forget the event which had happened on the beach and the pleasure which he had given to them.

"Damn, I've got to have revenge!"

"Yeah, we can't let him go this easily!"

"I - Izumi-san, Haruka-san, you can't do that!"


Kuzuha who was walking beside Haru looked at them with an envious gaze.

'What are you envious about?'

Haru thought inwardly, looking speechlessly at Kuzuha.


COCOON or Children of Cross Over Other Nations" is an organization that is created to help run the world now. Each member is more powerful than the entire nation's military.

After the appearance of Ousawa Akatsuki who was being prophesied as "True Hero" and "Supreme King", the members of COCOON did more often meeting to talk about this matter to consider whether Ousawa Akatsuki was a threat for them or not and whether Akatsuki was powerful enough to defeat them, but it seemed that they didn't need to worry too much about him.

Talking about Ousawa Akatsuki, suddenly one of the members started to ask about the appearance of another King on the Babel on Japan Branch.

"I've heard about the rumor that there is a new King appearing on the Japan Branch."

"Why you're not telling us about this?"

Everyone looked at Kyouya who was also one of the members of COCOON.

COCOON has 11 members, 7 of them being the leaders of BABEL schools. All COCOON members adopt an alias to protect their real identity, not even fellow COCOON members know each other's real name.

Kyoya was speechless when they heard his question and said, "Because I don't think that he's a threat and he also isn't being included on the prophecy."

"Oh, I've heard of the new King on the Japan Branch. He's being called a Harem King, right?"

One of the female members on the COCOON started to chatter curiously since she was also curious.


Everyone who heard it was speechless, they thought that it would be "Cruel King", "Benevolent King", "Powerful King," etc, but they didn't expect that it would be a "Harem King".

"He might not be dangerous for the guys, but he might be dangerous for the group of females in this world considering his ability...."

One of the COCOON's members also chirped and it seemed this member had seen Haru on the broadcast a few days ago.

"Huh? What is his ability? Do you know anything?"

They didn't know much about this "Harem King" and only knew that he was a king. As long as someone was called a king, it would attract their attention and they needed to think of a countermeasure about this new king, but it was their first time to hear someone being called "Harem King".

One of them nodded and said, "Yes, I've seen his live record on the video. I've brought it with me, do you want to watch it too?"

They nodded without hesitation, even though they were a protector of humanity, but they were also human and they were also curious about this "Harem King", even though it was something silly.

Kyouya sighed and wondered why Haru, who was quite a peaceful guy, would create such silly trouble for him. He was the leader of COCOON in the Japan area and he also needed to take care of everything which happened in his country that related to the power from another world, but he didn't really want to take care of Haru since his trouble was so silly. He thought it was better for everyone to think about the "True Hero" and the "Supreme Ruler" which was prophesied rather than "Harem King" which was made because of the hype.

Kyouya also had a good impression of Haru since that guy might be the only person that had tried to invite him to play on the beach, however, he was glad that he didn't come when he thought about the mess which had happened on the beach during that day.

Inside the meeting room of the COCOON, every member of this place started to watch the recorded video of "Harem King" on the large screen inside this room.

On the video, they could see Haru had defeated a group of guys easily without trouble, but they didn't seem that impressive since they could also do the same, however, the thing which happened next surprised them since they could see him dodge all of the attacks from the female members easily.

It was as if Haru could see everything around him.

"It might be my hypothesis, but it seems that he also has the ability to see all the things in his surroundings."

They nodded and agreed with the hypothesis of one of their members. They thought that it was a very useful ability, but it didn't mean they didn't have that countermeasure and they also didn't think that this ability was the one which made him called "Harem King".

But even though they didn't want to admit that this Kasugano Haruka was quite handsome, especially for the female members of COCOON that seemed to not listen to their conversation only looked at the screen intently.

Then the video continued and they saw the ability which made him called a "Harem King".

They didn't know what he had done, and they could only see his hand moving very fast and with just one touch from his hand, all of the females who came at him m.o.a.ned loudly before falling on the ground with a satisfied expression.

"W - What is this?!"

Everyone was surprised by this ability, even though it seemed quite weak, but just one touch from Haru, every female who was touched by Haru had achieved an orgasm that they had never seen before.

"T - This ability is outrageous!"

"No. 9! You can't watch this video!"

Member No. 9 was the youngest among them and it was too early for him to watch this video.

"Huh? Why?!"

"You're too young! Hurry up and go out of the meeting room!"

"No, I want to see it until the end!"

The meeting room started to become noisy since everyone discussed "Harem King".


Everyone turned silent when they heard this cough since the one who had coughed earlier was the leader of COCOON.

"His ability seems able to make everyone achieve orgasm in an instant, do you think that we should put him on the list of observations?"


This was a very difficult question and some of them thought that Haru needed to be observed, but some of them didn't agree.

'It's so peaceful today...'

Kyouya sighed and felt a bit funny since it was the first time for COCOON to discuss something so silly with a serious expression making him want to laugh for some reason.

The meeting was very festive and they needed a few hours to discuss this matter while also re-watching Haru's video several times before deciding to observe Kasugano Haruka further since his existence might endanger their future wife or girlfriend.

At the same time, they also acknowledge his existence as the "Harem King", no one refuted, and no one commented since his power and ability made him able to achieve that title without trouble.

The only thing which made them curious was whether this "Harem King" could reach where they were standing or to the top of COCOON.



Haru suddenly sneezed.

"What's wrong? Did you get sick?" Shinobu asked.

"Nothing. I just feel like someone is talking about me."

Haru didn't think much and continued to buy the grocery for tonight's dinner, however, he didn't realize that he had become the attention of the world just because of the ability which he had shown during the event might endanger the wife or girlfriend of a lot of people.

If Haru knew what they were discussing at the meeting then he could only say that the people in this world were so free that they were discussing something silly about the important meeting.