Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 784

Volume 1 Chapter 784 Ranking Tournament 1

It was the day of the Ranking Tournament, and everyone gathered together wearing their work out uniform on the outside arena.

The outside area was the largest area on the Babel since it was being made to create a miniature of another world. However, even though it was a miniature, it was just an open-field arena that was as vast as a forest with various scenery such as a waterfall, trees, animals, etc.

In some sense, this place was just a forest that was made for fighting simulation since in the future they also needed to fight in a real battle whether it was in this world or another world.

Everyone gathered together in this place and created their own teams. They needed at least to create a group with more than one person and a maximum of five people.

Haru, Shinobu, Kouha, and Kuroneko didn't need to worry since the four of them had decided to be in one group.

Myuu, Akatsuki, Kuzuha, and Izumi also decided to be in the same group since they were also familiar with each other. Thought, Myuu, Kuzuha, and Izumi told Akatsuki repeatedly to not provoke Haru's group since they knew that they weren't strong enough, especially when Myuu and Izumi remembered Haru's technique.

Haru's technique which he used at the beach event was "pleasure magic" which he had concentrated on around his palm.

If Haru wanted to be serious the "pleasure magic" could cover around the one-kilometer area on its surroundings, but once it was done, everyone would be caught in this magic.

That's why he had developed another technique from his "pleasure magic" which focused on one part of his body creating a powerful effect of pleasure as long as that part of the body was covered by an aura of "pleasure magic" touch someone's body.

"Pleasure magic" is powerful magic, even Zeref who is known as the strongest, most evil Mage of all time is also helpless in front of that magic.

As long as someone has tasted the forbidden pleasure, then no one can escape from this magic.

Haru knew that it was very dangerous magic and it was also the reason why it was very rare for him to use this magic and mostly using his martial art or Stand ability. Though, at the same time, he also liked this magic since it was the best magic to be used on woman since he didn't want to hurt them when he fought against them.

"Everyone is looking at us."

The eight of them who gathered together could notice everyone's gaze on them.

"Well, considering we have two people with two lethal weapons on their body...."

Akatsuki looked at both Myuu and Haru.

Myuu, whose b.r.e.a.s.ts were so big, almost had her workout uniform to burst, and Haru, whose anaconda couldn't be hidden on his pants, also attracted a lot of attention, especially when he was known as the "Harem King".

"Yo! Akki! Haru!"

Kaidou who was alone walked toward them.

"What? You're lonely because you don't have friends and that's why you're coming here?" Haru asked. He was wondering what was the purpose of this guy since this guy had often come toward them.

"How cruel!"

Kaidou really felt that Haru's existence was made to torture him.

"But, really, what are you doing here? You really don't have a friend, do you?" Akatsuki asked. Even though both of them weren't that close, Kaidou also often went to meet him before.

"How cruel! Akki, are you also affected by Haru's sadism?!"

Kaidou wanted to cry, but everyone only stared at him with an expressionless expression.

"Cough! Cough! Let me tell you that you've attracted the attention of a lot of people."

"Oh-ho? That's good, I can't wait to blast them away during this Ranking Tournament."

Akatsuki's mood was very bad since he had lost against Haru several times. He thought to use the small fries on his surroundings to make his mood better.

Kaidou smiled and shook his head. "You sure are confident, but the only students who dare to come toward all of you are some of the students from Class-A and the members of the student council.

Akatsuki ignored the existence of the students from the Class-A and asked about the student council.

"Can I fight the president?"

"Of course, even though the student council has a similar position as a teacher in Babel, they're also students. They need to enter the Ranking Tournament, but they can only come on the second day of the tournament. You can't see them on the first day."

Kaidou explained and glanced at Haru and his group, but he could see nothing since Haru and his group didn't seem to have an interest in fighting against the student council. He wanted to see Haru's capability and his power, it was also the reason why he had told the matter of student council to them since in his mind the only group who able to make Haru and his group to show their power was only student council group.

"Speak of the devil, they're here."

Kaidou turned to see a group of student council members walking toward them.

Kyouya, Haruka, Minami, and Ryouhei walked together to Haru's since Haru's location was in the center of everyone.

"Hello, Kasugano-kun, Ousawa-kun, how is your condition?" Kyouya asked.

"Sure did, Prez."

Akatsuki folded his arms and showed a confident expression. "I'm not even nervous about the Ranking Tournament and I don't think that I'll lose."

"I'm glad to hear it. I'm sure that you'll do well." Kyouya didn't think much and looked at Haru.

"How about you Kasugano-kun?"

"It's alright. Nothing special, Prez." Haru only shrugged his shoulders.

"It seems that you don't anticipate our duel that much." Kyouya smiled looking at Haru.

"D - Duel?!"

Everyone was surprised when they heard it.

Kyouya nodded and said, "We've talked before that both of us are going to have a duel during the Ranking Tournament."

"Y - You! Haru!"

Haruka was mad and grabbed Haru's uniform. "You crazy! Why did you ask the President for a duel!" She was worried and didn't want him to fight Kyouya.

"Haruka-kun, it wasn't him who initiated this duel."

"H - Huh?!"

"I'm the one who initiated this duel against him, right, Kasugano-kun?" Kyouya really wanted to fight against Haru.

"Please be easy on me, Prez."

Haru was lazy to fight against Kyouya, but he didn't reject his invitation since Kyouya had polite personality even though it seemed quite a hypocrite, but it was better than blatantly or acting arrogantly in front of him. It was also the reason why he didn't really like Akatsuki even thought this guy was the protagonist of this world since Akatski's character wasn't likable.

In real-life, an arrogant second-generation young master isn't real, everyone acts politely in front of others, and no one acts so arrogantly provoking everything in his surroundings as if they owned the world itself

Akatsuki who was on their sides clenched his hands tightly since he could see that both Kyouya and Haru had never thought of him that much. 'I'll show you at the tournament later....' He would show them that they shouldn't act this way against him.

"Thought, I'd have to apologize first even though I'm the one who initiated the duel. I might be quite late for our duel later." Kyouya sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"I have to attend a summit as a representative of COCOON. That also means that only three members of the student council will take part in this Ranking Tournament."

"It sure is hard to be the president of this school."

Haru also understood that unless Kyouya had the highest authority on COCOON then Kyouya would only become a gofer on COCOON.

Kyouya sighed and said, "That's true, but don't worry, I'll enter the battle on final day of the Ranking Tournament, and at that time, I'll be waiting for our duel Kasugano-kun."


Every girl who watched this scene suddenly had a nosebleed.


Haruka was surprised and whispered, "Is your relationship with the president good?"

"It's just normal, what's wrong?" Haru asked.

"Really?" Haruka looked at Haru with a suspicious expression since it was her first time seeing a president with such a reaction.

They continued to talk for a while before the member of the student council said goodbye since they had another matter to do.

"Y - You... you've Kouha already, but...." Kuroneko tried to hold her nosebleed with her fingers, but she looked angrily at Haru.


It was Haru's expression at that moment and he was confused by this girl's mind.